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Travel Essentials — What you Shouldn't Forget to Pack

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Travel Essentials — What you Shouldn't Forget to Pack

Going on a trip whether it’s for travelling, holiday or work can be a lot of fun. But, the planning and preparation before a trip can be rather stressful. There are many items that, unless you’re very organized, can often be overlooked. Take a look at our list of what you shouldn’t forget to pack and never miss an essential travel item again.

What are the most forgotten travel items?

Number one on the list is a padlock. These days, with so many of us using cheaper flight options and opting to take carry-on bags instead of checked-in baggage, we often forget to bring a padlock. However, depending on where you’re travelling or the mode of transport you use, for peace of mind, a padlock on your bag could be essential. It’s also good for when you leave your backpack or suitcase in a locker or left luggage area.

In the past, a second or third memory card was essential to ensure you had all the space to take as many photos as necessary. With mobile phones, this is no longer a requirement. However, your phone can still let you down when you’re out and about if it runs out of battery. This is why, a commonly overlooked, but essential travel item is a power bank. Remembering one of these along with your phone charging cable can turn a day of sightseeing around when your phone is still holding its juice.

Along these same lines is the commonly forgotten travel adapter. If you’re going to a different part of the world, you should always check what the plug sockets look like as well as voltage. Regularly required but not always remembered, the travel adaptor is an essential item. If you’re lucky, you’ll remember to buy one in the airport such as Barcelona or Stuttgart, but outside the airports, they can be hard to find. Keep it stashed permanently in your travel bag, and you’ll never forget it again.

High up on this list of forgotten items is the toothbrush. While this can be annoying, the good thing is, that it’s usually very easy to find one. However, if you can remember to pack it, you won’t have to go searching for one late at night just as you’re getting ready to sleep. The same is true of other oft-forgotten toiletries such as combs or brushes.

What items should I prioritise for my trip?

There are many items you really can’t live without when you travel. First up is, of course, your travel documents. Depending on where you live and where you’re going, you will need your passport or simply your country ID card. Forgetting these essential items means you won’t be able to enter the country you’re heading to, so make sure this is top of the list. It’s also a good idea to take copies, either physical or photos on your phone just in case these docs go missing on your trip.

If you have prescription medication, you’re going to need them when you’re out and about travelling. Forgetting medication is a major hassle and won’t be easy to get from a local doctor when travelling. Don’t miss essential days without your medication, by ensuring this is one of the first things you pack.

With everything going digital, we often forget the importance of having some cash. Not all countries are fully digital when it comes to payments, so you may find that having cash is a blessing. Some places won’t take cards, or you may lose your card or be unable to find an ATM. Therefore, being prepared with some cash will help you avoid unforeseen incidents.

What should I not forget to pack?

How can I make sure I don’t forget something important?

If you’re feeling rushed off your feet before a trip, then the best thing to do is write down a list of the important items. Check this list against your destination, adding specific items you’ll need for that exact trip. Before leaving, double-check this list, ensuring you’ve added everything you need to it. Get in the habit of making and checking this list, and you’ll soon find it becomes second nature to remember the travel essentials.

Final thoughts

Travel is a lot of fun until you’ve forgotten something important. With so many things to organize, it’s easy to see why some items get left behind. Don’t leave packing until the last minute, and make a list of the important items to make your trip more relaxing.items get left behind. Don’t leave packing until the last minute, and make a list of the important items to make your trip more relaxing.