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Traveling and looking for the best parking at Faro airport? We know how important your car is to you, and that's why Parkos is only a partner of the most trusted suppliers. The experiences of other users can help you choose the best parking lot, which will provide you with priceless security and peace of mind while you travel.

Reliable reviews

At Parkos we ask all our customers to share their experience and leave a comment on our website. The aim is to create an image of each parking lot that fits the reality. In the event that a parking provider receives too many negative ratings, Parkos will terminate the cooperation with that provider. Only our customers can write comments, so you can be sure that these opinions are true and independent.

However we would like you to take into account some things when you read the comments. For example, never read just one comment, to form a realistic opinion it is good to read more than one experience. Anyone, even the best, may receive a negative opinion at some point. These parking lots receive many customers throughout the day, and there is a possibility of making a mistake in some cases. Assess the complaint and imagine how you would have reacted in that case. Don't forget to pay attention to the date when the comment was written, as a good recent score is more important than a bad experience 12 months ago. When all these issues are taken into account it is possible to get a more realistic idea about the quality of the parking lots.