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Reviews Mallorca Airport Parking

Are you one of those who, like us, want to find the best parking near the airport of Mallorca? That's why we are very clear about what you expect from an airport parking service, and we work hard not to let you down. We only work with the best parking lots, those that offer the best options, the best service, the best price and the best customer service. Everyone is different, with different opinions and standards, but at Parkos we have options for everyone. And as we know that it is not always easy to see which is the best option for you, we have created a section with comments from other customers who have already parked with us. This way you will have all the information you need and real experiences to make your decision.

Reliable reviews

Every time one of our customers parks at the airport we send him an email asking him to write his opinion on our website. When you return from your trip we will also send one to you. It's a good way to let us and future customers know how the service has been, if you recommend it fully or if there are any aspects to be improved. All opinions are very important to us. The positive ones indicate that we are doing a good job, and the negative ones help us to improve more and more. They also help us to see which parking partners offer better service. Never think that your opinion is not important, because it can make a difference. For example, if we receive a lot of negative comments about a particular parking lot, it could be the case that the partnership with that parking lot is terminated. For all that, you can be completely sure that all the opinions and comments you see are 100% real, made only by other customers and totally independent.

One last piece of advice: don't be impulsive when reading the comments and keep in mind some issues. For example, a negative opinion from a year ago is less relevant than a positive one made a week ago. It means that the parking lot has been working to improve its failures. Another important aspect is to try to be objective, put yourself in the customer's situation and determine if it really is a justified complaint. Sometimes incidents occur that are unavoidable, such as an accident or a strike that blocks access to the airport and causes delays in transfers. You don't get a negative opinion just because of a bad opinion. Think that during the high season the parking lots receive hundreds of cars, and even if you try to give an excellent service, at the end of the day we are all human and some mistake can happen. Both the parking lot and Parkos will try to help you whenever something happens. If you follow these recommendations you will be able to choose the parking lot that best suits you and you will have realistic expectations about each option.