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Parking at Barcelona Airport

Are you planning on traveling to Barcelona and need a safe parking spot for your car for a few days? Well, traveling to the Barcelona Airport using your car is comfortable and the best way to reach there. Your car can save you time especially on peak hours; after all, cabs from the city center can be quite costly. It can be even more stressful when traveling with small children or your entire family. Your van can come in handy when traveling with your family, which means that you need a parking space. Well, we go you covered; with Parkos you get the safest car park space near Barcelona airport. With Parkos you can book and compare all the long and short term parking at Barcelona Airport. By booking in advance you can be assured that your car is safe while you’re away on holiday. We have a comparison tool for all the parking facilities near the airport that help with advance booking.

Compare the best parking spaces at Barcelona Airport

Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport, commonly referred to as El Prat Airport, is the sixth busiest airport in Europe. Barcelona-El Prat Airport is the second busiest and second largest airport in Spain that served over 42 million passengers in 2022. Josep Tarradellas Barcelona Airport is a hub for Vueling and Level. Like most airports, Barcelona-El Prat Airport has two terminals (T1 and T2), with each having official car parks at the departures area. This airport parking space at the terminal is more expensive than what Parkos offers. The Car park T1 occupies an area of about 11,900 spaces. The parking price at Car park T1 is the same as at terminal T2.

We have partnered with some of the top car park facilities in Barcelona Airport including short stay generao parking space and long stay car park. This guarantees that you get the best car park at an affordable price. You can always cancel your reserved car park up until 24 hours from the traveling day. A huge percentage of our partners offer free transfer services at Barcelona Airport. This includes access to a shuttle bus service to take you from the parking spaces to the airport. For an even comfortable option, you can pick a parking space provider offering Valet pickup service at the terminals.

Parking Barcelona Airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 2

As aforementioned, Barcelona Airport’s two terminals have parking spaces which can be quite costly. Terminal t1 has 12,000 car park spaces in addition to the 12,000 found at Terminals 2 general car park granting you direct access to the car. Booking a car park space at the terminal t1 and t2 has various advantages including direct access to your car. Just make sure your ticket has your car's details. but most importantly, make sure you don't lose your ticket when parking at terminal T1 and T2 terminals.

Firstly, you won’t need a shuttle to the boarding area since it’s inside the airport. But they are usually on high demand, so you have to reserve a space for your car to get the right spot. Since you’ll be parking the car yourself, you may not have to pay for Valet. The fact that car park is inside the airport BCN makes it a safer and reliable long stay parking option.

Low cost parking at Barcelona Airport

If you can’t find a general parking space inside the airport or need a long term parking space then you should try the our several parking areas. Thanks to Parkos some of the cheap parking spaces that can save money instead of paying a daily maximum of €20.95 at terminal 1 and 2.

Most of our long term parking partners are situated within a few minutes from the airport. Our long stay parking Barcelona airport services includes various benefits such as valet services or a free transfers using the shuttle bus.

Most folks associate low cost or cheap car parks with poor quality which is not always the case. From our experience we understand that long stay car park offer great services. But how are they able to offer high-quality parking services at a lower price? Well, these car park companies have a small team with little to no luxuries that can increase their expenses. These car parks understand that a satisfied client who loves open air parking is a return customer. So they do everything possible to offer great valet service to terminal T1 and T2. Plus, you'll never have to worry about parking ticket, with reliable long term parking and open air facilities.

You don’t believe us, then you should read our customers opinions and experiences in our website. Most of the travelers who have used our services always leaves some feedback on our official website. Their feedback helps us improve our car park services and ensure that we give you an exceptional experience. Reading through the feedback will help you make up your mind, so we always encourage clients to leave feedback. Our clients rate our Barcelona-El Prat Airport parking services with an average of 9.3 out of 10.

Shuttle and valet parking

After finishing your reservation you can pick the Barcelona airport parking option you need. You can either try a valet park and free shuttle bus. With VIP parking our staff member will pick the car and park it for you.

Shuttle parking

shuttle parking

If you plan on saving some cash by not paying for valet or airport parking ticket, you should try shuttle parking. With shuttle parking you will have to drive your vehicle to the reserved parking spot. This option is ideal for folks who want to use the free shuttle vehicle between the terminal 1 or 2 and the parking lot. Shuttle parking is a bit cheaper and may take more time, but our partners try and make everything quicker. Basically, they ensure that the shuttle service bus leaves after you arrive. You may have to wait for about 10 minutes for the bus at Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport. The trip to the terminal 1 and 2 can take about 10 minutes depending on the location of the car parks. Plus, you won’t have to pay any extra charge to use the shuttle service vehicle of pay for parking ticket. When reserving your spot you should check every detail of their facilities including additional service and meeting point at the terminal.

