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Are you looking for a cheap parking space near Eindhoven Airport? Book your place at SchippersStop. You park your car in the secure parking lot and the shuttle will take you to the airport. The washing of your car is included. Your car will be safely parked and you can travel with peace of mind.



Habraken 2601-2605, 5507 TR, Veldhoven
Parking Eindhoven Airport

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About SchippersStop ParkFlyWash

You can see the Eindhoven Airport airstrip from SchippersStop, which will make you want to go on holiday right away. Your car will be safely parked and washed when you return. SchippersStop has several facilities that you can use, such as a sandwich shop, a gas station and of course their car wash.

SchipperSstop's grounds are fully enclosed and there are surveillance cameras. When you arrive, we will record the condition of your car by cameras. You also fill out a form on which you can record any damage.

SchippersStop has a gas station where you can get cheap gas and it has a car wash with a length of 50 meters. If you make a reservation at SchippersStop, a car wash is included. Unfortunately, large cars cannot be washed. Next to the waiting room there is also a sandwich shop at Schippersstop.

Schippersstop is Habraken 2601, but with some systems it is better to fill in the number 2601-2605. The site is located 10 minutes from Eindhoven Airport. The entrance is on the left side. When you arrive you can go to the Service & Stalling. After handing over your keys, you can get on the shuttle. The shuttle makes the trip for each customer individually and takes into account the arrivals and departures of the flights.

On the way back you call SchippersStop after landing, at baggage retrieval. Then we will pick you up at the same place where you were dropped off. When you arrive at the car park, the SchippersStop driver will help you to collect your keys.


Habraken 2601-2605, 5507 TR, Veldhoven