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Parking at Salzburg Airport

A vacation or trip should begin with peace and excitement. Many people are accustomed to traveling to the airport by car, but upon arrival, they are quickly faced with high prices and a stressful search for parking. We aim to avoid that and provide you with a relaxed start to your journey, without having to spend all your money on parking at Salzburg Airport. That's why we developed Parkos, a comparison website for affordable parking lots near the airport. We compare numerous parking providers for you and offer you the opportunity to easily book a parking space at Salzburg Airport that meets your needs online.

Compare the Best Providers at Salzburg airport

Since 1926, Salzburg Airport has been in operation and is an important airport near the border with Germany. The Salzburg Airport is primarily a key destination for ski tourism. Since Eurowings announced in 2016 that they would establish Salzburg Airport as their second base in Austria, numerous destinations in Europe can be reached from this airport. Salzburg Airport has two passenger terminals and is the second-largest airport in Austria, after Vienna Airport, with 23 direct flights and over 110 other flight destinations worldwide.

Parking for several days or weeks at Salzburg Airport can often be challenging and expensive. However, Parkos makes parking at Salzburg Airport easy for you. You can confidently hand over your vehicle to our airport parking providers at Salzburg Airport. As flying becomes more affordable, parking at Salzburg Airport should also become more cost-effective. Some private parking providers have taken advantage of this and opened parking areas near the airport, offering the opportunity to park your car at an affordable rate with excellent parking service. With us, you can compare these parking providers and use filters to find your perfect parking spot at Salzburg Airport and book it online immediately.

Cheap parking Salzburg airport

You've planned a vacation and want to park at Salzburg Airport? In just a few steps, you can easily book, and within minutes, you'll have a parking spot at Salzburg Airport with excellent service. Book quickly and easily online. Try it now and compare parking spots at Salzburg Airport or at one of our many other airports like Vienna Airport, Munich Airport, Frankfurt Airport, and many more.

The parking areas provided by the operators are located very close to the airport and can be reached within just a few minutes of transfer time. Since the parking operators either offer shuttle parking, where a free shuttle service is included in the price, or valet parking, where you drive directly to the airport terminal, you don't have to worry about the distance from the parking lot to the airport. Due to the short distance to the airport, you can park affordably with the parking providers without compromising on the quality of the parking service. You will start your journey directly from the terminal with either parking option, and the parking provider will take care of your transfer or parking your car. Additionally, the friendly staff will assist you with loading and unloading your luggage onto the shuttle bus, allowing you to start your journey stress-free immediately.

Parking at private providers often faces many prejudices, and many people are hesitant to trust this service. However, you can expect high quality from the providers. The business of the parking providers is entirely focused on you and parking your car, so the providers place great emphasis on the security of your vehicle. Additionally, all of our parking providers are well insured and personally checked by us, so you don't have to worry about your vehicle during your trip. All providers have secure parking lots. Upon your return, your car will be ready for you immediately, all at an affordable parking rate. This is possible because the parking providers have lower overhead costs compared to parking at Salzburg Airport.

Our customers are also convinced of our service and rate us with an 8.6. We are in daily contact with our parking providers and constantly strive to use our customers' feedback to further develop our website. Additionally, we pass on improvement suggestions to our parking providers and work together to improve the service for airport parking.

Shuttle and Valet Parking at Salzburg Airport

Once you compare and book parking spaces on our site, you will encounter the terms Shuttle Parking and Valet Parking. These are the services offered by our parking providers to make your parking experience as pleasant as possible. Below, we explain in detail what distinguishes these services and what you can expect from your reserved parking space.

