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Reviews Parking Arlanda

Of course, when you go on a trip, you want to park your car safely. There are so many possibilities: parking service (choice parking), parking with shuttle service, outside, covered, garage etc. But what should you actually choose to park at Arlanda? Other customers' experiences can help you with this decision.

Reliable reviews

Parkos collects reviews and experiences from our customers about all parking companies at Arlanda Airport. Here you can see if a company is credible, if it has a good service through the feedback the company received from previous customers. Customers can always leave always leave a review when they have booked through Parkos, where they can share their experiences, both good and bad. All reviews are completely independent and can only be written by Parko's customers.

It's important that you keep in mind a few things when reading reviews about parking companies. For example, always read several reviews and always rate them. You may come across complaints about the parking company. In that case, read the review carefully and think about why the customer had a bad experience. What would you do in this hot situation? It's also important to look at the date of the review: a good, recently written review says more than a bad one that was written over a year ago.