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How to recognize your valet driver

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How to recognize your valet driver

When it’s time to go on holiday, one of the big things to consider is getting to and from the airport. For many of us, this means driving a car and actually leaving it there. While airport parking can be expensive, it can also be extremely convenient, especially when you’re tired on the way back from a trip.
With that in mind, one of the options available at a number of airports, is valet parking. And this gives you even more ease of travel. But what is it? Is it worth it? And how do you find your driver? All this and more is covered below.

What is valet parking?

With most airport parking, be it in Berlin Brandenburg or Lille, you are required to follow the directions and find your own parking spot. Not only that, on the way home, you’re going to need to wait for an airport shuttle to your parking spot, or simply just walk. Both can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially when you just want to get home.

Valet parking is different. Here you get to drop your car off at a designated drop off point very close to the departure terminal. The car is delivered right to your valet driver who will then take it and park it in cheaper car parking farther from the airport.

On your return, as you step out of Arrivals, your valet driver will be there to meet you. Your car will be right there, so you can simply jump in and drive away. With valet parking, there is no wait time, you’re ready to go immediately.

Finding your valet driver

Now, airports can be chaotic which can mean you might have issues finding your valet driver. Well, with us at Parkos, that’s not going to be an issue at all. When you book valet parking through us, we make sure that all of our services are top-notch and easy to use.

First, you’re going to drive to the departure terminal. The area you can park in is not large, plus we make sure that you get an email with detailed instructions on where to drive your car to meet the valet driver. Once you get to the right spot, the driver will be there waiting for you.

You will be able to identify them by their uniform and ID, which will match the valet service provider. Additionally, they will have the details of your booking including the registration details of your car. Once you’ve found, and confirmed the driver, you can hand over the keys and quickly check over the car, and it’s condition together. Then off you go for your flight.

The process is slightly different on your return. Once you have landed, simply call the valet parking provider to let them know you’re back. The company will get one of their drivers to collect your car and drive it to the arrivals terminal ready for you. Once again, they will be dressed in the correct uniform, so you can ID them. On top of that, they will be near your car. Rather than waiting inside the terminal for you, they will be with your car in the designated spot. You will be provided clear instructions on where to go so that you can all meet in the right place. After you check your car, it’s time to head home.

Using valet parking

If you need a hassle free option, then valet parking is for you. At Parkos, all valet parking in the different airports contain clear details regarding where the car is parked i.e. under a roof or out in the open.

All information regarding the care and whereabouts of your car is provided in the booking email sent to you. This way you can ensure you’re in the right place and don’t miss your valet driver.

Additionally, it’s always important to keep the valet parking provider updated on your travels. Especially if you’re going to be late, make sure you let the provider know in advance. This saves time for everyone and ensures all valet drivers are where they should be, making it easier for everyone to find each other.

How to recognize your valet driver

At the end of the day, valet parking is a simple, easy option especially if you have a lot of luggage or are travelling as a family or large group. Keeping the provider informed is key, as is keeping the details of your booking handy. Doing so will help you to easily find your valet driver both departing and arriving.