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Frankfurt Airport Parkservice offers parking spots close to the Frankfurt airport. The parking garage is secured, well-lit and closed-of. This parking provider offers both shuttle service and valet service. When you choose shuttle service, you can conveniently keep your car keys.

Please take into account that the parking garage has a height limit of 2 m and a maximum length limit of 5 m. Please check your vehicles measurements before making a reservation.

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  • General information


    Frankfurt Airport Parkservice has a parking lot that can offer a parking space for up to 300 cars. This parking provider is open 24/7, and wants to make sure that you can start your holidays relaxed. Their more luxurious service, is the valet parking option, where you will drive to the airport terminal, where your car will be picked up, and brought back to by an employee of Frankfurt Airport Parkservice.

    Shuttle service

    When you choose for the shuttle service, your car will be in a protected, guarded and secured parking garage during your absence. You will park your car there yourself, and will be safely driven to the airport with the shuttle-bus. Upon the day of your return, you will be picked up from the airport, and driven back to your vehicle.

    Valet service

    Choose for the valet service, and save yourself some extra time before your flight. You will hand over your car at Terminal 1, Departures Hall C, door 7 or Terminal 2 at the Departures/Arrivals, Hall E, door 8. An employee of Frankfurt Airport Parkservice will be waiting at one of the above described meeting points. When you come back from your trip, an employee will be waiting at either of these two terminals with your car.

  • Safety


    When you decide for Frankfurt Airport Parkservice, you can be sure that your car is secured during your absence. The parking lot is fenced, closed-off and equipped with camera surveillance. You even have the choice to take your car key on your trip, to be sure that your car will not be moved.

  • Facilities


    Frankfurt Airport Parkservice offers you excellent service. The valet service aims to be on time, and the employees are happy to help you with your luggage. Besides that, the services of Frankfurt Airport Parkservice are available 24/7.

    Moreover, you have the possibility to book additional services to your reservation. An example is a complete interior wash or a complete care package. Child seats are also available free of charge in case you are traveling with a child. This service can be selected in your reservation.

  • Accessibility


    How does shuttle parking work?


    You will drive to the Eisenstraße 52, the main location of Frankfurt Airport Parking, which is only 5 min from the highway. When making a reservation, you can fill in what time you expect to arrive to the parking lot. In case you are on your way, and notice that your arrival time differs from the time you described in your reservation, please contact Frankfurt Airport Parking per telephone.

    Please drive to the parking garage of Frankfurt Airport Parking, and go to the check-in counter. Afterward, an employee will show you your parking space, so you can park your car there. We would recommend you to take a couple of pictures before handing over your car. The shuttle bus will be waiting for you at the parking garage, and will take you to the airport within 15 minutes. The shuttle bus will take you to either Terminal 1: Departures, Hall C, door 7 or Terminal 2: Departures/Arrival, Hall E, Door 8. Frankfurt Airport Parking has child seats free of charge available for the transfer.


    Upon your return, the exact same process will take place, but the other way around. After you have claimed your luggage, please contact Frankfurt Airport Parking. The phone number of Frankfurt Airport Parkservice is given in the reservation confirmation. The shuttle bus will wait for you at either Terminal 1: Departures, Hall C, door 7 or Terminal 2: Departures/Arrival, Hall E, Door 8. The bus will safely drive you back to the parking garage, from which you can comfortably start your drive back home.

    In case you would like to come back a couple of days earlier or later, please contact Frankfurt Airport Parking directly. If you will come back later, you can pay the extra costs at the spot.

    How does valet parking work?


    When you use the valet service, you will drive directly to the airport. Please contact Frankfurt Airport Parking an hour before arrival. If the time of actual arrival differs from the time of arrival described in your reservation, please contact Frankfurt Airport Parking. A driver will be waiting for you at either Terminal 1: Departures, Hall C, door 7 or Terminal 2: Departures/Arrival, Hall E, Door 8. An employee will recognize your car model and plate numbers that you gave in your reservation. After handing over your vehicle to an employee, he will safely drive your car to the parking garage, and you can proceed to the check-in counters.


    Upon return, your car will be driven back to the airport terminal. In order for the driver to be in time, please contact Frankfurt Airport Parking as soon as you have claimed your luggage. A driver will be waiting for you at either Terminal 1: Departures, Hall C, door 7 or Terminal 2: Departures/Arrival, Hall E, Door 8.

  • Location

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Sa. 16.12.2023
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Sa. 23.12.2023

About Frankfurt Airport Parkservice

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