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Reviews Valencia airport parking

You go out and look for and capture the best parking at Valencia airport? A car is one of the most important belongings for a person, at Parkos we know this well, and that's why we only partner with the best parking providers. Anyway, there is sure to be some parking lot that is more comfortable for you than others, and that's why it's advisable to read the opinions of other customers. You will have more information to make your decision and it will help you clear up any doubts, so that when you finally make your reservation, it will be with the best possible option.

Reliable reviews

All our customers, once they have parked with us, receive an invitation to leave a comment about their experience. This has two objectives: firstly to help us see if the parking lots are working properly. If a parking lot receives too much negative criticism, Parkos ends the collaboration with that parking lot. The second objective is to help you form a more precise and realistic idea about the parking lot, so that you know exactly what to expect when you park. Only our customers can write on our platform, so we assure you that all opinions are 100% real and independent.

Before you start reading wait a second, we have other tips to give you. The first one is to keep in mind that a negative opinion does not necessarily mean that that particular parking lot is bad. Think that each of the parking lots receives hundreds of reservations a month, and it is possible that in some cases, especially in high season when there is a lot of movement, some mistake is made. Read the complaint carefully and put yourself in their place. In addition, the current comments are more significant than the old ones. If you see a negative opinion from months ago but you don't see a similar complaint in the most recent comments, it is likely that it is because the parking lot has been working to solve the problem. With all this in mind it is more likely that the image you create about a parking lot is closer to the reality you will encounter.