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Stuttgart Airport
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With Parkoa you book an insured parking provider, which offers valet service. The parking provider's premises are illuminated and secured with a fence. In addition, staff is present on the premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You have the choice of parking your car under cover or outside.

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  • General information


    At Parkoa, the staff is on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So you can leave your vehicle there with peace of mind and start your trip relaxed.


    When you arrive at Terminal 3+4, one of the competent employees will already be waiting for you. This will receive your vehicle and immediately drive to the parking lot. On your return, your vehicle will be handed over to you again on time at Terminal 3+4 and you can start your journey home in comfort.


    Please note that this airport is located in an environmental zone and that an environmental badge is required.

  • Safety


    On the premises of Parkoa you can safely park your vehicle. The parking lot is fully fenced, plus there is staff on site throughout, so you can leave your vehicle at Parkoa without worry. Your car keys are kept safe in a safe.

    When you hand over your vehicle at the airport terminal, a vehicle check will also be carried out. In the process, your car will be checked for possible pre-existing damage. Thus, later misunderstandings can be avoided.

  • Facilities


    The parking area is open for you 24 hours and 7 days. The service is also available to you during this time. With the unloading and loading of the luggage a coworker of Parkoa helps you gladly. Likewise, Parkoa has takeoff cables.

    The start of your vacation is made even more relaxing with the following services: Interior cleaning and complete laundry. These can be added at the time of your booking for an extra charge.

    There is a 2.10m height restriction on your vehicle for the park area, please take note of this.

  • Accessibility

    Arrival - Arrival:

    On the day of your trip, you will drive directly to Stuttgart Airport. Please call the driver on the mobile number 30 minutes before the scheduled car drop-off time. Only after you call will a driver wait for you at the agreed meeting point.

    Please note that you should only stop at Terminal 2+3 if you have the appropriate one See sign. We only have one meeting point, which is at TERMINAL 2+3 and through a Sign marked with an arrow pointing to the right.

    Meeting point

    The meeting point is at Stuttgart Airport, Terminal 2+3, Flughafenstrasse 70629 Stuttgart. Please follow the signs “Departure” and “KISS-and-FLY”

    Please note:

    If you do not announce your car drop-off in advance and drive yourself to the meeting point, Parkoa will not cover any costs incurred in the KISS-and-FLY Zone. The KISS and FLY zone is between 00:00 a.m. and midnight for a fee. The first 8 minutes are free, while 30 minutes can cost up to 40.00 euros (via a barrier system with license plate scanning that does not require swiping a card).

    Return journey:

    After you return to Stuttgart Airport, your car will be ready for collection. There is no need for telephone contact on your part. A Parkoa employee will hand over your vehicle personally. After you have checked your vehicle again, you can continue your journey home.

    Return journey meeting point

    Arrival level - Terminal 3, parked at parking lot P5, in front of entrance P6. After your arrival at Stuttgart Airport, the meeting point is on the arrivals level of Terminal 3, directly at parking lot P5. Please stay on the same floor you arrived on. No call is necessary.

    If you are coming from Terminal 1, turn right in the building and keep walking until you Edeka happened. Then take the second exit and go to parking lot P5.

    If you are coming from Terminal 3, just walk straight ahead and you will see the P5 car park from Terminal 3 on the opposite side, where your vehicle is ready for collection.

    Please note:

    If you have provided us with your return flight number, your vehicle will be ready for collection after landing. We will cover the parking fee for a maximum of 1 hour. However, if you take longer than an hour, the additional costs for the time after the first hour after landing will be borne by you. – We use live flight data and can track every plane. Entry into P5 upon landing, after 30 minutes the parking ticket is validated, then you have 30 minutes until the exit. Total 1 hour.

    Whats-App Contact

    Please avoid calls via WhatsApp. A call diversion is stored for the telephone number provided, which will be forwarded to the appropriate driver on the day of use. WhatsApp service only available to a limited extent. The parking provider's office receives the messages.

    Emergency Contact
    If you have any questions regarding changes to your reservation on the weekend or 24 hours before the start of your trip, we recommend that you contact the parking provider.

    0159 013 222 81 if you cannot reach the main number.
    0176 641 33 250 Whatsapp possible to write to via Whatsapp if booking is changed/extended

    Extensions Cost Overview
    Usage that exceeds the contractually agreed parking time will be charged according to the applicable
    tariffs. The valet tariff is currently - for excess use a maximum of €10.00 / per 24 hours - additionally - if the vehicle was prepared at the airport and you did not pick it up due to the incorrect booking - a service fee of €30.00;
    Any further claims remain unaffected by this.
    Otherwise, our general terms and conditions apply.

  • Location


About Parkoa

9.9 from 1,536 reviews
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    Andreas Stolz
    full star
    Parked from 11/20/23 til 11/29/23
    War alles bestens. Das valet Parken hat vorzü ...Read more
    Valet indoor
    November 30, 2023
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    Parked from 11/17/23 til 11/26/23
    Rundum positive Erfahrung
    Valet indoor
    November 27, 2023
    Frank Wolber
    full star
    Parked from 11/15/23 til 11/24/23
    Alles super geklappt!
    Valet indoor
    November 25, 2023
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    • Facilities

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      • Luggage assistance
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      • Parking garage
      • Paved
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