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Parkos knows that it's hard to go on vacation when you have to entrust your car. That is why our company guarantees you the best and safest services. So you will have no need to worry! Once you have your plane tickets, you have to find a parking space. Our online comparator is there to help you, but it remains a difficult choice when you have so many choices. If you can't make up your mind, we advise you to carefully consult the opinions of our customers. You can get an idea of what to expect by parking your car near Nuremberg airport!

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As far as customer reviews are concerned, you also have nothing to worry about. We publish all the reviews we collect from our consumers. These are real opinions, based on past experiences. No one can publish on our website if they have not made a reservation with Parkos.


Some parking lots have more than one notice, so it is important to sort them, for example by date. A recent review will be more interesting. Indeed, if a negative review was published 1 year ago, you can be sure not to have the same bad experience, because we correct our service as we go along. Taking the point of view of the author of a review can also be interesting. It allows us to better understand and see if we would have been satisfied or not in the customer's place.