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Cologne Airport Parking

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Parking at Cologne Bonn Airport

During your holiday or business related travel you want your car to be parked safely and reliably. At Parkos you can compare the different parking at airports all over the world, and book your parking space easily. Find the best long- or short-term parking zone near the airport for the lowest prices on our website.

Cologne airport parking options are located in the north-west of the terminals. The parking spaces are a 5-10 minute drive. To make them easier to access, the car park providers are located near the highway. Through Parkos you can compare different providers easily for the lowest price guarantee.

When you use the parking at Cologne, take your keys with you on your trip or leave them safely at the security area or information desk. From valet or shuttle bus parking, to multi storey car park spots or disabled parking spaces, there are so many possibilities.

The modern Cologne Bonn Airport transports million of passengers every year to 130 different locations. In terms of passengers, it has the seventh position of airports in Germany. It is located about 12 kilometers from the city center.

Book a parking spot at Cologne Airport online through Parkos

Parking lots are, just like flights, getting cheaper every year. Still, a car park reservation right at the Cologne Bonn International Airport can be expensive and accept only a limited number of cars.

Fortunately, there are some alternative providers with less expensive spaces, just near the airport. These providers do not cooperate with the official airport, but nevertheless have an excellent service.

You can immediately book your parking space with one of our inexpensive car park operators. Whether you need a short term car park for your quick business trips or a longer term car park option, there are plenty of choices at Cologne Bonn Airport.

Cheap parking spaces at Cologne Bonn Airport

When you are on your holiday abroad, your vehicle should, of course ,also have a nice parking spot. Parkos will help you find the perefect parking space online and will compare them for you. You have the chance to compare prices based on parking time, available charging stations for electric vehicles, maximum height and more. Good Cologne Bonn Airport car parks don't just offer affordable pricing, but also offer safety and reliability close to the departure terminals. However, remember to read Cologne car park reviews to get an idea of what to expect. For example, by reading reviews, you'll learn in advance that the distance between Car Park 3 the terminal is too far to walk. Make use of the free shuttle service transfer to quickly cover the distance and catch your flight on time.

The duration of the transfer from the car park to the terminal is different per provider. There are two different parkings and options - shuttle or valet parking. Both short and long term parking are also possible at Cologne Bonn Airport. Free airport parking spots are unfortunately not possible, but you can take advantage of the courtesy period for shorter parking time in the drop off or pickup car parks. These are suitable for public transport operators such as taxis.

The fact that the alternative providers offer you a cheaper service does not mean that the service is not of the same level as the upper level parkings owned by the official Cologne Bonn Airport. These alternative car parks are always near the airport and you can park your vehicle without any worries. Airport parking at one of the alternative providers is not per definition lower in quality or worse in level of service. Despite being further away from the terminal entrance doors, they still allow you to pay and park your car in a secure place. All the providers accept payment such as debit and credit cards as well as your German EC card. They are also available for express bookings and are opened 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The reviews at Parkos about the car parks at Köln Bonn are based on customer experiences. We did not pay them to give a review. Instead, our customers are invited to judge the providers based on their own experiences. There's an 8,7 average rating for parking space at Cologne Airport.

Shuttle and Valet Parking

There are two options available for you - shuttle parking and valet parking. Of course, the shuttle options is much cheaper than valet when it comes to price per hour. Details of pricing is available at the pay station and at the entrance of the parking lot. Want to know how it works? Read on to find out!

Shuttle Parking

Airport Shuttle Parking with Parkos

When you use shuttle parking, it means that you drive to the car park by yourself. An employee of the parking lot will bring you to the terminal with a free shuttle transfer. On your flight back you will call the provider again, when your airplane lands in Cologne and you will be picked up from the arrivals terminal. They, then take you back to your parked vehicle. The shuttle bus will always be free, the price you see in our comparison tool is the only price you will have to pay. Take note that with shuttle transfer, there is a difference between indoor and outdoor car parks. Also, if you have a blue eu parking permit ID card, make sure the car park knows so that they provide a suitable shuttle. For more questions about parking at Cologne Bonn you can take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions or you can contact our Customer Service.

