Valet Parking Rotterdam Airport

Valet Parking Rotterdam Airport simplifies your journey. You go directly to the airport, where the valet is waiting for you. The valet parks your car in the covered parking lot. Valet Parking Rotterdam Airport is located 5 minutes from the airport.



Rotterdam Airportplein 55, 3045 AP, Rotterdam
Rotterdam Airport Parking

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24/7 presence
Guaranteed parking space
Vehicle inspection


Car cleaning
Waiting room
Luggage assistance
× Electrical car charging point


Indoor parking
No maximum height
Parking garage
× Disabled parking space


5m from the terminal
24/7 transfer
<5min from motorway
Location indicated
Valet service

About Valet Parking Rotterdam Airport

Valet Parking Rotterdam Airport has proven its worth for years. In their garage, there is room for up to 500 cars. The maximum height allowed is 2.05 metres. Parking is open from 05:00 to 23:00 or until the last customer arrives.

Valet service
You do not have to drive to the car park, but simply to Rotterdam Airport in The Hague. You drive to the Fletcher Hotel just outside the airport. Here, a driver is waiting for you to park your car in the parking lot. In the meantime, you can check in for your flight. You will have to give the car keys for valet parking. On the way back, you can pick up your car at the Fletcher Hotel.

Your car will be parked in a closed and covered area. This parking garage is secured with video cameras. Your car keys are stored in a safe.

When transferring your car, fill out a form with the driver. On this form, the mileage and possible damage are indicated. The drivers of Valet Parking Rotterdam Airport are insured.

The car park is covered and the maximum height of the car park is 2.5 metres. The drivers are always ready to help you with your luggage. In addition, you can recharge your electric car and there is the possibility of having your car cleaned. 

Valet service

Rotterdam Airport The Hague is ideally located at Rotterdam Airportplein 60, outside the centre of Rotterdam, so you can avoid most traffic. The airport is well indicated along the roads. Your Gps will sail you directly to the Rotterdam departure hall. To make it even easier for you, you can use ourcalculateur d’itinéraire.

On the day of your departure, take your car to Rotterdam airport. 15 minutes before arrival, call Valet Parking Rotterdam Airport. This way, the driver will have time to arrive at the airport.

The driver will be waiting for you in front of the Fletcher Hotel. The driver will recognize you by your registration number and approach you. The driver wears a jacket with "Valet Parking". He will then take care of your car, after which you can check in. Valet Parking Rotterdam Airport uses two parking areas, one of which is the garage of the Fletcher Hotel. The other site is a few minutes by car from the airport. There are no more than 10 kilometres to transport the car to and from the garage.

On return, the process is carried out in the reverse order. You will contact Valet Parking Rotterdam Airport again after landing. They will then send a driver with your car to the Fletcher hotel. If your flight is delayed and you arrive after 11pm, the car will still be transported to the airport.

The valet is waiting for you at the Fletcher hotel. If you can't find it, you can always call it.

If you ever have to change the return flight unexpectedly for one or more days during the trip, you should contact Valet Parking Rotterdam Airport to report it. With longer parking times, additional costs may be added. You can pay for this on site after your trip.


Rotterdam Airportplein 55, 3045 AP, Rotterdam