Do you want to park within walking distance of Eindhoven Airport? Euro-Parking is only 2 minutes away from the airport. Euro-Parking is one of the largest car parks in Eindhoven. Park your car here and travel with a safe feeling. The car park is secured with fences and equipped with security cameras./p> Details


Freddy van riemsdijkweg 16, 5657 EA, Eindhoven
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About Euro-Parking

On the day of arrival you drive directly to the Euro-Parking site. The location is indicated by a sign of the car park. After you arrive your car will be checked for any damage to avoid problems afterwards. Then your car will be parked for you by an Euro-Parking employee. This is also the reason why you have to hand over your car keys. Your keys will be kept in a safe. This safe is located in an secured office.

When you have deposited your car and keys, you will receive a certificate of deposit. Keep this in a safe place! This is the proof to get your car back on return. Afterward you can walk tothe airport, which is only a 2-minute walk.

Euro-Parking will make sure that your car is ready upon arrival. You can leave after handing in the deposit slip. This way you can continue your journey as soon as possible.

The terrain of Euro-Parking is secured with fences and the entrance is closed with a barrier. Furthermore there are security cameras available that make sure there is a view on the whole terrain throughout the day.

The parking lot of Euro-Parking is completely paved. There is also a toilet available. If you want to recharge your car this is possible. Euro-Parking has charging stations, for use of these charging stations you need to bring your own charging card and cable. Euro-Parking also offers a laundry service.

If you want to make use of the electric recharging or the laundry service, you can add this extra to your reservation.

The parking lot of Euro-Parking is within 5 minutes of the highway A2. The site is easily recognizable by the white office building on which a blue sign with the logo of Euro-Parking is located. Euro-Parking is within a 2-minute walking distance from Eindhoven Airport.


Freddy van riemsdijkweg 16, 5657 EA, Eindhoven