Valet parking

valet parking

If you value comfort over price then you should try the valet Barcelona Airport parking or VIP parking. This includes vehicle delivery and pickup at the Barcelona airport. VIP parking is ideal for folks with wheelchairs or any form of disability. When VIP parking you can drive your car to the arrivals area at Terminal t1 or t2 and hand it over to the valet. This will ensure that you reach the terminal without wasting too much time. When you get back, the car park employee will deliver the car at the Barcelona Airport terminals. You can find all the car park details including their phone number in the confirmation email. You can enjoy the VIP parking services at an extra fee, but it does beat taking a taxi to the Josep Tarradellas Barcelona terminal. If you don’t want to see the car park then you should try this comfortable and quick treatment. Before leaving your car with the valet at the terminal you should confirm if your vehicle will be safe or not. Once satisfied, you can enjoy your trip knowing that your car is safe at the car park.

Long stay parking at Barcelona airport

Long term parking Barcelona airport

Do you love driving to the Barcelona airport instead of taking a taxi and need to park your car for a few days? Well, you’re in luck we have partnered with some of the best long stay car park facilities. With Parkos you’ll get some of the most competitive prices for long stay car park.

We have inspected all these facilities and guarantee you that you’ll only deal with high-quality car parks. To help you get the most out of our parking at Barcelona Airport, you should do the following:

Compare the available long stay car park facilities: The best way to save cash is to compare the prices of the available facilities. With our platform you can easily compare the available car parks. Simply go to the Airport BCN icon and pick parking at Barcelona airport. You find our car parking list including the most affordable being Parking Low and Class car park. The one closest to the Barcelona airport is Travel Parking Airport BCN.

Select the right type of car park: Generally, both shuttle and valet parking options have access to the Barcelona airport. So you can pick between open-air and indoor parking. You should also pick between valet and shuttle parking, but this may depend on your budget. Valet parking can be a tad costly, but its way more convenient, especially for persons with disabilities.

With VIP parking you can drive from home to the terminal T1 and T2 general car park and hand it over to the car park attendant. Since it’s a VIP option, you won’t get a ticket that's issued automatically at the general car park. When you return you’ll find the driver with your car at the Barcelona airport parking and drive home. You’ll be dealing with the same driver so you can contact him when returning home.

Shuttle parking is a cheaper option as you’ll have to drive to the car park. Park your car and then go to their offices and wait for the shuttle bus. The free shuttle bus will transfer you to and from the terminals to the Barcelona Airport to the car park.

Security: Using our booking platform, you can compare the security measures taken by the class car park spaces. Parkos partners with the right providers with top security measures offering exceptional discounts. Most of our long and short stay parking partners have closed car parks 24-hours surveillance replacing the exit barrier. We always carry some unannounced inspections for security reasons.

Plan your trip a few days before: Instead of just driving to the car park or Barcelona airport you should plan your trip and compare prices. This will ensure that you arrive on time or worrying about losing the ticket. All you have to do is go the “plan your trip” page. You can plan your route and get directions to your preferred car park.

Parking rates at Barcelona Airport

Parking provider To park Price per 8 days
Central Parking Aeropuerto Valet parking | Outside from €37.99
Don Parking Parking | Outside from €39.90
Good Parking BCN Parking Interior Parking | Covered from €41.99
Park and Greet Valet parking | Outside from €42.00
Park and Greet Valet parking | Covered from €44.00
ParkingOk (Llévate las llaves) Shuttle parking | Covered from €45.00
Parking Low Parking | Outside from €45.00
WeParking Subterráneo Valet parking | Covered from €47.00
Central Parking Aeropuerto Valet parking | Covered from €47.99
Pim Pam Parking Shuttle parking | Outside from €48.55
Travel Parking BCN Valet parking | Outside from €50.00
Parking Cubierto Geminis Valet parking | Covered from €51.50
Aparcatumismo Shuttle parking | Covered from €58.00
Travel Parking BCN Valet parking | Covered from €80.00
AENA General T1 Barcelona Parking | Covered unavailable
AENA General T2 Barcelona Parking | Outside unavailable
ParkingOk Premium Parking | Covered unavailable
Apark Me Shuttle parking | Covered unavailable
Parking Cubierto Geminis Shuttle parking | Outside unavailable
Car and Fly Garage Valet parking | Outside unavailable
Car and Fly Garage Valet parking | Covered unavailable
Parking 10 Valet parking | Outside unavailable
Parking 10 Valet parking | Covered unavailable
Parking Blanco Barcelona Shuttle parking | Outside unavailable

*Prices may vary depending on the dates you select, season, and arrival times. Dates here are from Th. 25.4.2024 to Th. 2.5.2024.

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