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Parking at Catania airport

Are you departing from Catania Airport? You can take public transport to get there, or have someone drive you, but the most flexible solution, and one that gives you the most freedom, is to get there by car and park it near Catania airport. In this way, you won't have to worry about friends or relatives and you won't have to depend on public transport timetables or the unforeseen delays that can occur on trains or buses. To ensure you arrive at Catania Vincenzo Bellini Airport with confidence and get the best start to your journey, book your Parking Catania Airport with us online in advance. Parkos offers a parking comparison system near the airport. If you think parking at Catania Airport is expensive, you'll find that it's not. Thanks to agreements with the best car parks, we always offer the best prices for your trip from Catania Airport. You can also choose various additional services to make your stay in Catania even more enjoyable.

Table of content:

  1. Best Prices
  2. Shuttle & Valet
  3. Long-term parking
  4. Compare Offers

With Parkos we offer all airport parking information on one website so you can compare parking options, prices, distance to Catania Airport and traveller reviews of different car parks, whether it's for a short or long stay. Covered or uncovered parking, free shuttle bus transfer or car valet? If you can't decide, we help you make the best choice. For more information, do not hesitate to contact our customer service. Once you have chosen the car park that suits you the best, in just a few clicks you can book a parking space in a secure car park for your car. Remember that the best prices are obtained by booking well in advance. The price will be blocked at the moment of booking and you won't have any surprises on arrival. In addition, when you book, you can be sure that a parking space is reserved for you, so you won't have to wander around the airport car parks at the last minute.

About Catania airport

Catania CTA airport is the main airport in southern Italy. Also known as the Vincenzo Bellini di Catania-Fontanarossa airport, it is the sixth busiest airport in Italy in terms of passenger traffic. Suffice it to say that the Rome-Catania route is the busiest in Italy and the fourth busiest in Europe. In addition to Rome Fiumicino, the busiest domestic routes are those to Milan Malpensa, Milan Linate and Bergamo Orio.

Catania Airport is located in Fontanarossa and is named after the famous 19th century composer Vincenzo Bellini. The terminal was only recently built with the aim of accommodating more passengers. The old terminal in Catania was closed in 2007. The old terminal, named after the physicist Filippo Eredia, was designed in the 1970s to accommodate a maximum of one million passengers a year. The new Vincenzo Bellini terminal is designed for much greater traffic and to offer a better service. Because of its proximity to Mount Etna, Catania Aeroporto Fontanarossa airport is closed when volcanic ash invades the airspace during the volcano's eruptions. For this reason, a radar supports the monitoring of volcanic ash clouds emitted by Etna. In such cases, airlines are diverted to other airports in the region.

Safe and cheap Catania Airport parking

Don't wait until the last minute to reserve a parking space. Car parks at the airport fill up quickly and prices go up. By booking in advance you will find the lowest price. Not only do you save time on the day of departure by directly going to the car park of your choice, but you also save money on the parking price. For us, parking shouldn't cost too much, and no more than the flight itself, so we want to help our customers find the most convenient solution. And by taking the worry of parking out of your hands, your journey already begins in a better way.

Which Catania airport car park to choose? You will see numerous options and types, outdoor or indoor parking, free shuttle service or car valet, as well as a wide range of additional services when booking, key-holding, car wash, etc. Thanks to special agreements we have made with our parking providers, we are able to offer you the most advantageous prices. In most cases you can also choose to pay once you arrive at the car park or online. Compare car parks near Catania yourself.

With Parkos you can compare the best car parks near Catania Fontanarossa. Our system allows you to filter your search by type, distance and other users' ratings. We provide you with clear and up-to-date information, as we regularly inspect our partner car parks. We want to offer only the best standards to our customers. We know that security is the most important factor when searching for parking spaces, which is why we personally inspect our car parks. We know how important cyber security is and we use a secure connection to protect your privacy when booking.

