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Jeffrey Monday 21 September 2020

Were received well and quickly taken to the airport. Nice that the staff parked our car for us.

Anonymous Monday 21 September 2020

Straightforward website, booking was quick and easy!

Parking at Malaga Airport - Costa Del Sol

If you're looking for comfort, nothing beats going to Málaga airport in your own car, without depending on public transport schedules or family members who will pick you up. If you're also afraid about not being able to find a parking place or that its price is exorbitant, you are in luck. With the Parkos web comparison, you will find the best parking lots at a much lower price than you could imagine. You can compare them, reserve them and even pay for them online, if you wish, and you can have your reservation completed in just 2 minutes. When you book with us you will have your parking spot, 100% guaranteed, so that your only concern is to enjoy your trip to the fullest. Don't miss out on your long stay VIP parking at a low cost.


Year Quantity
2014 13.748.976
2015 14.404.206
2016 16.673.151
2017 18.626.581
2018 19.021.704

The airport of Málaga (IATA code: AGP), officially called Airport of Málaga-Costa del Sol since 2011, is located in the district of Churriana, only 8 kilometers from the center of Málaga. It is the oldest airport of all Spanish airports, the only one of those that participated in the first air route that still operates. Currently it is the fourth biggest Spanish airport by volume of passengers, with routes to/from London Gatwick and Manchester being the most popular. Traffic within the peninsula is led by Barcelona, Madrid and Palma de Mallorca. The history of this airport officially begins in 1919, although it is not until 1946 that it opens to both national and international traffic, and is classified as a customs airport. In 1960 a large reconstruction project was carried out that included new runways and a new terminal area. A specific terminal building for non-scheduled flights was also built and inaugurated in June 1972. As traffic continued to increase rapidly, it was necessary to build another terminal building which was inaugurated in 1991 under the name "Pablo Ruiz Picasso". More expansions followed in the following years, such as a new control tower in 2002, but without a doubt the most remarkable, was the new Terminal T3 and a new airfield inaugurated in 2010.

There are a thousand and one ways to park at Málaga airport, and at Parkos we offer them all. Do you want a covered parking lot or do you prefer to leave it in an outdoor parking lot? Are you looking for a VIP parking lot with valet service or do you prefer a transfer service? Would you like a free outdoor car wash or to have your car washed and detailed thoroughly while you are away, and find it shiny on your return? Simply choose the options you want and your wishes will be granted. You can search and book all the options you need at Parkos.es.

Parking information at Málaga airport.

Number of parkings: 3 parkings
Best Rated: JetCarPark (Lavado incluido) (Paga online)
Cheapest: Park and Go (Paga online)
Nearest to the airport: JetCarPark (Lavado incluido) (Paga online)

Favourably priced parking lots at Málaga Airport - Costa Del Sol. Málaga Airport Parking.

If you book in advance, in addition to having your place reserved, you are more likely to find the best deals and low cost options... Don't wait until the last moment; save money and worries. Add to that the peace of mind of knowing that at Parkos we only work with the best parking lots and there is no excuse anymore. You can book a secure parking lot with CCTV surveillance, nighttime security guards and just a few minutes from the airport, book now and take advantage of all the benefits we have to offer!

All of our partner parking lots are close to Málaga Airport, so it will be much easier for you to reach them, and the transfers will be fast. Choose between the shuttle service or the valet service and enjoy a low cost parking lot very close to the airport.

I'm sure we agree when we say that a high price is not always synonymous with quality, and that sometimes low cost doesn't have to be bad. With the parking lots near the airport this is exactly what happens, they offer a quality service at a low price, and the reason is very simple: as they don't need big offices or unnecessary luxuries, nor large management teams, costs are reduced. On the other hand their best publicity is a satisfied customer, so you can be sure they will try to make you have the best possible experience. They are aware that a dissatisfied customer will not come back, and their reputation is the foundation of their business. So don't be surprised if prices are lower than you expected, just take the opportunity to park in a VIP parking lot at affordable prices!

