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Frankfurt Airport Parking

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Parking at Frankfurt Airport

Are you going to take a flight? Parkos has the best park amenities during your trip. Comparing parkings for the main airport of this big city is possible at Parkos. You can compare all aspects of the parkings and eventually make a choice for a spot at a Frankfurt Airport Parking. Reserving and paying online makes it easy to reserve a parking space. In addition, the parking lots are close to the terminals which saves you a lot of time and money. Also long term and short term parking is possible at the parking areas. You can see on our website which car park providers are available on the date that you are traveling.

Table of content:

  1. Best Prices
  2. Shuttle & Valet
  3. Long-term parking
  4. Compare Offers

The airport is located near Frankfurt am Main and is one of the largest airports in Europe. It is the main airport of the city of Frankfurt. It annually transports the most passengers from all the airports in Germany. It has two terminals, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, which are connected via a shuttle track (also see Wikipedia). The base was opened as a German commercial airport in 1936. The main terminal, Terminal Mitte (central Terminal, now known as Terminal 1) is divided into three concours (A,B and C) with 56 gates. This terminal opened to the public on March 14, 1972. In 1990 the airport started building on a new terminal (Terminal 2). This is because it was expected that Terminal Mitte would sooner reach its capacity limit than expected. The new terminal, divided into concours D and E. With the opening of the new terminal in 1994, it has increased its airport terminals capacity to 54 million passengers per year.

The parking spaces for airport parking at Frankfurt terminal 1 or 2, are directly available nearby. In addition, there are also alternative car parks which are located around the airport. For terminal parking, to park your car directly at the terminal 1 or 2, it can be more expensive than with the alternative car park providers that are more around the airport. Of course, you want to keep the costs for parkings as low as possible. With Parkos you can compare cheap providers with each other. Free parkings are unfortunately but of course not possible, but we offer you the lowest price guarantee. Business parking, holiday parking and terminal parking is very easy with Parkos.

Cheap Frankfurt Airport Parking

A parking place near Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 of the Frankfurt main airport can easily be booked via Parkos, when you are going to travel. The parking prices for alternative parkings which cooperates with Parkos are often lower than when you park directly at the terminal itself. All the options you favor are possible with the providers you can find on our website. Making a reservation via Parkos at Frankfurt Airport means you get a good service for a low price. Make your online booking now.

The parkings that Parkos offers are located around in the area. The distance to the terminals differs per provider, these are always small distances so you have to spend little time on parking your car. Auto-Ausicht is more on the route when you come from the west and APark Tiefgarage is more on the route when you come from the east. An alternative parking facility around the airport is cheaper at Parkos than when you park at the terminal itself. Parkings directly at terminal 2, for example, are a lot more expensive. With Parkos you can save a lot of money on your parking spaces. Check 'Search Parking' on the Parkos site for your perfect holiday parking or even business parking.

A low price does not always mean a bad service or bad quality. You can experience this yourself at the providers, which are personally checked by ourselves. Quality is important for the providers, and they also want happy customers. The providers do not make use of superfluous luxury, as a result of which the prices remain low. Additional options can also be found at the parkings, for example at Auto-Aufsicht you can have your vehicle cleaned. In this way, you can return your journey home in a clean vehicle. There is at least one employee 24 hours 7 days available and the parkings are secured. The costs for parkings are always low when you book with Parkos and you will get an excellent service.

Not only the opinion of Parkos is that the parkings do their work well, customers say this too. When you return from your trip, you will receive an invitation from us to leave a review. With a review you can indicate what you think of the service and leave a figure. The parkings offered by the providers have an average of 9.3. If you have any other question, you can easily reach out to our customer service.

Valet and Shuttle parking

You will often find the terms valet service and shuttle parking on our website. We like to explain the meaning and effect of these terms.

Shuttle service

Kies uw manier van parkeren

If you choose for long-term parking Frankfurt Airport, you can make a distinction between shuttle bus parking and the valet service. With the shuttle parkings, you have to drive to the location of the parkings and then take a free shuttle to the terminal 1 and 2. The shuttle bus is spacious and transports you and your luggage to the terminal. This means that you not have to walk far or use public transport to get to the airport from the parkings. When you make your reservation, please indicate what time you expect to arrive at the park. The provider can then take your arrival into account and ensure that the shuttle bus is ready for departure. When you return from your trip, a driver will pick you up from the terminal and then bring you back to your parked vehicle. From the parkings you can continue your journey home, easy right?

Valet service

Kies uw manier van parkeren

With the valet parkings, you have to drive to the airport yourself. In advance, you specify your arrival time and time of return at the airport. An employee of the online booked parking is waiting for you at the terminal. The employee recognizes your car by the brand, model and the license plate. It driven to the parking lot by the employee of the provider. You confirm your arrival time by calling the provider. The instructions of the parkings in Frankfurt are clearly described in the confirmation mail which you will receive when you complete the reservation. In the meantime, you can access to the check in desk at the terminal. Valet saves therefore a lot of time. When you return from your trip, you call provider when you have landed. You will receive your vehicle back in the front of the terminal and can continue your journey home very easily. This way of parking is very quick and easy. Long term and short term parking are both possible. For questions regarding to valet parking or shuttle parking you can consult our frequently asked questions.

Long term parking for Frankfurt Airport

Parkings for a long stay, are also offered by Parkos. The best deals and providers can be found via Parkos. On our website you can compare our parking providers to make the best choice. All the parkings have been personally checked by us. You can be sure that the providers are safe and reliable.

To help you, we would like to give you some tips for long-term parking at Frankfurt am Main:

Vergelijk tussen verschillende aanbieders

Compare the different options parkings offer: At Parkos you are guaranteed to reserve the parkings for the lowest price. The costs of the official parkings are always higher than when you park at an alternative parking provider nearby.

Kies uw manier van parkeren

Choose the parking options that suit you the best: Drive to the departure hall or take a shuttle bus from one of the parkings. These are two different types of parking at Frankfurt Airport. When you are making your choice, it is important that you know the difference between valet and shuttle parking.

If you opt for a shuttle transfer, you first drive to the parking lot of the provider and you will be dropped off at the terminal. On the return journey you will be taken back to your car by the shuttle bus. You can also choose for an indoor or outdoor car park. The shuttle service is the cheaper variant of parking at the airport.

If you opt for the valet service, you drive to the airport yourself, where an employee of the car park waits for you to pick up your vehicle. While the driver parks your vehicle at the parking lot, you can check in for your flight at the check in desk at the terminal. When you return from your trip, the driver will be ready to hand over your vehicle to you. This is a very quick and convenient way to park your car. Parkos helps you to make your choice between shuttle parking and valet parking by comparing providers. The range of options is updated per day. Check in at the Parkos site and see it yourselve. You can pay by your own choice, credit cards or debit cards are used, but you can also choose to pay at the parking area.


Safety: Safety is also important for you and your parked car. It would be a pity if something happens to your car during your trip. Parkos has therefore personally checked all the providers on safety. The available car parks at Frankfurt Airport are equipped with various measures to protect your car, such as cameras and a fence. When your car is parked at one of the providers, you can travel without any worries. The parking lots are monitored 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Plan uw reis

Plan your trip: We recommend you to plan the route to one of the parkings or to the airport well in advance, to avoid any delay on your trip. We also advise you to keep an eye on traffic information, the unpredictable public transport and possibility of road works on your route. You can plan your route via the Parkos routeplanner.

Parking providers at Frankfurt International Airport

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