One tool that we consider to be of utmost importance are the opinions that other users like you leave. Our reviews are always truthful and reliable as only real customers can write them. Go to our Catania Airport reviews page to read how other travellers found it and don't forget to leave us your experience after you've parked.

Our tips for parking at Catania Airport

Parkos helps you to leave with peace of mind without having to worry about parking. To avoid finding full car parks and exorbitantly high prices, book your parking space at Catania Fontanarossa online now. Also look for parking at other airports, such as Rome Fiumcino and Milan Malpensa

Here are our tips for parking at Catania Airport:

Compare various car parks

Compare various car parks at Catania Airport: Comparison is effective to find the best service you want at the best price.You will find all car parks in Catania with Parkos.

Choose the type of Catania car park

Choose the type of Catania car park: Which type of car park is right for you? Do you want to save money and take your car directly to the car park and from there take a shuttle to the airport or do you prefer the luxury of car valet, with delivery and collection of the car directly at the terminal? As well as parking with a shuttle service included in the price and car valet, with Parkos you can choose from a wide range of additional services.

The car valet at Catania Airport is the convenient service that allows you to arrive and leave your car directly at the airport. A driver will tell you where to meet at the terminal and will take custody of your car after registering any damage. This is a very convenient service as it allows you to save time and go straight to check in. Likewise, on your return they will bring your car directly back to the terminal.

Shuttle bus parking is an advantageous option for your car park in Catania Fontanarossa. You park your car by arriving at the car park well in advance. Car parks in Catania are all located within a maximum radius of 10 minutes from the airport. Thanks to your booking, the car park will have arranged a shuttle bus for your arrival and will take you straight to the terminal. On your return, simply phone the car park and they will send a shuttle to pick you up from the arrivals. The car park shuttles run continuously, and run according to customer demand.


Safety: Parkos believes that security is one of the most important points of a car park. When you go on a trip, you want to leave your car in safe hands. That's why the Parkos team personally inspects all associated car parks, to ensure the highest safety standards for our customers. For each car park go to the Security section for more information.

Plan your trip

Plan your trip: Once you have booked your Catania Fontanarossa airport car park you will receive an email with precise directions and the contact details and useful numbers of the car park provider. It is important to organise your journey to the airport and not be surprised by last minute surprises.

Parking rates at Catania Airport

Parking provider To park Price per 8 days
Garage94 (Paga online) Shuttle parking | Outside from €48.00
Air Parking CT (Paga online) Shuttle parking | Outside from €48.00
Etna Parking (Paga online) Shuttle parking | Outside from €48.00
Nex Parking (Paga online) Shuttle parking | Outside from €48.00
Fast Parking Catania (Paga in parcheggio) Shuttle parking | Outside from €48.00
ParkLowcost (Paga online) Shuttle parking | Outside from €48.00
Nex Parking (Paga in parcheggio) Shuttle parking | Outside from €52.00
Etna Parking (Paga in parcheggio) Shuttle parking | Outside from €52.00
Garage94 (Paga in parcheggio) Shuttle parking | Outside from €52.00
ParkAir (Paga online) Shuttle parking | Covered from €56.00
Garage94 (Paga online) Shuttle parking | Covered from €56.00
Fast Parking Catania (Paga in parcheggio) Shuttle parking | Covered from €56.00
ParkLowcost (Paga online) Shuttle parking | Covered from €56.00
Garage94 (Paga in parcheggio) Shuttle parking | Covered from €60.00
Etna Parking (Paga online) Shuttle parking | Covered from €64.00
Etna Parking (Paga in parcheggio) Shuttle parking | Covered from €68.00
Nex Parking (Paga in parcheggio) Valet parking | Outside -
Nex Parking (Paga online) Valet parking | Outside -

*Prices may vary depending on the dates you select, season, and arrival times. Dates here are from Fr. 14.6.2024 to Sa. 22.6.2024.

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