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Parking at Paris Orly airport

Getting to Paris Orly airport (ORY) with your own car is pleasant. Although there is a taxi or direct bus to the airport, you save yourself the stress of public transport on the day you leave. Your stay will therefore start off on the right foot. Thanks to the car park comparator in Paris Orly, you can compare our suppliers around the Paris Orly airport and book your airport parking spaces at the best price guarantee per day. We find the best deals so that you can save as much as possible and find the right deal you are looking for! Make an online reservation at Parkos and enjoy the best rates for Paris Orly airport parking.

The parking rates displayed include the free shuttle between the car parks and the airport. You can also opt for parking with valet service. We compare prices on Paris Orly and we offer free cancellation up to 24 hours before your scheduled arrival time. For more information, see our frequently asked questions or contact our customer service. You can also consult our legal notices and general conditions for more information. Reserve a parking spot at Paris Orly airport.

Compare the best parking providers for Paris Orly airport

Find your parking space at Paris Orly airport with Parkos! Our website allows you to compare the offers of different car parks in Paris Orly Sud or Orly Ouest in a few clicks. We carefully select our suppliers so that you benefit from a quality spot for parking Orly airport.

Orly airport Paris (airport ORY) is located 14 kilometers south of the French capital, straddling the town of Orly and the departments of Essonne and Val-de-Marne. The A106 (A6), A89 and national 7 motorways offer you quick access to the airport by car. From Porte d'Italie, you can be at the airport in about 15 minutes, depending on traffic.

Second French airport in terms of number of passengers next to Roissy Charles de Gaulle (Roissy CDG), Orly has always been a French airport of choice. Inaugurated in 1909, Orly reached its peak in the 1960s and 1970s, not only for the airport itself, but also for all the ancillary activities offered there. The “Dimanche à Orly” which inspired the song of the same name, was the first tourist attraction in France, in front of the Eiffel Tower, with no less than four million visitors per year. Paris airports are very busy, so you will find many offers to book parking nearby.

Airport parking at the Orly terminals

Orly Airport contains 4 terminals, sometimes referred to as Orly 1, Orly 2, Orly 3, and Orly 4. Depending on which terminal you need to go to, we will find suitable parking for you. For example, if you want to go to terminals 1, 2 and 3, the closest parkings are P2 and P5b. P2 is an indoor car park and P5b is an outdoor car park. Both are within 10 minutes by walk of terminals 1, 2 and 3.

On the other hand, if you want to go to terminal 4, or Orly 4, the closest pairings are P4a and P4b. Both parkings are covered and under video surveillance and only 5 minutes away on foot. The P ECO parking is also close to the four terminals, and does not exceed 20 minutes with the free shuttle service.

If needed, we also offer a Premium valet parking service for an easier transfer. The valet will take your car at the chosen terminal at the Paris Orly airport. After a thorough check, we will take care of parking your car in secure parking. Upon your return, the day before or morning of, you will receive an SMS with the contact of your Premium valet.

We also propose the shuttle service which will take you directly to your desired terminal. Indeed, some car parks are further away and more difficult to access on foot. It is a free shuttle service that comes every 15 minutes and is available 24/7. Of course, upon your arrival, the shuttle will take you back to your airport parking from your terminal of arrival.

Parking Orly Airport at the best prices

If you want a good deal, nothing better than booking in advance. No matter how long you want to park your vehicle for, once the reservation is made, the airport parking rates will not change. So there will be no unexpected additional costs. We work with serious car parks located near airport Paris Orly.

We only work with car parks near Paris Orly airport. So you won't have to travel a lot of kilometers before taking your flight from airport Orly. In the official airport parking, the prices are expensive, but at Parkos we find the best airport parking providers with the best prices, and near the airport. Compare our offers now! Adjust the filters and indicate whether you want covered parking, indoor parking or outdoor (open air) parking. Our suppliers offer excellent quality private parking lots.

Granted, the deals we offer are more than affordable, but don't go thinking that this equates to poor quality. At Parkos, we do everything we can to ensure that the users of Parkos can enjoy great services that is inexpensive. The staff of our collaborators is friendly and each car park has a security system. Our suppliers also do their utmost to ensure customer satisfaction.

Some of our customers have taken the time to give us their feedback, so take a look at the customer reviews to determine which parking to choose. If you want to book a secure parking spot at airport Orly (ORY), know that our suppliers have an average of 8 out of 10. Your opinion is essential to us in order to offer you the best possible service.

Valet or shuttle parking?

For airport Orly, as elsewhere, two services are available. In short, you have the choice between valet or shuttle service. Our website allows you to compare a wide range of offers before making a reservation. Filters are also available to make your job easier, as they allow you to display only the offers that suit you. Some parkings also offer additional services, such as car washing. All this is indicated on the page of our partners.

Valet parking

parking valet orly

This type of parking is both quick, comfortable and improves passengers mobility, as you go directly to the airport terminal without having to go to the car park. This saves you considerable time. An employee will be waiting for you at the terminal on the day of your departure. He is responsible for parking your vehicle in the company's parking area. You can therefore go to the terminal as soon as you pick up your vehicle. The return process is similar. You call the driver from the parking provider, then the employee will come to bring your vehicle back to the terminal. With this type of parking, you don't have to search for a parking spot.

Shuttle bus service

shuttle parking orly

If you want to opt for a cheaper solution, the shuttle bus is what you need. The shuttle bus is free, as it is included in the price. These shuttle buses are very popular with our customers because it is efficient. On the day of departure, go to the car park address indicated in the parking information on the confirmation email of your reservation and park your car in the booked car park. You will then be taken to Paris Orly airport ORY with the shuttle bus. It will drop you off at your departure terminal, whether it is at Orly Ouest or Orly Sud. On the day of your return, call the driver of the shuttle bus to pick you up from the terminal. Determine a meeting point with your interlocutor and the shuttle bus will pick you up there. By choosing the free shuttle transfer, you see the parking lot and the conditions under which your car will be kept. You therefore benefit from discount parking and a secure location!