You can visit our reviews page and read the opinions of other customers who, like you, have already chosen Parkos for their airport reservation. Their comments will help you choose the best parking provider, with the features and prices that best suit your needs. Our parking providers average 8.4 points out of 10, but of course you can also check their individual ratings. Our customers' opinions are very important to us, because they will help future customers to make the best choice, but they also help us to improve our service.

Parkings Shuttle and valet

parking valet (valet parking) or parking shuttle (shuttle bus). Below you can read a more complete description of how each of these services works.

Parking Shuttle Parking Shuttle

Shuttle parking service is usually a low cost option. Some parking lots also offer the option of free transfers to train stations or ports. You drive yourself to the parking lot, and once there, a shuttle service will take you to the airport departure terminal. The same transfer minibus will pick you up on the way back and take you to the parking lot so you can pick up your car. Of course, this transfer service from the parking lot to the departure terminal guarantees free transfers. The price shown on our website is the one you will pay, not one euro more, we guarantee it. This is a good option if you want to reduce your parking costs and if, in addition, you want to avoid the bustle and stress of driving around the airport. You will receive all the necessary information and the contact numbers of the parking lot in your confirmation email once the reservation is made.

Parking Valet (valet parking)

Parking Valet

The valet service, is an option that will be useful if you want to drive directly to the airport to save on time. A driver will be waiting for you at the departure terminal and will take care of parking for you. When you return, he will deliver your car to the agreed meeting point. In your confirmation e-mail you will receive all the information you need to know, including the phone number of the driver and the parking lot in case you need to contact them. It is one of the most comfortable and quickest services for the client, 100% VIP parking, especially if spending time parking yourself is not an option.

Long term parking at Málaga Airport - Costa Del Sol

We also want to offer you some small advice to help you make the most of your trip and your stay in the parking lot:

parking options

Compare the different parking options: the advantage of comparing before making a choice is that you make sure you choose the best option. The disadvantage is that this often requires time and effort that we don't always feel like doing. With Parkos, on the other hand, comparing is quick and easy, and you can reserve the best parking space at the best price without any effort.

parking service

Choose the parking service you want: every person is different, there are those who want to leave their car under cover and others who prefer outdoor parking, there are drivers who have no time to waste and want a valet to pick up their car at the airport, while others prefer to park themselves. At Parkos you will have all these options, and more, available for booking. Choose the one you prefer and enjoy your trip.

The parking valet is a VIP parking lot with valet service. You could say that it is express parking because it is the fastest and most comfortable option, although it is usually a little more expensive. By choosing this type of parking, you will not have to go through the parking lot at any time. When you go to the airport of Málaga, a valet will pick up your car in the terminal near depatures, and when you return, they will give it back to you, also near the exit at the airport, so that you can continue with your trip. When you don't have to go to the parking lot, you will save time and you will be able to go directly to the terminal without worrying at any moment about where to park your car.

The parking shuttle is generally cheaper. With this low cost service, you will have to drive yourself to the parking lot, and from there you will be transferred to the airport terminal in a transfer minibus. When you return, the same vehicle will take you back to the parking lot. You can expect free transfers and the same quality as with the valet service, but keep in mind that this option requires a little more time and therefore is usually cheaper.


>Strong>Safety: The price you pay is important, but the safety of your car is everything. At Parkos we know very well how important it is for you that your car is safe, and that's why on our website you can read about the security measures for each parking lot. Before making a reservation you can see if a parking lot has security cameras, security guards, CCTV surveillance, if it is a secured parking lot or if it is in a gated area. In addition, we personally inspect the parking lots of all our partners.

Plan your route

>strong>Plan your route: Before going to the Málaga airport parking lot, it is best to have in mind which route you are going to take, as well as an alternative route just in case. An accident, construction, or even bad weather can delay you and cause unnecessary stress, just before your trip. We want to make it easy for you, and that's why on our website you will find a route planner to see which way is the best, and how long it will take you to get to Málaga-Costa del Sol airport. Just go to our link "plan your route".

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