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Parking at Antwerp Airport

In the Netherlands, there are several airports, such as Schiphol and Eindhoven Airport. However, it is also very feasible to depart from an airport in Belgium, including Antwerp Airport. If you are traveling from Antwerp Airport, it is important to consider where you will park your car. Antwerp Airport is not as large as other international airports. In 2023, Antwerp Airport welcomed approximately 260,000 travelers, meaning the parking facilities are also smaller compared to larger airports. Although Parkos does not yet compare these parking options, there are still plenty of options available for parking or getting to the airport.

Compare the Best Providers at Antwerp Airport

Antwerp Airport is primarily located in the Deurne district, about five kilometers from the center of Antwerp. Although it is mainly used for cargo transport, there is an increase in charter flights from budget airlines during the summer. As a predominantly cargo airport, Antwerp Airport has only one terminal. The parking facilities at Antwerp Airport are limited, but with 450 parking spaces, there is generally sufficient availability. If you have to wait before your flight departs, there are dining options and WiFi available to make your time more pleasant. Additionally, the airport is well accessible for disabled travelers.

Cheap parking Antwerp Airport

At Parkos, we aim to make your journey as comfortable as possible by inspecting and comparing parking spaces around airports. We provide comprehensive information on all the parking spaces we have analyzed, ensuring you are well-informed before you travel. Our focus is not only on price but also on safety, distance to the airport, and available transport options. This way, we guarantee that you can find the cheapest and best parking spot, which you can easily reserve through our website.

Antwerp Airport offers parking facilities conveniently close to the terminal. Located just fifty meters away, you only need to cross the street to reach the parking area, which is especially convenient if you have limited mobility. The spacious parking spots make parking even easier.

On the Antwerp Airport website, you can easily reserve your parking spot online. The daily parking rate is €16.50. If you frequently use this airport, it is worth checking out the available subscription plans. Whether you are going on a short or long trip, these plans ensure you get the best parking deals.

When you reserve your parking spot online, you provide your car's license plate number. Thanks to advanced license plate recognition, the barrier automatically opens when you arrive. Upon arrival, you have the flexibility to choose any available parking space. When you return, simply drive to the barrier, which will open automatically for you. Parking at Antwerp Airport is very easy and doesn’t have to be expensive. With Parkos, you can compare options at various airports in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Shuttle and Valet Parking at Antwerp Airport

At many airports, both shuttle and valet parking options are offered, especially at large airports. With valet parking, you drive directly to the terminal where an attendant parks your car for you. Shuttle parking, on the other hand, requires you to drive to the designated parking area and then take a complimentary shuttle bus to the terminal.

Shuttle parking

shuttle parking

At Antwerp Airport, you park your car yourself in the parking lot, which is located approximately fifty meters from the terminal. From there, you can easily walk to the terminal. In the city of Antwerp, there are additional parking spaces available from which you can travel to the airport by bus or taxi. Parkos has plans to enable shuttle parking from other parking lots in the future.

Valet parking

valet parking antwerp airport

At Antwerp Airport, valet parking is not offered, but there is a free Kiss & Fly option available. This allows you to easily reach the airport with the help of friends, family, or a taxi. If you want to say goodbye or wait for someone, you can park your car at a discounted rate in the parking lot. This can start from €1.20 per hour, with a maximum of €16.50 per day.

Long term parking at Antwerp Airport

long term parking Antwerpen airport

Whether your journey is short or long, parking at Antwerp Airport is always affordable. For the first 24 days, the daily rate is €16.50, with a maximum of €149.00. For each day from the 25th onwards, an additional fee of €5.00 per day applies. Payment can be made easily with a debit card or credit card. Alternatively, you can also download the Indigo Neo app for payments.

At Parkos, we provide you with some tips for long-term parking at Antwerp Airport:

Comparing different providers directly: It's wise to compare the various parking providers at larger airports. This way, you can easily find the parking spot that best suits your needs. However, comparing parking options in the center of Antwerp and at Antwerp Airport Parking is a different story. Generally, the closer to the airport, the higher the costs, but this also applies to the city center.

Discover your ideal way of parking at the airport: At Antwerp Airport, you have the option to park your car yourself and walk to the terminal. An alternative option is to be dropped off by family, friends, or a taxi. If your loved ones want to see you off, they can park briefly in the parking lot, both before and after dropping you and your luggage off.

Safety comes first: At the parking facilities of Antwerp Airport, you can leave your car safely. Parkos aims to ensure that you can park your vehicle with peace of mind, which is why we prioritize safety. The parking lot at Antwerp Airport is well-lit and equipped with security cameras to ensure the safety of your car. This way, you can start your journey with confidence.

Plan your trip: Before you depart, it's wise to plan your journey carefully. Always check the current traffic situation and avoid roadworks. This way, you can ensure that you will arrive at the airport on time.

Parking rates at Antwerp Airport

Parking provider To park Price per 8 days

*Prices may vary depending on the dates you select, season, and arrival times. Dates here are from Fr. 14.6.2024 to Sa. 22.6.2024.

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