Long term car park at Paris Orly

Long term parking paris orly airport

It is increasingly common to travel for at least a week. It is therefore interesting to compare long term parking offers to ensure the safety of your car during your absence. Our suppliers have weekly and monthly rates. You can therefore leave for several weeks as you wish!

To make the most of your stay, we invite you to follow our advice:

Define your criteria: our site allows you to filter the offers corresponding to your criteria. In this way, you can easily display the parking types that match your needs the best. Our partners all have car parks with direct access to the airport, and therefore to the terminal of your choice. In addition, some are open 24 hours a day. All you have to do is compare and reserve a parking space with a low price on our site.

Choose the parking option that is right for you: it's important to ask yourself the question. Which option best suits your needs and the situation? Would you like to book indoor or outdoor parking with shuttle? How do you want to reach your terminal? Once you've determined what works best for your budget and plans, you can compare similar offers at Paris Orly. In all cases, our partners are located near the airport.

The valet service allows you to save time. Just drive your vehicle to the airport and a driver will take care of everything. Here, no need to go to the parking lot. Once back at the airport, a driver will return your car to the drop-off point. So you won't have to wait. In total, you can save up to an hour of time.

On the other hand, the option of the shuttle bus transfer is cheaper. It does take a little longer, but it is not to say the least effective. However, we recommend that our customers allow one hour between their arrival at the car park and their arrival at the Orly Sud or Orly Ouest airport terminal so that you do not have to rush to get on the plane.

Safety: This is one of the most important words at Parkos. Our company carefully chooses its suppliers. We always opt for a secure parking space so that you don't have to worry about your trip. You can consult the security measures of each of our partners by going to their page. Only car parks located a maximum of 15 minutes from the airport are listed on our site, whether it is outdoor or covered parking. The grounds of our partners are constantly monitored to ensure the safety of your vehicle. Also check the reviews of other users to see how they experienced airport parking with Parkos.

Plan Your Trip: prepare your route to the airport parkings of Orly. To arrive on time, you will have to plan ahead for any unforeseen events on the road. The traffic information will provide you with precise information on the state of the roads, which will facilitate your trip. We recommend that you plan an alternative route in case of unforeseen circumstances. You can easily plan your route with our map "travel directions".

Parking rates at Orly Airport

Parking provider To park Price per 8 days
Parking Orly Tarif Shuttle parking | Outside from €68.00
Direct Parking Orly Shuttle parking | Outside from €69.00
Paris Park Shuttle parking | Outside from €75.00
Flypark Orly Shuttle parking | Outside from €75.00
Park Voyage Shuttle parking | Outside from €80.00
Park Voyage Shuttle parking | Covered from €83.00
ParkAirEco Shuttle parking | Outside from €84.00
King Parking Shuttle parking | Outside from €87.00
Prestige Park Valet parking | Outside from €94.99
France Valet Valet parking | Outside from €94.99
GreenPark Valet parking | Covered from €95.00
Les Vallet Orly Valet parking | Outside from €97.00
Park And Fly Valet parking | Outside from €99.00
Cars Security Orly Valet parking | Outside from €99.00
Master park Valet parking | Outside from €100.00
Jb Car Serenity Orly Valet parking | Outside from €100.00
SudPark Valet parking | Outside from €100.00
VLB Voiturier Valet parking | Outside from €100.00
Time Park Valet parking | Outside from €100.00
MJ Voiturier Valet parking | Outside from €100.00
PARTEZ SEREINS Valet parking | Outside from €101.00
Official VALET Parking | Outside from €103.00
Your Valet Brothers Valet parking | Outside from €105.00
Massis Park Valet parking | Outside from €105.00
Cars Security Orly Valet parking | Covered from €105.00
MJ Voiturier Valet parking | Covered from €105.00
Le Petit Voiturier Valet parking | Outside from €105.00
Blue Valet Orly Valet parking | Outside from €106.34
Valet Luxury Services Valet parking | Outside from €110.00
Your Valet Brothers Valet parking | Covered from €115.00
PARTEZ SEREINS Valet parking | Covered from €115.00
Blue Valet Orly Valet parking | Covered from €116.34
Parking Soleil Shuttle parking | Outside from €120.00
King Parking Valet parking | Outside from €123.00
Voiturier Express Valet parking | Outside from €124.99
Ector Orly Valet parking | Outside -
Orly navette Shuttle parking | Outside -
Parking Premier Orly Shuttle parking | Outside -
CityPark Orly Valet parking | Outside -
EASY PARK ORLY Valet parking | Outside -
EASY PARK ORLY Valet parking | Covered -
Welcome Driver Orly Valet parking | Outside -
Coolparking Shuttle parking | Outside -
Skybridge Park Valet parking | Outside -
Skybridge Park Valet parking | Covered -
PARK PREMIUM VALET Valet parking | Outside -
PARK PREMIUM VALET Valet parking | Covered -
Le Valet Rouge Valet parking | Outside -
Le Valet Rouge Valet parking | Covered -
Flypark Orly Shuttle parking | Covered -
SAFE PARK VALET Shuttle parking | Covered -
SAFE PARK VALET Valet parking | Outside -
SAFE PARK VALET Valet parking | Covered -
Mon Valet Service Voiturier et Navette Orly Shuttle parking | Covered -
Mon Valet Service Voiturier et Navette Orly Valet parking | Covered -
O-V Park Parking | Outside -

*Prices may vary depending on the dates you select, season, and arrival times. Dates here are from Th. 23.5.2024 to Fr. 31.5.2024.

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