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Parking at Stuttgart Airport

The easiest way to get to Stuttgart Airport is of course to park your own car at one of the airport parkings. Arriving by car enables you to plan your trip yourself without having to rely on third parties, like the public transport. Of course, it is best to know that you can find a parking place that is close to the Stuttgart airport and that is not expensive, but safe.

Table of Content:

  1. Best Prices
  2. Shuttle & Valet
  3. Long-term Parking
  4. Compare Offers

So-called alternative parking providers offer you inexpensive parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the airport. The price also includes a comfortable transfer that takes you directly to the terminal and picks you up there again. This makes parking at Stuttgart Airport very convenient and stress-free.

Compare the best parkings for Frankfurt airport

Stuttgart Airport (STR) is one of the largest airports in Germany and welcomes far more than 10 million passengers annually. The airport is not only very popular with business flyers, also holidaymakers from all over southern Germany fly from here to destinations around the world. Many large German airlines such as Germanwings, Lufthansa and TUIfly offer flights from the Stuttgart Airport, but well-known international airlines can also be found here.

Map Stuttgart Airport Parking

Parking spaces at Stuttgart Airport

Do you like to travel abroad and would you like to park your car at the airport? With Parkos you can easily reserve a parking spot, because nobody wants to pay too much for parking at Stuttgart Airport. Our alternative parking providers manage without a large management system, expensive offices and unnecessary luxury. The parking areas of the parking providers are nearby and are only a few minutes away from the terminal.

Are you wondering what exactly these alternative parking providers are and whether it is worth booking the parking lots of the car park operators in Stuttgart through them? Absolutely yes! A comparison is worthwhile, because if you want to book a car park spot directly at STR airport, you can quickly pay € 80 per week or more. With alternative providers, you can park for the same period from as little as € 39 per week.

Many people associate the term “cheap” with a lack of quality. But this is a thought that does not apply to our car park providers. Since the providers of the Stuttgart airport cannot rest on their level of awareness and name and the competition is very fierce, they are forced to keep their quality at a high level. You can cancel your booked cheap parking spot at any time free of charge up to 24 hours before your arrival.

Our customers have had many positive experiences with the providers Parkos offer and they are of the opinion that everything went really well and worked smoothly. Therefore they rate it with a 4.62 / 5. To make it easier for you to decide which car park is best for you, you are welcome to read the reviews of our customers on the review page.

Cheap parking at Stuttgart Airport

*These prices may vary depending on the date and time.

Parkplätze Flughafen Stuttgart Anbieter packages - parkgebühren
Price per week Transfer time Parking type Parking form
Stuttgart Flughafen Parken €65,00* 10 minutes Uncovered Shuttle
FlyAway Service €69,90* 5 minutes Covered Shuttle
Stuttgart Flughafen Parken €86,00* 0 minutes Uncovered Valet
FlyAway Service €89,90* 0 minutes Covered Valet

Shuttle and valet services

The alternative parking providers offer you low price guarantee parking spaces near the Stuttgart Airport. As the providers' parking areas are just a few kilometers from the airport and city center, the free shuttle transfer service is necessary, or you can opt for valet parking, which is even easier. A lot of questions in the most frequently asked questions are about those two parking options. Therefore we would like to give you some more information on these terms here.

Shuttle parking (Park & Drive)

Shuttle parking

With the shuttle service, you drive directly to the car park. Before you arrive, it is a good idea to call the car park so that they know that you will be arriving soon. Upon arrival at the parking lot, friendly and helpful staff will be waiting for you. You will then be taken from the car park to the correct departure terminal at the airport with a convenient and free shuttle service. The distance from the parking lot often takes only a few minutes. When you return, you will be picked up at the airport and taken to your car. So everything is very easy, eliminating any worries for you. The providers wait for you until your last landing, even if your flight is delayed. Choose a parking space in Stuttgart online and start your holiday carefree.

Valet parking (Meet & Greet)

Valet parking

The valet parkings at STR Airport give you absolute convenience and a stress-free experience, because at the beginning of the arrival day you drive your own car directly to the departure terminal, registering by phone to the car park 20 minutes before arrival. The place where you can wait with your vehicle is always clearly indicated in the instructions that you will receive in a confirmation email after completing the reservation. At the agreed meeting point, super friendly employee drivers are waiting for you, who will hand over your car directly at the terminal after a short damage check. The drivers will then park your car in the parking lot of the provider you have reserved for and you can check in for your flight directly. Please note that the keys must be handed in to the provider when booking the valet service. On your return journey, a driver will bring your car directly from the parking lot to the terminal at the Stuttgart Airport, from where you can then continue your journey home.

Long-term parking at the airport

With Parkos you have the opportunity to find parking spaces cheaper per day than if you parked directly at the airport. It doesn't matter how many days you need to park at the airport, the providers offer safe car parks and a good and enjoyable service in every season, where everything works smoothly. So even if you want to park for several weeks, this is one of the many parking options.

We have put together a few tips for you that will make parking process even easier, regardless of whether you only want to park your vehicle for a few days or weeks:


Compare: Because it's worth it! There are numerous providers at Stuttgart with different prices and quality. At Parkos you will find an overview of all offered services, the service provided, the availability and facilities of the car parks. You can also find some general airport information. This all gives you a direct comparison and makes the best choice for you, not only for Stuttgart STR, but also for example at Cologne Airport, Munich Airport or even Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Choose the parking method

Choose the parking method: The opinion of our customers about the parkings in Stuttgart is very important to us, and they also provide you with a realistic impression of the parkings Parkos offers, as to whether everything went well or not. Therefore, you can read reviews on Parkos, regardless of whether it is a shuttle or valet service, covered car parks or open parking spaces or long and short parking. Each option will be represented in the reviews.


Security: Parkos personally checks all the parkings at Stuttgart Airport before they are added to the website and Parkos platform. This does not mean that parkings can do what they want after this check. As soon as we discover that one of the parkings no longer meets our quality standards for a while, it is immediately removed from our platform at the airport. Quality is an absolute priority for us.

Plan your route

Plan your route: Stuttgart is a big city with a lot of roadways and therefore a lot of traffic. The parkings therefore a little out of the way, so you can avoid the busy streets. With the help of our route planner you can also plan your journey from your location to the car park online in advance. Parking at the airport is easy with Parkos.

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