Stuttgart Flughafen Parken

At Stuttgart Flughafen Parken you can park your car easily and inexpensively. You can use the free shuttle service or the valet service. This car park offers two outdoor car parks near the motorway (3 - 9 km from the airport), and a car park just one kilometer from the airport. During your trip, your car will be safely parked on the fenced area. The car park is under camera surveillance 24/7. In addition, staff is present at the locations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Echterdinger Straße 57 (outdoor); Karl-Benzstraße 25 (indoor), 70794, Filderstadt
Stuttgart Airport Parking

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24/7 presence
Guaranteed parking space
Vehicle inspection


Car cleaning
Electrical car charging point
Luggage assistance
× Waiting room


Indoor parking
No maximum height
Parking garage
× Disabled parking space


24/7 transfer
<5min from motorway
Location indicated
Valet service
× 5m from the terminal

About Stuttgart Flughafen Parken

At Stuttgart airport you can reserve a parking space for several vehicles. There is no maximum height for your vehicle for outdoor parking spaces. The car park is limited to a maximum height of 2.20 metres.


Shuttle Parking

When parking the shuttle, drive your car to the provider's car park and park your car there on the secure area. After you have parked your car and your luggage has been transferred to the shuttle, you will be driven directly to the airport. The shuttle always takes you to the departure terminal, so that you do not have to walk far with your luggage. If you return, call the parking provider after picking up your luggage. You will then return to the pick-up point at the departure hall. There the shuttle will be waiting for you to take you back to your vehicle immediately.


The parking provider Stuttgart Airport Parking also offers you the option of Valet parking. This is the most comfortable way of parking. You drive your own car to the departure terminal of the airport. Your car will then be parked in front of you by a qualified person in the secured zone.


Valet parking
You drive to Stuttgart Airport and hand over your car to an employee of Stuttgart Airport Parking. You will recognise him by his work clothes and the Stuttgart-Flughafen-Parken logo. After a brief inspection of your vehicle, your car will be parked safely for you in the secure area of the car park operator. Your keys are stored safely in a safe during your journey.

The parking provider's premises are excellently secured by cameras, fence and entrance gate. You will also find a toilet on the provider's premises. In addition, the provider's premises are outside the Euro 4 zone, i.e. you can reach the provider's premises with any vehicle and do not need an environmental sticker.


During the transfer of the vehicle at the airport, the parking supplier's employee checks your vehicle for any damage and also records the fuel and mileage of your vehicle. This way you can be sure that your vehicle will not be moved more than necessary. Stuttgart Airport Parking has paved and solid outdoor space.


The professional staff at Stuttgart Airport Parking will ensure that your parking experience is as pleasant and uncomplicated as possible. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you unload and load your luggage if required.


Stuttgart Airport Parking also offers you the option of not taking you to the airport, but to another location, such as the bus station in Stuttgart, and picking you up there again.


With this provider you also have the possibility to wash your car in the car wash at an extra charge. You have the choice between a quick cleaning or a standard cleaning.

In addition, the provider has an electric charging point. Please note that you must leave your charging card with the parking provider (the parking provider is not responsible for any charging fees incurred) and make sure you bring the correct cable to charge your car. .


How does shuttle parking work?


With a shuttle car park you drive directly to the provider's car park and park your vehicle there on the secure area. You will then be taken directly to Stuttgart airport by the provider's comfortable shuttle bus. The shuttle will take you directly to the departure hall so that you can go straight to the check-in of the airline you have booked. The price you pay for the shuttle parking includes 4 people for the shuttle bus to the airport. For each additional person you pay 5€ and a maximum of 8 people can be booked per booking.


During your return journey, contact the park manager by telephone after you have collected your luggage. The shuttle will then proceed to the agreed meeting point at the airport. This is located between Terminals 3 and 4, Departure Level 3, Short Stop Zone. The shuttle will take you back to your vehicle immediately so that you can continue your journey quickly.

How does valet parking work?


When parking Valet you drive your own car directly to Stuttgart airport. Please call the parking provider 20 minutes before your arrival at the airport to confirm your arrival time. The telephone number of the parking provider can be found in your booking confirmation. The employee will be waiting for you at the airport at the short parking zone at Terminals 3 and 4, Departure Level 3. For your safety and that of the parking provider, your vehicle will be inspected at the time of pick-up and a protocol will be drawn up in which the petrol, mileage and any damage will be noted. You then hand over your key and vehicle to the employee, who parks your vehicle on the provider's secure premises. You can go directly to the check-in area.


After landing, go to the baggage carousel. While you are waiting for your baggage, you can again contact the car park operator directly to confirm that they can take your car to the airport. Your car will be waiting for you when you leave the terminal.

Your car will be parked at one of the different locations after you have decided whether to park indoors or outdoors. The provider has two secure outdoor parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the airport (up to 3 and 4 kilometres away) and a car park right next to the airport.


Echterdinger Straße 57 (outdoor); Karl-Benzstraße 25 (indoor), 70794, Filderstadt