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Fuerteventura Airport Parking

Whether you're looking for long or short term parking at Fuerteventura airport (FUE), Las Palmas, you've come to the right place. Parkos will help you to book your parking space. Fuerteventura Airport is the only airport on the island of Fuerteventura. It is 5.3km from the island's capital city of Puerto del Rosario. The other nearest airports are Lanzarote Airport (ACE) (75.7 km) and Gran Canaria (LPA) (142.1 km).

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Whatever your car park needs, we can help. At Fuerteventura Airport there are different parking options. The airport has one terminal which has two floors. The car park at Fuerteventura Airport is known as Aena General P1. The Aena General P1 is only a few minutes walk from the terminal at Fuerteventura airport.

Parkos offers shuttle services, valet parking, and hotel parking. We vet all of our car park operators to ensure that you can safely leave your car at the car park. If you want to leave your car at the airport car park or at an off-site car park, you will be taken care of by our operators.

Cheap parking at Fuerteventura Airport

Parkos can find the best parking options at Fuerteventura airport car park. If you book your parking spaces in advance, you can save money. Parkos works with car park operators to get the best price at the car park for you. Find out more about our operators by reading their reviews here.

We offer three parking options, shuttle services, valet parking, and hotel parking. Shuttles are fantastic for passengers who wish to transfer quickly to their hotels. Valet parking is a hassle-free option for travellers who want drop off their car at the Fuerteventura airport and go straight to the terminal. Hotel parking is very convenient for passengers who prefer not to leave their car at the airport.

When you're planning your trip, it's important to know the route. We have an easy to use route planner that can help find the simplest way to reach the Fuerteventura airport car parks.

Shuttle and valet parking at Fuerteventura Airport

Parkos has a full range of options for Fuerteventura Airport parking. We can assist you with information and finding the cheapest rates for shuttle, valet and hotel parking. Our list of car parks is updated regularly, and we keep on top of the car park availability and any parking space that is free. The car parks are checked by our staff, so we only recommend the best car parks.

Our range of car park choices allows you to find the one that is the best fit for you. The shuttle service is great for getting to your hotel once you've parked your car. Valet parking is fantastic for passengers who want to go straight to the Fuerteventura terminal. Hotel parking lets passengers leave their car at the hotel car park.

Shuttle parking Fuerteventura Airport

Airport Shuttle Parking with Parkos

As the airport car park (Arena General P1) is only minutes from the terminal, there is no shuttle service to the terminal. H0wever, if you book our off-site parking, a shuttle service may be used. You will be contacted by the operator who will give you instructions about where to pick up the service. All the off-site car parks that we use are checked to make sure that the parking is maintained to a high standard and is secure.

Valet parking Fuerteventura Airport

Airport Valet Parking with Parkos

If you have a limited amount time to park your car, then valet parking might be the solution for you. At Fuerteventura airport, our valet will be happy to meet you at the official drop off point and pick up your car. They will then drive the car to the airport car park and park it for you. The valet will park the car in one of the designated airport parking spaces in Aena General P1. When you have returned from your journey, the valet will drive the car from the parking lot in Aena General P1 car park and meet you at the Fuerteventura Airport terminal.

Hotel and Parking

The island of Fuerteventura, in the province of Las Palmas, is the second largest island in the Canary Islands. It is a very popular holiday destination and there are over 100 hotels in it. Many of these hotels have car parks that have available spaces. Parkos works with the hotels to give our customers access to those car park spaces. Whatever the car park space you want to park at, we can find it! A lot of hotels offer a shuttle service from the car park at the hotel to Fuerteventura airport. Often, they will also offer a shuttle service from the terminal pick up point, back to the car park.

Long term Fuerteventura Airport parking

Compare parking providers

Compare the differences between the parkings: If you're thinking of leaving your car at the Fuerteventura airport at the Aena General P1 parking area, we can help you find the right spot. It's even possible to arrange to leave your car at the car park of a Fuerteventura hotel.

Choose parking options

Compare the different options: The airport car park at Aena General P1 is a reasonable price choice for anyone who wants to leave their car at the airport for a long stay. It is only a few minutes from the terminal and Aena General P1 is easy to access. The airport is only a short distance from the capital city of Fuerteventura, Puerto Del Rosario. So travellers can get there very quickly. The official price of public transport into the city is low. All you have to do is take a 7 minute bus ride from the parking spots at Aena into Puerto Del Rosario, Fuerteventura.


Safety: The parking partners at Fuerteventura Airport prioritize safety and provide secure parking facilities with surveillance systems and trained personnel to ensure the protection of parked vehicles.


Plan your trip: Aena General P1 is accessible from a service road. There will be an entry machine at the Aena car park. You will have to take the ticket from the machine. Parkos accepts many type of credit card payments and we negotiate the price of the ticket for you. There is additional information about this on our site.

Parking rates at Fuerteventura Airport

Parking provider To park Price per 8 days

*Prices may vary depending on the dates you select, season, and arrival times. Dates here are from Th. 23.5.2024 to Fr. 31.5.2024.

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