Shuttle parking

shuttle parking

Shuttle Parking is one of the two parking options available for parking at Salzburg Airport. The process is simple and saves you a lot of stress. When you opt for Shuttle Parking, you will receive a reservation confirmation from us, including a free route planner. On the day of your departure, you can use this planner to quickly locate the parking provider and save time. We recommend arriving at your reserved parking space approximately 2.5 hours before your flight. Once you arrive, you can park your vehicle, and a shuttle bus will be ready for you. All you need to do is load your luggage onto the shuttle, and you will be taken from the parking lot to the airport. The shuttle bus will drop you off directly at your terminal, allowing you to proceed with your check-in immediately. Your vehicle will be in safe hands on the secured parking lot during your absence and will be ready for you upon your return. Additionally, the shuttle service is a particularly cost-effective alternative for airport parking compared to Valet Parking. However, you will still experience excellent parking service, which you can easily book online. A complimentary shuttle service will be available to you during the specified opening hours, whether you are parking for multiple days or weeks. You can rest assured that your safety and that of your car are the top priorities of our vetted parking providers, which is why we only offer secured parking spaces.

Valet parking

valet parking salzburg airport

Valet Parking is the most convenient parking method when it comes to affordable parking at the Salzburg Airport. Not only will your vehicle be parked for you, but you also won't lose a minute of your time. With this parking option, you drive directly to Salzburg Airport and meet a friendly staff member from the parking provider. They will guide you through a checklist to inspect your car for any existing damages, ensuring clarity upon return. Once this is completed, you can proceed with your journey and check in for your flight. During this time, your car will be driven to the secured parking area and parked in the spot you reserved. Upon your return, your vehicle will be brought back to the airport for you, and a staff member will be waiting with your car upon your arrival. After another vehicle check, you can begin your journey back home. While Valet Parking is the more luxurious parking option with personalized service, it is slightly more expensive than Shuttle Parking. Nevertheless, these prices often remain well below those of parking at the Salzburg Airport parking garage. Valet Parking is the most relaxed way to start your journey with personalized service and without any time loss.

Long term parking at Salzurg Airport

long term parking Salzburg airport

Parkos provides you with a platform to find the best parking spot at Salzburg Airport as well as many other airports. Whether you're parking for a short business trip, several days, or even weeks, all of this is possible with our parking providers.

Here are some tips and information about our website and the parking service at Salzburg Airport:

Compare parking options: Why settle for the first expensive parking spot when you can compare numerous parking options within seconds? On our website, you can compare various parking spots in just a few seconds and have all the information at your fingertips. You can instantly compare price, quality, service, and customer reviews, giving you the perfect overview. With our simple booking process, you can have an affordable parking spot at Salzburg Airport within minutes, saving you all the stress.

Choose your parking method: On Parkos, you can not only compare prices but also select different parking methods. Our parking providers offer both Valet Parking and Shuttle Parking. You can read about the differences between these parking methods on this website and choose the best one for you. Shuttle Parking includes a free transfer from the parking area to your terminal. With Valet Parking, your car is taken directly at the terminal by an employee of the parking provider and parked for you.

Security: Safety is of utmost importance to both us and the parking providers. That's why we thoroughly vet all parking providers and select those that adhere to high safety standards. All parking lots operated by our providers are secured with fences and monitored by cameras and personnel. Additionally, we ensure that the parking providers are well-insured.

Route Planning: Before parking at Salzburg Airport, we recommend planning your trip in advance. For shuttle parking, we advise our customers to arrive at the reserved parking lot approximately 2.5 hours before departure. This allows enough time for parking your car and transferring via shuttle bus. With the help of our route planner, provided with your booking confirmation, you can easily locate the parking provider without stress or detours. This ensures that you arrive at your terminal at least 2 hours before departure. For valet parking, you only need to allocate a few minutes for the vehicle check before starting your journey.

Parking rates at Salzburg Airport

Parking provider To park Price per 8 days
Parkplatz P3 Parking | Outside -
Parkhaus P4 Parking | Covered -
Oberscheider Car Wash & Parking Shuttle parking | Covered -

*Prices may vary depending on the dates you select, season, and arrival times. Dates here are from Fr. 14.6.2024 to Sa. 22.6.2024.

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