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Parking near Brussels airport Zaventem

Looking for an easy solution for parking at Brussels Airport Zaventem? Well, when you consider that Brussels Zaventem airport is more than twice as big as Charleroi Airport, parking can be chaotic. Car parks displaying full garage signs and poor signage can cause a stressful situation. So, when you are booking at Parkos in advance, you have a convenient and easy solution. In fact, you can compare different care car park providers and find the most suitable options for you.

You have options to park here. These include long term parking or short term parking close to the airport terminal, disabled parking, and more. It's easy to compare and book your parking spaces via Parkos. Depending on your budget, you can also choose a booking for a free shuttle bus service or valet service. With us you can easily compare low cost prices for airport parking and other services. Avoid unnecessary costs and difficulties. Enjoy quick searches for booking a spot at P1, P2 or P4 long term parking at Zaventem Brussels airport. Take some of the stress out of planning a holiday or business trip with convenient, cheap parking at Brussels Airport Zaventem.

Book Parking Brussels Airport spots online through Parkos

Brussels Zaventem (BRU) is the largest airport in Belgium. It is located in Flemish Brabant in the municipality of Zaventem and is for this reason also called Airport Zaventem. The capital of the country, Brussels, is just twelve kilometres away. It transports some 22,000,000 (22 million passengers) annually. Popular airlines such as British Airways, Brussels Airlines, KLM and more frequent the airport. Brussels Zaventem has such large numbers of passengers. So, it's natural that there's such a high demand for parking spaces at the airport.

Fortunately, you can book parking spot for one of the 10,000 parking spaces in advance via Parkos. Both long term parking and short term parking at Brussels Zaventem Airport come with top service at an affordable price. Brussels Zaventem Airport allows you to choose between the free shuttle bus or premium valet service. This ensures that you don't have to walk from your car to the terminal, or to take public transport from the capital to the terminal.

In both cases you only have to walk with your luggage to the check-in desk. When you use valet parking, you give your car to the parking employee, and they take it to the car park for you. With shuttle parking, though, employees will pick up you and your luggage at the car park. Then you can use the free shuttle bus and take you to the terminal. Flights are expensive enough so why pay more than necessary to park your car? Find out more about valet or shuttle service parking below or take a look at our frequently asked questions.

Cheap parking at Brussels Airport

As more airport car parks become available, parking is also getting cheaper. At Parkos you can see at a glance what the cheapest car park options are. With us you are guaranteed the lowest price and you can safely park alongside other cars for long term parking at Brussels Airport. The car parks lots are located near the airport and not at the airport itself. This is the reason why you can book cheaper parking options at Parkos. Each of the parking spots on our site are personally inspected by our staff for safety, distance to terminals and so on.

All our providers have someone present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to guard the car park. This is the case even if it's for the short term parking Brussels Airport option. There are five car park providers offering a free shuttle service that takes you to the arrival terminal in time for your flight. The differences between these car parks include indoor and open air shuttle parking. They also cover long and short term parking options, distance from the airport terminal and so on. Booking via Parkos makes it possible to make a reservation in advance with one of our two providers that offer indoor parking at Brussels Airport.

Zaventem Parking Brussels can be reached quickly and easily from the Brussels capital city. By reserving a parking space via Parkos, you never pay too much. Our aim it to provide you access to a secure parking area, close to the Brussels airport departure or arrival terminal at the lowest price. Brussels airport car parks are located around the airport. Most are too far to walk, and so, the parking spaces are cheaper. While there are a number of parking Brussels options available, only one provider valet service provider allows you to book through Parkos.

A cheaper option, though, is the shuttle service. This free parking shuttle operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Remember, the shuttle is not public transport but drives you between the car park and the airport terminal. So, when, you make a reservation the time of arrival will be taken into account. This will be scheduled within the flexible driving schedule of these free busses, which means you don't have to wait long before getting to the Brussels Airport.

If you use valet, you are not dependent on the free shuttle bus schedule. Passengers can drive their cars directly to the departure hall and not have to wait for a shuttle. A Brussels Airport parking lot employee who will drive your car to the long term parking or short term parking area.

Through Parkos you are assured of the best parking spaces and you can easily compare prices from different providers. Check at a glance what the providers have to offer in terms of extra services for parked cars when making your booking. For example, it is possible to have your vehicle washed at some providers while your it is parked with them at the airport. Such a service is not free of charge, so expect to pay extra. These providers of flying and parking are more expensive because they have a car park at the airport, within walking distance to the airport. The rent for a car park at the airport is much higher than a car park somewhere around the airport. Take a look at the reviews of our customers to compare the different airport car park providers.

Shuttle and valet parking

There are some terms that you will often see on our website; Valet and shuttle parking. We give you some more information about each of them and how they differ before you make your booking..

