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Stuttgart Airport
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9.9 252 reviews
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Your car will be picked up for you directly at Stuttgart airport. So you drive directly to Stuttgart Airport yourself. You will be met by a driver at Terminal 2+3, Departure level. You will recognise the driver by your car model and number plate and you will recognise the driver by his work clothes. After a joint damage check, you hand over your keys and your car to the professional driver, who will park it for you on the provider's secure premises. On the way back, the driver will return your car to the agreed meeting point at the airport: Terminal 2+3, Departure level

Bear in mind that this airport is in a low emission zone and that an environmental sticker is needed.

Parkhaus: Untere Halde 12 & Fasanenweg 9, 70771 Leinfelden Echterdingen Aussenstellplätze: Schelmenwasenstraße 12, 70567 Stuttgart, 70565, Stuttgart & Leinfelden

Park2Travel is a parking provider near Stuttgart airport and offers valet service.

If you make use of Park2Travel's valet service you will go to the airport on the day of your trip. The car park is a few minutes away from Stuttgart airport. Your car is parked in a secure Park2Travel car park. It is well-lit, fenced and video-monitored.

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Date from
Mo. 24.06.2024
Date to
Mo. 01.07.2024

About Park2Travel

9.9 from 252 reviews
  • Camera surveillance
  • Valet service
  • Open 24/7
  • Experienced parking provider
Rating and reviews
Yıldıray Yıldırım
full star
Parked from 5/24/24 til 5/28/24



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Valet outdoor
May 29, 2024
full star
Parked from 4/23/24 til 4/30/24

Schlechte Erfahrung

Valet outdoor
May 1, 2024
hasan ceyhun bora
full star
Parked from 3/22/24 til 3/31/24

perfect service


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Valet outdoor
April 8, 2024
Availability Park2Travel
June 24, 2024 to July 1, 2024 Change dates

Park2Travel rating

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  • Safety

    • 24/7 presence
    • Fencing
    • Guaranteed parking space
    • Vehicle inspection
  • Facilities

    • Car cleaning
    • Electrical car charging point
    • Toilets
    • Luggage assistance
  • Location

    • Indoor parking
    • Parking garage
    • Paved
  • Access

    • 5m from the terminal
    • <5min from motorway
    • location indicated
    • Valet service