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Jeffrey Thursday 29 October 2020

Were received well and quickly taken to the airport. Nice that the staff parked our car for us.

Anonymous Thursday 29 October 2020

Straightforward website, booking was quick and easy!

Parking near airports

During your trip you want your car to be parked safe and reliable. At Parkos you compare the different parking providers and book your parking spot easily. You can find the best parking providers near the airport of Cologne Bonn on our website. These parking providers are located north-west of Cologne Bonn Airport, to a 5 minute drive. The parking providers at Cologne Bonn Airport are located near the highway and are easily accessible. Through Parkos you can compare different providers easy and fast for the lowest price, without extra costs. You can bring your keys with you or you can leave them safely at the parking provider, shuttle parking or valet parking, inside or outside, there are so many possibilities at Cologne Bonn Airport.


Year Number
2013 9.077.000
2014 9.450.500
2015 10.338.300
2016 11.910.000
2017 12.384.000

The modern Cologne Bonn Airport transports million of passengers every year to 130 different locations. In the year 1913 the first airplane flew from the airport, in 2017 the airport transports 12,5 million passengers a year. The airports has an underground train station, has a large number (12.000) of parking spaces and is a base of the German air force. At Cologne Bonn Airport there is located different barracks with soldiers and civilian staff, these are engaged in the transport and safety of state visits and relief goods. Is your flight departing from Cologne Bonn Airport?

Book a parking spot online through Parkos!

Parking is, just like flying, getting cheaper every year. Still, parking your car at the parking spots from Cologne Bonn Airport is expensive. There are some alternative providers with less expensive parking spots, just near the airport. These providers do not cooperate with the airport, but nevertheless have an excellent service. You can immediately make a choice from one of our inexpensive parking providers, which will save you a lot of money. There is plenty of choice at Cologne Bonn Airport but be sure that you book a parking spot in time!

Parking reservations - The most current information for Cologne Airport

Number of car parks: 1 car parks
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Cheapest: Park-Safe
Closest to airport: Park-Safe

Cheap parking at Cologne Bonn Airport

When you are on your holiday abroad, your car should of course also have a nice parking spot. Parkos will show you some different parking providers around the airport and will compare them for you. The locations of the parkings are really safe and reliable. Next to safe and reliable we offer you a lower price than the prices to park at the airport. The experiences of our customers of parking airport Cologne are good. Because the distance between the airport and the parkings is too far to walk, every parking provider will bring you to the airport by their free shuttle service.

You never have to use the public transport because of the shuttle service. The duration of the trip from the parking to the airport is different per provider. There are two different options for parking at Cologne Bonn Airport. There is a possibility for valet parking and a possibility for shuttle parking. Both short term parking and long term parking Airport Cologne Bonn are possible. Free parking at or around the airport is not possible. Make sure you have a parking space and book a spot through Parkos now.

The fact that the alternative parking providers offer you a cheaper service does not mean that the service is not of the same level as the parking spots that are owned by the airport. The alternative parking spots are always near the airport and you can park your car without worries. Valet parking is the same as parking your car at the parking places of Cologne Bonn Airport, the only difference is that a employee of the parking will park your car for you. The employees will help you with your luggage and you are able to use additional services like a child seat or maybe a full car wash programme while you are on your trip. Parking at one of the alternative parking providers is not per definition lower in quality or worse in level of service. All the providers on our website are opened 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The reviews on our website about parking Airport Cologne Bonn are based on customer experiences. Our customers are invited to judge the parking providers on their experience with the parking. Parking providers at Cologne Airport are assessed with an 8,7 average.

Shuttle parking and valet parking

Shuttle parking en valet parking these are the two different parking possibilities we offer you for parking at Airport Cologne. How it works? You can read here!

Shuttle parking

Airport Shuttle Parking with Parkos

The two different forms of parking be handled at our parking providers are shuttle parking and valet parking.Shuttle parking means that you drive your car to the parking provider and park your car. The parking provider will bring you to the airport with a free shuttle service. On your trip back you will call the parking when your airplane landed in Cologne and you will be picked up from the airport and taken back to your car. The shuttle bus will always be free, the price you see on our website is the only price you will have to pay. This will make parking at the Airport Cologne Bonn cheap for everyone.There are three different providers which you can pick on our website. If you pick one of our three providers you will not have to use the public traffic and you do not suffer from the crowds at the airport. When you choose shuttle parking Airport Cologne Bonn there is a difference between indoor and outdoor parking. For more questions about parking at Cologne Bonn Airport you can take a look at out Frequently Asked Questions or you can contact our Customer Service.

Valet parking Keulen

Airport Valet Parking with Parkos

Valet parking Airport Cologne will save you time and money. You drive in your own car to the terminal of the airport and there will be a employee of the parking to pick up your car. You drive the car to the meeting point which will be mentioned in your confirmation mail. Your car will be transported by an employee of the parking to the parking lot somewhere near the airport. In the reservation form you choose if your car will be parked indoor or outdoor. You will have to call the parking provider before you arrive at the airport and when you landed back on the airport. It is necessary that the parking provider knows at what time you will arrive so there will be an employee at the airport to pick up your car and hand the car over. Valet parking Cologne Bonn is the most comfortable way of parking at the airport. For more questions about parking at Cologne Bonn Airport you can take a look at out Frequently Asked Questions or you can contact our Customer Service.

Long-term parking Cologne Bonn

Long-term parking at Airport Cologne Bonn is no problem with Parkos. On our website you will find the best offer from parking providers on the dates you entered. All parking providers will be listed for you, they are all personally inspected by one of our colleagues. You can park your car safely at all our parking partners.

We got a few tips for you for long-term parking Airport Cologne Bonn:

Vergelijk tussen verschillende aanbieders

Compare the differences between the parking providers: Compare the parking providers with each other so you will find that one parking that fits you. Every customer has its own preferences and every parking provider has its own unique selling points. A parking spot through Parkos is cheap and it will save you a lot of money during your trip.

Kies uw manier van parkeren

Compare the different ways of parking: make a choice between two different ways of parking. If you prefer to drive to the airport and let your car be taken by a parking driver you pick valet parking. If you prefer to park your car yourself and let a shuttle bus drive you to the airport you pick shuttle parking. The difference between those two ways of parking is good to know before you book your parking spot.

Shuttle parking means that you drive to the parking lot yourself to park your car. After this you will be taken to the airport by a free shuttle service. On your trip back home this shuttle service will bring you back to your car so you can pursue your way home. The cheapest way of parking your car at Airport Cologne Bonn is when you choose shuttle parking.

Valet parking means that you drive your car to the terminal of the airport. At the terminal there will be an employee of the parking waiting for you to pick your car and park it at their parking area around the airport. After you handed over your car you can walk into the terminal. Your car will be waiting for you when you land on the airport Cologne Bonn. This means that you can pursue your way home directly from the airport in your own car. You can book your valet parking service through Parkos.


Safety: Did you compare the different parking providers around Airport Cologne Bonn? That means that you want to park your car on a safe way. The parking spots at Airport Cologne Bonn are all fenced and are equipped with cameras. All the parking in Cologne Bonn are personally inspected by one of our colleagues. At our website you will find any information you want of the parking.

Plan uw reis

Plan your trip: You can plan your trip before you are going to park your car at the airport. Parkos recommends to plan your trip to avoid unpleasant surprises. You can use the route planner from Parkos to map the fastest route to Cologne Airport or the car park.

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