Parkhof Hahn is a safe and inexpensive car park within a 12-minute walk from Frankfurt Hahn Airport. Your car is in good hands and safely parked in the car park. So you can start your journey without worries.



Hauptstr. 50, 55483, Lautzenhausen
Frankfurt Hahn Airport Parking

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24u p/d aanwezigheid
Verzekerde parkeerplaats
Voertuig inspectie
× Cameras


Hulp met koffers
× Auto schoonmaak
× Elektrisch oplaadpunt


Geen maximale Doorrijhoogte
Gehandicapten parkeerplek
× Binnen parkeren
× Parkeergarage


24/7 transfer
Locatie aangegeven
× 5min tot de terminal
× <5min gelegen vanaf snelweg
× Valet service

About Parkhof Hahn

This parking provider makes parking near the airport easier and cheaper than ever because you can easily walk to the airport. Your vehicle is safely parked on the gated premises and there is someone on the premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as the owner of the car park lives on the premises.

Your car is safe at Parkhof Hahn. The car park is fenced and there is always someone on the grounds, as the owner of the car park lives on the grounds. Your car keys are safely stored in a safe deposit box during your absence.

During the transfer of your car a check will take place and your car will be checked for external damage. Any existing damage will be noted in order to avoid possible misunderstandings during the transfer on your return journey.

The grounds of Parkhof Hahn are asphalted. There is a waiting room and a toilet on the grounds. So you can relax before your trip. There is also a free starting aid available in case your car does not start when you return.

Parkhof Hahn offers parking spaces for the disabled. You can also park a minibus or camper van. However, this is only at an additional charge and you must also register in advance.

The parking provider is open from 4:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.

850m walkingdistance

With this offer you have the possibility to easily walk to Frankfurt-Hahn airport, which is only 850 metres away.

When you arrive at Parkhof Hahn, park your vehicle at the arrival area. The car park is open from 4:00 to 1:00. After a brief damage check, hand over your car key. The trained parking team will park the car for you. In this way you can start your holiday in a relaxed manner and make optimum use of the parking spaces by parking efficiently. During the entire parking period, your vehicle will only be moved between the company premises (arrival/departure zone, short- and long-term parking) and the key will be safely stored in a locker. You can walk to the airport in peace and quiet while staff are parking your car.

After your return flight and receipt of your luggage, you simply return to the park grounds, where you can start your return journey immediately.


Hauptstr. 50, 55483, Lautzenhausen