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Parking at Warsaw Modlin airport

Whether you are making a business trip or going on a dream holiday with family or friends, it is worth finding a parking space at Warsaw Modlin airport in advance. Planning your transfer in advance will not only save you unnecessary stress, but also costs. There are now many companies offering a parking space at Modlin airport, but which offer will be the best?

Using our price comparison platform will certainly make it easier to select the offer that interests you. What's more, the high level of competition among providers forces the parking partners to take care of the quality of their services. In addition, parking spaces are fenced and usually guarded 24/7. If the car park is located at a distance requiring transport, you are provided with a free shuttle service between Modlin airport and the Warsaw Modlin parking.

Cheap parking at Warsaw Modlin Airport

In addition to the parking spaces offered to us at the Modlin Airport Parking, we can find many offers to store your vehicle from private parking providers. Some of them are located closer and others further from the airport itself, and therefore the price of parking may vary significantly.

It can be a challenge to find a parking space at a time that interests you. The number of websites where individual parking space providers advertise can be daunting. After all, we want to ensure that your dream holiday doesn't turn into a stress-filled nightmare. And once you've found a secure car park near Modlin airport, you'd like to be able to book a space there online.

You can find the price list of the Warsaw Modlin airport car park on our website. The problem with Modlin's official car parks, for example the P1 or P2 car parks, is not only the rather high price, but also the lack of supervision - the car parks are unguarded. For this reason, more and more parking companies are offering a parking space at Modlin Airport. Parkos allows you to compare the prices of different providers so that you can choose the offer that suits you the best.

In such cases, our website comes to your aid. It will display the price lists of Modlin airport parking and allow you to book one online. In this way, you will avoid tiring phone calls and questions about the availability of a space. The car parks are checked for quality of service and security, ensuring a low price and safety. Could you want anything more?

Shuttle parking and valet parking at Warsaw Modlin

The Warsaw Modlin Airport car park has 1500 parking spaces on offer in car parks 1, 3 and 7. Depending on individual needs, you will find an offer that suits you best. Parking Lot 1 will appeal to those making a short journey of several days, or planning a one-day business trip. Car park 3 is designed for frugal travellers who like comfort, while car park 7 offers solutions for shorter stays.

Shuttle service Warsaw Modlin

The shuttle service is the cheapest alternative. You then drives directly to the booked car park and then use the transfer to the airport. Despite the short distance (3.5 km), approximately 15 minutes are required for the transfer (repacking of luggage, arrival, unloading of luggage). For wheelchair users, please mention this to the staff in advance. On your return, the transfer will be waiting for you to take us to your car in the car park.

Valet parking Warsaw Modlin

Opinions about the Warsaw Modlin airport car park can be found online. Using the valet service saves time and is convenient, but more expensive. Upon arrival at the Modlin airport terminal, the customer receives individual service. The car park employee will identify the car by the registration number provided during the booking process. Then the customer and the employee check the condition of the vehicle in order to avoid misunderstandings after returning.

Hotel and Parking

People travelling from distant cities can easily take advantage of the wide range of hotels. Depending on individual preferences, you can choose from more intimate hotels and guest rooms, the price of which starts from PLN 150 per night, to those with a few stars. The price of the latter is correspondingly higher. After regeneration, you can get back in the car to go to the parking lot.

Long term parking at Modlin Airport

The biggest problem faced by people going on vacation is where to leave the car for such a long period. When going on holiday, the key thing is to spare yourself the worries of parking your vehicle. Parkos allows you to easily get to the airport by car and find a parking space near the airport. Parkos allows you to book a cheap parking space online at one of the proven parking providers at the airport.

On our website you can find parking companies that are no more than 10 minutes from the airport. Thanks to this, when choosing the option with an airport shuttle transfer, the travel time is shortened. The car will be parked at one of our parking partners near the airport. The short distance from the terminal allows suppliers to offer lower prices while maintaining high quality services.

The Modlin airport parking rates of the parking providers are lower than the prices of the official car parks at the airport. However, this does not mean that they are inferior in quality or service quality. Additionally, all our parking providers are closely monitored. This allows for cheap parking and high security standards. Parking lots are usually equipped with monitoring, supervision and fencing, and the staff will help park the vehicle.

Our reliability and professionalism is proven by our clients who rate us 4.5/5. The authenticity of our customers' opinions is proven by the fact that these are the opinions of people who have actually used our service. Drivers point to the smooth running of the entire process. Their satisfaction will certainly make them use the services offered by Parkos again.

On the Parkos website, you can compare many services offered by parking providers at the Warsaw Modlin airport. They can be compared in many aspects, such as distance from the airport, parking security, the ability to take keys with you or customer reviews. They can also be filtered in terms of how you get to the airport. Companies offering their services on our website are independent of the table, and this allows for their low cost.

Parking rates at Warsaw Modlin Airport

Parking provider To park Price per 8 days

*Prices may vary depending on the dates you select, season, and arrival times. Dates here are from Th. 25.4.2024 to Th. 2.5.2024.

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