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Parking rates at Paris-Orly Aiport

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Parking rates at Paris-Orly Aiport

Orly airport is the second Paris airport (after Charles de Gaulle Airport) and is located 13km south of the city. This airport has 4 terminals, serving both domestic and international destinations. It is the secondary hub for Air France and the main hub for Transavia France.

Orly airport is easily reached by car, with many passengers choosing to drive to this airport themselves. As such, demand for parking is high, meaning pre-booking your parking spot prior your trip is a smart move.

Types of parking

Parkos works with 40 different parking providers at Orly airport. This ensures that you will find the right type of parking for you. In essence, parking can be categorized into two different types: shuttle and valet. Read more to learn more about the pros and cons of each parking type and the different parking rates.

Shuttle parking

Orly airport has multiple shuttle parking options. Here, you drive your car to the pro-booked car park, complete the necessary paperwork and transfer your luggage to the shuttle bus. The departure frequency of shuttles depend on the parking provider, but usually you’ll not be waiting more than 10-15 minutes.

Shuttle rates

One of the best shuttle parking deals is at Parking Orly Tarif, where you can park for just €59.00 for 8 days (outside parking). With more than 1,000 parking spaces, this very large car park provides excellent service for a very attractive price. Located only ten minutes shuttle ride from the airport means that you will quickly be at your terminal building.

If you preferred covered parking, then consider Park Voyage for €75.00 for 8 days. This car park is only located 7 minutes shuttle from the airport and is a good option especially in the cold winter months or the heat of summer.

Shuttle cost saving tips

Remember to factor in other costs such as if you arrive to pick up or drop off your car out of hours (for example between 9pm-7am for Parking Orly Tarif) that there will be a €10.00 supplementary charge.

Another cost saving tip is if you have more than 5 passengers, to drop them off at the terminal before proceeding to the car park. This is because many car park providers will charge an additional €5.00 per passenger (after the first 4 passengers) for the shuttle bus.

Valet Parking

Nothing quite beats the convenience of driving directly to the airport terminal building and handing your keys over to someone else to park your car for you. This is especially true if you have children, elderly passengers, or more suitcases than you care to think about.

Once you meet the valet staff member at the designated spot outside the terminal, complete the booking paperwork and unload your cases. You can rest assured that the experienced staff will take good care of your car whilst you’re away. Your car will be parked in a secure car park, complete with video surveillance.

Valet rates

You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that valet rates start at just €99.00 for 8 days at Sudpark. Simply call 20 minutes before your arrival at the terminal for the staff members to meet you. This car park is great value of money. However, it does not allow vehicles higher than 180cm high, which means that some utility vehicles cannot be parked here.

Another popular valet parking provide is Your Valet Brothers. Offering great service for just €110.00 for 8 days for parking in a covered car park, this parking is extremely convenient and affordable.

As with shuttle parking, please remember that additional charges may apply of you are parking late at night or very early morning. Public holidays may also charge extra supplements as well.

Which parking should I choose?

Which parking should I choose?

At the end of their day, the type of parking that you decide depends on the different criteria that are important to you. If you’re lucky enough to go away to beautiful Seville for a long trip, you may find better deals with shuttle parking, which will be easier on your wallet. But if comfort and convenience are your priorities, then valet parking is most definitely for you.

Whatever you decide, remember that the most important thing is to book before you go. Save yourself the stress and additional expense of finding last-minute parking and check out Parkos rates before you fly.

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