Valet Parking Cologne

Airport Valet Parking with Parkos

The experience of a Valet car park at Cologne Airport is a joy. How does it differ to the shuttle service? Well, you drive in your own car to the departures terminal and there will be a car park employee waiting to pick up your vehicle. The employees will help you with your luggage and you are able to use additional services like a child seat or maybe a full car wash programme while you are away. In the reservation form you choose if you want your car to be parked indoor or outdoor and you should take note of the maximum height. It is necessary that the provider knows at what time you will arrive so there will be an employee at the Cologne Airport terminal to pick up your car.

Hotel and Parking

Cologne Bonn Airport provides a range of hotels in close proximity, allowing travelers to not only reserve a room but also secure parking spaces. Depending on individual preferences and budgets, hotels offer parking options either outside the premises or in the underground parking facility close to the new entrance.

Long Term Car Park for Cologne Bonn Airport

Long term parking Cologne Airport

Looking to park safely over a long period of time? Here are a few tips for long term parking at Airport Cologne Bonn:

Compare the differences between the parking: Compare the parkings with each other so you will find that one parking lot that fits you the best. Every customer has its own preferences and every provider has its own unique selling points. For example, at Car Park 2, you'll find 10 charging stations. The use of these charging stations is free. However, regular parking fees per one hour for using Car Park 2 will be incurred.

Also, if you have special needs such as disabled parking, Car Park 1, Car Park 2 and Car Park 3 all have designated spaces for blue EU parking permit ID card holders.

Compare the different options: If you prefer to drive to the terminal and let your vehicle be taken by a driver, you choose for the valet service. If you prefer to park your vehicle yourself and let a shuttle bus drive you to the terminal choose the shuttle. The difference between those two parking possibilities is good to know before you make your online reservation via Parkos.

The cheapest and easiest way when you want to leave your own car parked at the airport of Cologne is choose the free shuttle bus transfer.

Valet parking is more expensive, but you don't have to stress about going to the parking garage first before heading to the airport terminal.

Safe airport parking: Park your car at the Cologne airport in a fenced security area with cameras. All the parkings are personally inspected by someone from Parkos, so you're assured of reliable information.

Plan your trip: Before you head to one of our parking operators booked via Parkos, make sure to note the route, time to destination, budget and so on. Parkos recommends to plan your journey to avoid unpleasant surprises, such as traffic chaos or road works. You can use the route planner from Parkos to map the fastest route to the airport or the booked car park.

Parking rates at Cologne Bonn Airport

Parking provider To park Price per 8 days
Shuttle Star Shuttle parking | Outside from €45.00
Idealparken Shuttle parking | Outside from €46.00
Flughafen-Shuttle-Parkplatz Shuttle parking | Outside from €46.00
Idealparken Shuttle parking | Covered from €46.99
Parking Airea Köln Shuttle parking | Outside from €47.00
Easy Parken Köln Shuttle parking | Outside from €47.00
Easy Park Airport Shuttle parking | Outside from €53.00
EcoPark Shuttle parking | Outside from €53.00
ValetPro Shuttle parking | Outside from €65.00
Safe Parken Koeln Shuttle parking | Outside from €67.00
Park Airport Cologne Shuttle parking | Outside from €69.00
Shuttle Star Valet parking | Outside from €78.00
ValetPro Valet parking | Outside from €79.00
Safe Parken Koeln Valet parking | Outside from €82.00
Easy Parken Köln Valet parking | Outside from €100.00
Easy Park Airport Valet parking | Outside from €100.00
TunaPark Shuttle parking | Covered from €100.00
Easy Park Airport Shuttle parking | Covered from €108.00
Easy Parken Köln Shuttle parking | Covered from €110.00
Easy Parken Köln Valet parking | Covered from €130.00
Easy Park Airport Valet parking | Covered from €130.00
Elite Parken Shuttle parking | Outside -
Idealparken Valet parking | Outside -
Idealparken Valet parking | Covered -
Park Cool Shuttle parking | Outside -
Park Cool Valet parking | Outside -
Park and Fly Köln Shuttle parking | Outside -
Park Time Shuttle parking | Outside -
Park Green (mit der Bahn) Parking | Outside -
Flughafen-Shuttle-Parkplatz Shuttle parking | Covered -
Flughafen-Shuttle-Parkplatz Valet parking | Outside -

*Prices may vary depending on the dates you select, season, and arrival times. Dates here are from Mo. 15.7.2024 to Tu. 23.7.2024.

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