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Parking Charleroi Airport

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Parking at Brussels Charleroi airport

Parking Brussels Charleroi airport is easy. On the website of Parkos you can easily and quickly choose the best provider with the cheapest prices. Book your parking space for parking Charleroi Airport low cost. Reserve the best parking deal immediately via our website. The airport is the second largest airport in Belgium after Brussels Airport Zaventem. More than 7,000,000 (seven million) passengers a year travel through this airport. This airport is also called Gosselies Airport and is located north of Charleroi, in the boroughs of Gosselies and Ransart. It is popularly known as Brussels South Charleroi Airport and it is located 46 kilometres from Brussels city centre.

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The Charleroi Brussels South Airport was founded in 1919, at the time as a school for pilots. Since 1997, only a few passenger flights have departed from this airport. It is only since 2001 that the airport has been fully used for passenger flights. In 2001, 773,431 people passed through the airport. In a period of sixteen years, this has increased to a number of 7,698,767 passengers in 2017. Since 2008 passenger numbers have increased significantly per year, this is due to an additional terminal that was built in 2008. Thanks to this additional terminal, Brussels Charleroi Airport can handle an additional 5,000,000 (five million) passengers per year. Nowadays, the airport is again looking into possibilities to expand the airport.

So many people traveling via Brussels South Charleroi Airport also creates a great demand for parking spaces. It is possible to park on P1, P2 or P3 at the airport but this is usually very expensive. Therefore, choose a low cost provider that also offers more service than the airport's parking spaces. When you book a parking space via Parkos with one of our twelve different providers at this airport, you are assured of a reliable provider, always get the best service and price guarantee. Cheap parking at Charleroi Airport has never been easier.

Cheap parking at Charleroi Airport

In recent years, the trend has been that flying is becoming cheaper and cheaper. When flying becomes cheaper, why should parking at airports be expensive? With Parkos you can make a low cost reservation at Charleroi Airport. When you reserve your parking space via Parkos you are assured of the lowest prices and you can park your car safely and reliably. The parking providers that you can book through Parkos are parking providers that have their car parking around Brussels Charleroi Airport. You cannot park at the airport itself via Parkos. Because the airport car parks are located around the airport, the prices you pay at Parkos are so low compared to parking P1, P2 or one of the other car parks. You will be taken from the parking lot to the airport terminal by a shuttle bus, which will be waiting for you when you arrive at the car park and will take you back to your car when you return from your trip. This is the perfect combination of flying and parking at the lowest prices.

You can use shuttle airport Charleroi Brussels. With one of the shuttle bus services you drive to the car parking to park your car. Then a shuttle bus will be waiting for you to take you from the parking lot to access the airport terminal. The driver of the shuttle bus will assist you with your luggage to the departure hall if necessary. The shuttles are not public transport. All airport car parking providers connected to Parkos open at 04.00, the first flight departing from Charleroi in the morning is at 06.30 at the earliest. Airplanes take off at Brussels South Charleroi Airport from 06.30 to 23.30, as required by law. This is why many parkings are open until 01.00 hours, others are open until midnight. Should it happen that your flight is delayed and your flight returns from the car park after closing time, you do not have to be afraid, they will take this into account and they will not leave you out in the cold. Car park employees will stay in the car park until you have been able to pick up your car.

Please note for you information: Since the end of 2019, Charleroi Airport has introduced a tax on all vehicles using the drop-off area (kiss and ride). As a result, it is no longer possible for car parks to offer free shuttle bus services. Access to the shuttle bus service is subject to an on-site charge of €2 per ride unless otherwise stated.

Parkos offers you the best parking deal. On our website you can easily and quickly compare different parking providers and choose the parking that suits you the best. For example, there is a distinction between the providers when it comes to taking your keys with you while traveling. It is not possible to take your keys with every provider. This means that your car will be washed while you are traveling. You can then continue your journey home in a completely clean vehicle.

Compare our different parking providers and make a well-considered choice. Compare the price differences and also the list with other advantages of all car park services. If, for example, you find it important that you can take your keys with you when you travel, you can choose a provider where this is possible. Don't make a hasty decision and easily compare all the different parking providers around Brussels South Charleroi Airport on our website. In order to make a good choice for one of the parkings and to be able to compare all the providers, we have an overview of the ratings that our customers give us. The car parks at Charleroi Airport are rated an average of 8.0.

Shuttle and valet parking

Choose your way of parking service. At this airport it is not possible to use valet parking but it is possible to use shuttle services at one of our providers.

Long term parking at Charleroi Airport


Safety: Have you compared all the different providers of parking spaces around this airport? Then, of course, you want your car to be parked with a safe and reliable provider and to be able to travel with peace of mind. Parkos personally inspects all the locations of the suppliers affiliated with Parkos. This inspection examines what facilities the parking has to offer and what safety measures the parking has taken. All suppliers affiliated with Parkos manage a fully secure car park, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The car parks are also open on weekends and not only during the week.

Plan your trip

Plan your trip: Plan your trip. In order to be able to travel with peace of mind, we advise you to plan your trip well in advance. Do not only plan your trip by booking a plane ticket to your destinations and a parking space, but also plan your trip to the car park. It is possible, for example, they will be working on the road on the way to the car park. Always keep an eye on the traffic information and airport information before you leave and plan your route to the car park so that you are on time at the airport. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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