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Are you like us and don't want to miss the best parking near Murcia airport? In Parkos we are people like you, with the same concerns and the same love for our car. That's why we make sure we only work with the best parking lots, because we all want the best quality, and at the same time, the option that best suits us. We all have different budgets and different values, and at Parkos you will find options for all tastes. However, to help you a little in the process of choosing a parking lot, we offer you our comments page. This way you can read other people's opinions and have all the information before you decide.

Reliable reviews

We always send an invitation to leave your assessment to all our customers. You will also receive it when you have parked and will be able to comment on your experience and help future customers who, like you, need to be wired. But not only that, your opinions also help us to determine which parking lots are working correctly and which are not. If we detect a problem with a parking partner, we can talk to them, and ultimately end the collaboration if there is no way to reach a solution. This is why it is so important that you give your opinion about the parking lots you have parked in, and that is why you can be sure that all the assessments you read are completely real and independent.

Just let us give you one last piece of advice: when you read the opinions of others, do it with perspective. What do we mean by this? That, for example, a negative opinion from 12 months ago may be less significant than one made last week. The reason is that the parking lot has probably already implemented measures to solve this problem some time ago. Another aspect to take into account is that during the high season parking lots receive hundreds of vehicles, so it is possible that some incidence may occur. Although they always try to provide the best service, sometimes the circumstances are beyond our control. We are not saying that you don't take criticism into account, simply that you don't sentence a parking lot just because of a bad opinion. If you follow these recommendations, we are sure that you will have a good perspective and will choose the best option.