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Parking at Brussels Charleroi airport

Parking your car at the many car parks at the Brussels Charleroi airport even long term parking is quite easy. All you have to do is visit our website and check the available car parks. We have partnered with some of the top-rated car parking facilities in Brussels that are situated near the airport. With Parkos you can compare prices of various car parks and book reservations for your car in advance. And if your flight gets canceled you can always cancel your reservation up to 24 hours before your flight.

Compare airport parking prices at Charleroi Airport

Located in Charleroi city, the Brussels Charleroi Airport is the second largest Belgian airports in terms of aircraft movement and passengers. Over 8,257,000 people used the airport in 2022 which is an increase of about 120.34%. It’s also home to 3 flight schools. The history of the Brussels Charleroi airport can be traced back to 1919 when it was a flying school. It also served as a landing ground for the Allied air forces during the Second World War. After the war it was opened to the public, but by 1970s it had no passenger traffic. It only accommodated private flights.

The introduction of Ryanair in 1997 at the Brussels Charleroi airport played a major role in its success. Ryanair's continental base is located at the airport. Other lowest prices airlines like the Wizz Air joined Ryanair later. Air Polonia operated from this airport to Katowice and Warsaw before 2004 when they went bankrupt. To accommodate more passengers they opened a new terminal in 2008 which could serve over 5 million passengers annually. The opening of Terminals 2 in 2017 made it possible for the airport to accommodate more passengers. With the 2 terminals, it can serve over 10 million people in Europe including Netherlands annually. Even though it started as a flying school, it has grown over the years and now it supports several airlines. Some of the top airlines in Europe it accommodates include Ryanair, TUI fly Belgium, and Wizz Air. The more airlines it accommodates the more people it serves, which meant more demand for parking spaces.

The Brussels airport created more parking space, but they are on high demand and quite costly. So instead of using the airport space, you can take advantage of the available providers in Belgium. You can pick one of the low cost options in our website and enjoy our parking at Charleroi Airport services. Currently, we work with 14 top-rated parking providers in the region that provide high-quality services.

Cheap parking at Charleroi Airport

Are you traveling and need a reliable car park for your car at the airport? If so you should try booking our low price short and long term parkings at Charleroi Airport in advance. With the airport being home to some of the low-cost flights, we guarantee that the best price on airport parking. We have partnered with the top car parking space providers in the region offering the lowest price parking space. With Parkos, you get the best price on the airport parking spaces without worrying about the safety of your car. Compared to parking at the Charleroi airport car parking lot our options are affordable and even offer better services.

You won’t be able to park at the airport’s car park via Parkos, but you can save cash with us. We have a shuttle bus to take you and your family from the car park to the airport and back. With our shuttle bus parking you can drive to the parking lot and leave your car at the airport instead of using public transport. The shuttle bus will be ready to take you to the airport but not for free. Please note that valet parking is available at the airport for short-term parking. And if necessary, you and your luggage will be assisted to the departure hall after alighting the bus.

Since the first flight leaving the airport takes off at 06:30hrs, all our car parks open at 04:00hrs. Plus, the checkpoints at Charleroi Airport open at 04:00hrs every morning. By law, airlines at the airport operate between 06:30hrs to 23:00hrs, so most of our partners operate until 01:00hrs. If your flight delays or arrives at Brussels South Charleroi Airport after 01:00hrs, you shouldn’t worry. Simply inform the car park provider and they will remain open until you arrival time and pick your vehicle. Unfortunately, the shuttle bus at Charleroi airport is not free like in most places. You’ll have to pay a small fee to be dropped at the drop-off regions at the airport. The airport introduced the tax on every vehicle using their drop-off zones back in 2019. Unless otherwise you’ll have to pay €2, every time you use the shuttle bus. but this fee may be subject to change in the future.

With our online platform, you’ll get the best booking deals available near the Brussels South Charleroi Airport. You can easily compare the cheaper prices of the many providers in the region and see what they have to offer. Some of providers for example will keep the car keys and have your car washed while you’re away. For a clean car, you can try some of these parking Charleroi airport providers. You can enjoy some of these advantages, but you should never make hasty booking decisions before leaving for your destinations. Instead you can look at some of the reviews left by our previous clients. Make sure a car park tick all your boxes before making your decision, but you won't get a free shuttle bus ride. We have provided the ratings of the car parks near Charleroi airport in our site. Luckily, most of our partners have an average rating of about 8.9. If keeping your car keys is important then you should pick a provider that doesn’t require you to leave your car keys.

