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Are you flying from Charleroi Airport? At Parkos we understand that you want to travel with peace of mind. Most people still choose to drive to the airport by car to avoid the stress of public transport. Once you arrive at the airport, you obviously want to park your car as easily and quickly as possible in a safe parking lot where you don't pay too much. How do you find such a parking place at Charleroi Airport? Via Parkos of course. The experiences of other travelers will help you to make a good choice!

Reliable reviews

In order to give you a good and above all reliable impression of the services of the car parks around Charleroi, Parkos asks its users to share their experiences. Thanks to these reviews, you will know how others experienced and rated the service. In order to guarantee the reliability and accuracy of the reviews, only those customers who booked through Parkos and effectively parked in the chosen parking can leave a review. In this way the reviews are a real help in choosing the parking that suits you best.

In order to choose the parking that best suits your needs, it is useful to take several criteria into account. For example, don't base your choice on a single experience but read a number of reviews. Bad experiences are a personal representation of a specific user. Always ask yourself what you would think of the situation and whether the reasons for the less good evaluation are a priority for you. Also look at the date on which a review was posted. After all, a good, recent experience says more than a bad one a year ago.