ParkenFlughafenDüs is a large parking provider, close to the Düsseldorf airport. As ParkenFlughafenDüs is open 24/7, you can park your car there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The parking lot is only on 3 minutes driving distance to the airport.



Kiesheckerweg 120, 40468, Düsseldorf
Düsseldorf Airport Parking

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24/7 presence
Guaranteed parking space
Vehicle inspection


Car cleaning
Electrical car charging point
Waiting room
Luggage assistance


Indoor parking
Parking garage
× No maximum height
× Disabled parking space


5m from the terminal
24/7 transfer
<5min from motorway
Location indicated
× Valet service

About ParkenFlughafenDüs

With their 1200 parking places, you can park your car at ParkenFlughafenDüs anytime. This parking provider has several parking lots and a parking garage. From the Kieshecker Weg, the cars will be divided over several parking lots and garages. Please keep in mind that there is a height limit of 1.90m for the parking garage. The shuttle-service is available day and night.

Shuttle service
You will hand-over your car at the main location of ParkenFlughafenDüs, from which the shuttle-bus will take you to the Düsseldorf airport. You can take your key with you on your trip. Upon your return, the shuttle-bus will pick you up from the airport, and safely drive you back to the Kieshecker Weg.

The parking lots are all well-lit, and there are employees at the spot day and night, to guard the cars. The parking garage is equipped with camera surveillance and an alarm system, to make sure your car is safe.

At the reception of the main location of ParkenFlughafenDüs, there are snacks and beverages to shorten your waiting time. There are child seats available for the transfer. All of the parking lots are paved.The parking provider offers an ATM machine on site for your use.

As this parking provider satisfies all our safety measures for COVID-19, you need not worry about your health. To make sure that points of contacts are minimal, the parking provider would like to ask you to put your luggage in the shuttle bus yourself, and unload it yourself.

How does shuttle-parking work?

ParkenFlughafenDüs can be found under the following address: Kieshecker Weg 120, Düsseldorf. The parking lot can be reached at the exit 31 Flughafen-Düsseldorf on the A44. Our Routenplanner can make it easier for you to find the parking lot. The parking lot is only 1.5 km away from the Düsseldorf airport.

Upon arriving to the parking lot, please park your car in front of the office, to check-in. You can take your key with you on your trip. After you have received your parking ticket, the shuttle-bus is ready for you to take you to the airport. The white or grey shuttle bus can be recognized by the logo of ParkenFlughafenDüs in combination with “” on the side. The transfer to the airport takes approximately three minutes.

After you have landed and claimed your luggage, please contact the Service-Hotline of ParkenFlughafenDüs. Please walk to Departures B10, where the shuttle-bus will be picking you up.

In case you have to shorten or lengthen your trip, please contact ParkenFlughafenDüs directly. If extra costs result from a longer trip, you can pay these costs at the spot.


Kiesheckerweg 120, 40468, Düsseldorf