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Reviews Parking airport Malaga

Do you have a pending trip and want the best parking near Malaga airport? If you value your car and are concerned about its safety, you'll be happy to know that at Parkos we share that concern and that's why we only work with the best parking providers. We are aware that not all our customers have the same needs, and that's why we have a comments page where you can read the valuations of the parking lot you have in mind. This way you will have as much information as possible to make the right decision.

Reliable opinions

Once they have made use of our service, we send an invitation to all our customers to tell us about their experience. We have two reasons for doing this: to know which parking lots are working properly (if a parking lot accumulates too many negative opinions, Parkos will terminate the collaboration), and to provide valuable information to other customers. Thanks to these comments, new customers will be able to get a more realistic idea of the parking lots, with the confidence that all opinions are 100% real and independent.

However, before starting to read, we want to give you some tips to make the most of all the information. Do not discard a parking lot just because of a negative opinion. Even the best ones can have a bad day, especially considering that they receive cars all the time. Read the review in detail, put yourself in their place, and think about how you would have reacted in their place. It's all about rationalizing and understanding different points of view. Finally, keep in mind that a negative review from months ago is not as representative as a current positive one. If parking lots receive many complaints about something specific, they will probably try to improve in the future, so it may be that the complaint from months ago has already been resolved. By following these tips you are more likely to create a more accurate picture of each provider.