Shuttle and valet parking

You can choose between shuttle parking and valet parking at Charleroi Airport. You’ll have to drive to the car park and hand over the keys to the providers, if necessary. And then wait for the shuttle bus to ferry you and your luggage to the airport’s boarding region from the car park.

Shuttle airport parking

shuttle parking

Park easily at Charleroi Airport with a free shuttle. Drive to the designated spot, our shuttle takes you to the airport hassle-free. Specify arrival time, check availability online, and hop on the ready shuttle. Return pickup is coordinated for a smooth ride back to your car. Choose covered or uncovered parking online. Arrive early for seamless terminal transfer.

Valet parking

valet parking

Enjoy a hassle-free parking experience at Charleroi Airport. Drive directly to the airport and provide your arrival details for departure and return. At the specified time, an attendant will meet you, take your car, and park it. Upon return, notify them of your expected arrival time as per the confirmation email. You can head directly to the Charleroi Airport terminal in your car, eliminating the need for a parking provider visit. This time-saving method provides a quick and convenient parking solution for both short-term and long-term options.

Long term parking at Charleroi Airport

Long term parking Charleroi airport

Long term parking is now a delightful experience at Charleroi Airport. Regardless of your duration, we have a solution for everyone. Rest assured in our partners' reliability, as we've tested them firsthand. Follow these tips to book and park with Parkos:

Compare parking options on our website: Explore parking options to discover the one that suits your needs at Charleroi Airport. Opting for the shuttle can lead to significant savings on your travel expenses.

Choose the type of parking that suits your needs at Charleroi Airport: consider shuttle bus parking for a budget-friendly parking option. Drive yourself to the parking lot; some allow self-parking with key retention. A shuttle bus will then transport you directly to Charleroi Airport. Upon your return, the same shuttle will take you back to the parking lot where you left your car.

Valet parking offers convenience, allowing you to arrive directly at Charleroi Airport and park effortlessly. An employee will be waiting for you at the airport terminal, taking charge of parking your car while you proceed to check-in without any time wastage. Upon your return, your car will be prepared and waiting for you at the agreed-upon location.

Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose between covered or uncovered parking spaces, all of which are conveniently located in close proximity to the airport terminal. Make the choice that aligns with your preferences and budget.

Security: Have you inspected all the available car park spaces at Brussels Airport? Then your next step will be enjoying some of their great services while minimizing your expenses. This includes the car wash services and more at the car park, but is your car safe with us?

With long term parking you’ll park your car during the course of your trip, so you have to guarantee its safety. This means ensuring that they have access to some top-notch security measures including 24 hours surveillance. All our partners offer secure spaces that can give you a peace of mind while traveling.

We always inspect the facilities’ security measures regularly and ensure that they do offer 24 hours surveillance. And despite being closed at around midnight, our service is opened on holidays and weekends. We go the extra mile to ensure that you access your car when you arrive irrespective of when your arrive.

Plan your trip: For your peace of mind we always advice our clients to plan their trips in advance. This will ensure that you access the airport 2 hours before the departure time. Instead of creating time for booking your ticket, you can also include time for the car park and shuttle bus ride.

You should also account for the traffic and anything else that can hinder your journey. This means finding the right route to the airport with little to no traffic. With our route planner you can determine the right route to take to the airport. You can even access our team for more details on the fastest route to Charleroi airport while minimizing your costs.

Parking rates at Charleroi Airport

Parking provider To park Price per 8 days
Travel Park Shuttle parking | Outside from €39.00
Dsparking Parking | Outside from €42.00
Park to go Shuttle parking | Outside from €44.00
Best Parking Fly Shuttle parking | Outside from €44.00
Gate Park Shuttle parking | Outside from €45.00
Charleroi Low Cost Parking Shuttle parking | Outside from €46.00
Expressparking Shuttle parking | Outside from €47.00
Aeropark Charleroi Low Cost Shuttle parking | Outside from €52.00
Royal Parking Fly Shuttle parking | Outside from €55.00
ACE Parking Shuttle parking | Outside from €57.00
Fast Park Charleroi Shuttle parking | Outside from €58.00
Bela Park Valet parking | Outside from €60.00
Parkwall Shuttle parking | Outside from €64.00
Park Ami Valet parking | Covered from €70.00
Travel Park Valet parking | Outside from €89.00
Gate Park Valet parking | Outside from €95.00
Insidepark Shuttle parking | Covered -
Park.Oli Valet parking | Outside -
Live Parking Shuttle parking | Outside -

*Prices may vary depending on the dates you select, season, and arrival times. Dates here are from Tu. 18.6.2024 to We. 26.6.2024.

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