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Traveling and looking for the best parking at Madrid airport? You don't have to tell us how important your car is to you, we understand perfectly, and that's why we are only partners with the best parking providers. The experiences of other customers will help you choose the best parking lot, which gives you extra security while you are travelling.

Reliable reviews

At Parkos we ask all our customers who have already made a reservation with us to write a commentary explaining their experience. We believe that it is important to create a realistic image of each parking lot. If one of the parking lots receives too many negative opinions, Parkos will end the cooperation. Only our customers can write their opinions, so we can assure you that all the comments you read are 100% real and independent.

Nevertheless we advise you that when you read all these opinions you have certain things in mind. For example, never read only one opinion, the more you read, the more objective your opinion will be about a specific parking lot. Think that these parking lots work with many customers every day, and that even the best ones may have some fault at some point. That doesn't mean that they offer a bad service, it simply means that they are human and can sometimes make mistakes. Read the complaint carefully and think about what you would have done in their place or how you would have reacted as a customer. In short, create your own vision of the situation. Finally, don't forget the importance of timing: a recent positive assessment is more significant than a bad review from months ago. It is quite possible that the parking lot staff have been working to improve their service. If you follow these recommendations you will have more possibilities to choose the best option for you.