Shuttle parking

shuttle parking

With the shuttle service, you drive your car to one of our provider's car parks close to the airport. Then there will be a shuttle bus waiting for you which will take you to the terminal from the parking area. Several providers offer a shuttle parking options close to the Brussels airport. When you want to use a shuttle there is the choice of indoor or open air parking. You will have to pay more to park your car inside a covered parking spot. Remember, the shuttle bus is free and will always be included in the price you pay to park your vehicle. This shuttle drives between the Brussels Airport parking lot and the terminals about every 10 minutes on average.

Valet parking

valet parking

If you choose the valet service, you drive your vehicle to the front of the airport terminal. There, an employee will be waiting for you to take over your car to the parking spot it for you. You continue your journey and walk into the departure hall with your luggage. When you are comparing the providers you will see that only Sky Parking Zaventem offers this service. This makes it the most expensive airport parking provider at Brussels Aiport. If it's too expensive for you, you can cancel it for shuttle parking.

Long term parking at Brussels Airport Zaventem

Long term parking Zaventem airport

When you have finally make a choice about where you want your car parked, you want to have a guarantee that the airport parking options are safe. That is why Parkos has inspected all the providers' sites, products and amenities for you. This to avoid any misunderstandings and to make sure you arrive at your vacation or business trip free of worry and with peace of mind.

Choose your way of parking: it's your choice of parking at Brussels Airport. Whether you prefer to be driven to the terminal in a shuttle bus or to not street about that and make use of valet parking, we have you covered. At the end of the day, make sure you know the difference between valet and shuttle parking. If you have made the wrong choice, cancel the reservation free of charge up to 24 hours before your airport departure.

For those with mobility issues, take note of the walking distance between your parked car and the terminal. At the Brussels airport parking lot, you'll have assistants to guide you from your car to the free shuttle bus, and even to the departure hall, which is less than a minute's walk away. When you return to the airport terminal, again, the shuttle bus will be waiting for you. It will drive you back to the right Brussels airport parking lot. A shuttle service is a cheap option for airport parking. So book a parking space online via Parkos now.

If you choose valet, you get off at the departure hall and are within a minute walk at the check-in desk. You don't have to worry about making your way between the parking lot outside the airport and having to arrive for check-in on time. On your return, your car will be waiting for you in front of the airport terminal and you can continue your journey home immediately.

Safety: When you compare the different parking providers, you also want to make sure your car is parked safely. As mentioned earlier, Parkos personally inspects all airport parking lot options and the facilities it has to offer. Take a look at the various safety measures taken by the parking provider, so you can see for yourself that your car is parked safely and reliably and you can travel with peace of mind.

All providers offered by Parkos have a secure Brussels Airport parking lot, with security 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Plan your trip: before traveling and parking at Brussels Zaventem Airport, we advise you to plan everything well in advance. Make sure you are on time at the airport, check how far airport terminal locations are and so on. Always check for road works or detours on the route to the airport to plan your timings accordingly. check-in desk number before departure.

Download the Brussels Airport app to keep track of flight information. It'll help you better plan your airport trip and consider the time it takes to park your car and get to the airport terminal.

Parking rates at Brussels Airport (Zaventem)

Parking provider To park Price per 8 days
NOOYA Shuttle parking | Outside from €47.00
Parkway Shuttle parking | Outside from €48.00
Parking Premier Zaventem Shuttle parking | Covered from €60.00
Zaventem Parking Shuttle parking | Outside from €64.00
GreenParking Zaventem Shuttle parking | Outside from €65.00
Fly Parking Zaventem Shuttle parking | Covered from €66.00
Star Parking Zaventem Shuttle parking | Covered from €70.00
Aéropark 1000 Shuttle parking | Outside from €75.00
ParkBee - Courtyard by Marriott - Brussels Evere Shuttle parking | Covered from €85.32
Parking City Zaventem Shuttle parking | Covered from €89.00
Express Parking Zaventem Shuttle parking | Covered from €90.00
ParkBee Crowne Plaza Brussels Airport Shuttle parking | Outside from €97.20
OM PARKING ZAVENTEM Shuttle parking | Outside from €105.00
ParkBee - Da Vincilaan Parking | Covered from €155.79
Star Parking Zaventem Valet parking | Covered from €180.00
NOOYA Valet parking | Outside from €180.00
Express Parking Zaventem Valet Valet parking | Covered from €279.00
Ciao Park Shuttle parking | Outside -
Ciao Park Shuttle parking | Covered -
Park And Go Shuttle parking | Outside -
Ector Zaventem Valet parking | Outside -
Holiday Inn Brussels Airport Shuttle parking | Outside -

*Prices may vary depending on the dates you select, season, and arrival times. Dates here are from Sa. 25.5.2024 to Su. 2.6.2024.

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