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Are you traveling and you are looking for the best parking at Barcelona airport? We understand that your car is very important to you. That's why only the most reliable suppliers are Parkos partners. The experiences of others can help you choose the best parking provider, which gives you extra security while you travel.

Opiniones de confianza

At Parkos we ask everyone who made a reservation with us to leave a comment about their experience. We want to create a realistic picture of each parking provider. When a parking provider receives too much negative criticism, Parkos ends the cooperation. Feedback can only be left by customers who have made a reservation through Parkos. These opinions are therefore independent.

As you read the experiences, however, we ask you to keep a few things in mind. For example, always read more than one comment, don't form an opinion based on only one experience. Anyone can receive a negative opinion at any given time. The parking lots receive many customers every day and it is possible that something goes wrong sometimes. Be aware of the nature of the complaint and how you would have reacted in that situation. The date the comment was made is also important. A good recent experience is more significant than a bad experience from a year ago. By considering all of these factors, you can create a more realistic picture of the parking provider.