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Parking at Strasbourg Airport

Are you considering flying from Strasbourg Airport and planning to use the parking at the international arrivals or national departures terminal? Parkos has found parking facilities with the best parking amenities for your journey. Comparing parking at Strasbourg Airport is easy with Parkos. You can compare different parking options for each parking facility and make your choice for Strasbourg Airport parking. Booking and paying online makes reserving your parking spot easy. Additionally, the parking facilities are close to Strasbourg Airport, saving you a lot of time, and because they are cheaper, you can save money. At Strasbourg Airport, you can choose to park short-term or long-term. You can check our website to find low-cost parking available on the dates you're traveling.

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Twelve companies operate regular flights from the airport as of mid-2012, with Air France being the largest. Since 2011, the airport has been home to the low-cost airline Volotea.

Several charter flights reserved for European Parliament members take place during European Parliament sessions in Strasbourg: Athens with Aegean Airlines, Bucharest with Tarom, and Frankfurt with Lufthansa. Furthermore, the specific air shuttle service to Brussels was discontinued in 2008, replaced by specially chartered high-speed Thalys trains. Strasbourg-Entzheim faces stiff competition with the presence of Karlsruhe-Baden-Baden and Basel-Mulhouse airports in its catchment area; the latter, with its lighter taxes, is more attractive than the Strasbourg platform.

Cheap parking at Strasbourg Airport

A parking spot near Strasbourg Airport can easily be reserved using Parkos when you're considering the details of your trip. The costs for alternative parking options on the Parkos website are often lower than when you park at Strasbourg Airport itself. Long-term parking at Strasbourg Airport is an option with the parking facilities you can find on our website. Making a reservation with Parkos at Strasbourg Airport means you get good service for a low price. Book online to avoid the stress of arriving at the airport and searching for a parking spot. Parkos is available at several airports in Europe, as well as in Australia and the United States.

Location: The parking facilities are close to Strasbourg Airport. The distance to the airport varies depending on where the parking is located, but it's always short distances, so you don't need to spend much time parking your car and getting to the airport. You'll save money by comparing parking at one of our site's parking lots with parking in the designated airport lots. With Parkos, you can save a lot of money on your parking spot by comparing your parking options near Strasbourg Airport.

Quality: A low price doesn't always mean poor service. You can experience this for yourself at the parking lots we compare. Providing quality and ensuring customer satisfaction is important for the parking facilities. The parking facilities don't offer unnecessary luxury, which means prices are low for Strasbourg Airport parking. Other options are also available at the parking facilities; for example, you can have your car serviced. The price of parking at Strasbourg Airport is always low when you book online with Parkos. Plus, you'll receive excellent service.

Reviews: To learn about our users' experiences, we invite you to check out the multiple reviews left by our customers. This can help you decide which parking facility you want to park your car in. We automatically publish customer reviews at the end of the reservation process. Providers are rated on average 8.4 out of 10. We value feedback from our customers to continuously improve our services.

Shuttle or Valet Parking

Shuttle parking at Strasbourg Airport

shuttle parking

If you opt for long-term parking at Strasbourg Airport, you can choose between shuttle parking and valet parking. Shuttle parking means you drive to the parking location and then take a free shuttle bus to Strasbourg Airport. The shuttle is spacious and transports you and your luggage to the airport, so you don't need to walk far or use public transportation to get to Strasbourg Airport. When making your reservation, please make sure to indicate the time you plan to arrive at the Strasbourg parking lot. The parking facility will take your arrival time into account and ensure a shuttle is ready. Upon your return from your trip, a driver will pick you up at the airport and take you back to your car. From the parking lot, you can continue your journey.

Valet parking Strasbourg Airport

valet parking

Valet parking means you'll need to drive to Strasbourg Airport. You must inform them of your arrival time and the time of your return to the airport. A parking attendant will be waiting for you at the airport upon your arrival. The attendant will recognize your car by its make, model, and license plate number. The car will be driven to the parking lot by the driver. You must ensure to confirm your arrival time by calling the parking facility. The instructions for the Strasbourg parking lot are described in the confirmation email you'll receive once you've completed your reservation. Upon your return to Strasbourg Airport, you'll need to call the parking facility to inform the driver that you've landed. You'll retrieve your car at Strasbourg Airport and can continue your journey from there. This way of parking is quick and easy. Strasbourg Airport offers both short-term and long-term parking options. For any questions regarding valet parking or shuttle service, you can refer to our frequently asked questions.

Long term parking at Strasbourg Airport

Long term parking at Strasbourg Airport

Long-term parking at Strasbourg Airport is not a problem with Parkos. The best deals and parking facilities can be found using Parkos. On our website, you can compare our parking options to make the best choice. Each parking facility near Strasbourg Airport has been personally checked by us. You can be sure that the providers are safe and reliable.

To assist you, we would like to offer some tips for long-term parking at Strasbourg-Entzheim:

Compare Parking at Strasbourg-Entzheim Airport: With Parkos, you are guaranteed to reserve a parking spot at the best price. Parking fees at the Strasbourg-Entzheim Airport terminal parking are always higher than when parking at an alternative lot.

Choose your parking option: Drive your car to the departure hall or take a shuttle from the parking lot. These are the two different types of parking available at Strasbourg Airport. When making your choice, it's important to understand the difference between shuttle parking and valet parking.

If you opt for shuttle parking, you drive to the provider's parking lot and are then shuttled to Strasbourg Airport. On the way back, you are shuttled back to your car. You can choose whether you want outdoor or indoor parking. Shuttle service is the cheapest form of parking at the airport.

If you opt for valet parking, you drive yourself to the airport, where a driver waits to take your car. While the driver parks your car in the lot, you can check in at the front desk. Upon your return to Strasbourg Airport, whether it's the international or national airport, the driver will be ready to return your car to you. It's a faster way to park. Parkos helps you choose between shuttle parking and valet parking by comparing providers.

Security: Security is also important for your car. It would be a shame if something happened to your car during your trip. Parkos has checked the security of all providers. Parking lots available at Strasbourg Airport take various measures to protect your car, such as cameras and fences. When your car is parked in a lot, you can travel without worry. Parking lots are monitored 24/7.

Plan Your Trip: For parking at Strasbourg Airport, we recommend planning your route to the parking lot or airport. We advise keeping an eye on traffic information, as it can be unpredictable and there are sometimes roadworks. You can plan your route using the Parkos route planner.

Parking rates at Strasbourg

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*Prices may vary depending on the dates you select, season, and arrival times. Dates here are from Fr. 14.6.2024 to Sa. 22.6.2024.

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