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Get Your Holiday Off To A Well Rested Start

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Get Your Holiday Off To A Well Rested Start

Are you getting ready to pack your bags and head off on your well deserved holiday? Have you got a to-do list longer than your arm of all the things you have to finish before your break? This probably sounds more than familiar. Starting your holiday at a hotel near the airport where you can park your car for the duration of your trip is a great way to be well rested before departure. Read on for more on exactly why we love park, sleep and fly.

No last minute rush

If you have a morning flight, the trip to the airport can be a real test of nerves. The need to factor in traffic jam time and finding a parking space at the airport (especially if you never pre-booked your airport parking) can be quite the stressors.

And let’s not forget the people who live extremely far from the airport. In some cases, people may have to drive more than a few hours or even perhaps much longer. So imagine a six-hour drive to the airport, parking, check-in and then a 12 hour long-haul flight? You’d most likely arrive at your destination completely exhausted.

Cost savings

Some people may think that parking at airport hotels is free, this is not the case. However, there are some very interesting park, sleep and fly packages where the cost of the daily parking rate can be nicely discounted. As such, the cost of parking at the hotel can be very competitive compared to other airport parking options.

In addition, depending on how far away from the airport you live, a hotel night using a park, sleep and fly package may be cheaper than getting a taxi to the airport. It most probably will be more convenient than having to rely on public transport as well.

Quick and easy transfers to the airport

The beauty about purchasing a park, sleep and fly package is that you have transfers included in the package. The hotel will know what time that you have to be at the airport and will be able to advise you on shuttle times. Plus, you can wait in the hotel lobby instead of outside, which is usually far more comfortable. We wouldn’t mind a delay if we were at Venice airport!

More often than not, if you are travelling with a massive amount of luggage, the hotel staff can at least assist you for the shuttle. This is obviously far more preferential than instead of you breaking out in a sweat hauling it all by yourself.

A place to chill in case of delays

You can almost hear the collective sighs of disappointment when you check the departure board at the airport terminal and see a lengthy delay to your flight. In the worst cases, this can mean waiting around for a modicum of information all the while being tired and increasingly irritable.

Even though no one likes a flight delay, many airport hotels have flight information available and can even notify people if their flight is delayed. This little luxury means that you can stay in the comfort of your room or at least in the hotel until your flight is ready to depart.

Indulge in some plane spotting

You may not want to admit it, but spending time near an airport and watching planes take-off and land can be quite an exhilarating experience. This is especially true if you watch the super jumbos land in high cross-winds (although it can’t be pleasant for the passengers!) Windy Schiphol airport is a good place to start.

Indulge in some plane spotting.

Many airport hotels offer rooms with views of the runway or rooms where you can see planes on their final approach to the airport. This activity is a fantastic way to unwind and get excited about your upcoming travel plans. If you are travelling with your children, this is a guaranteed fun activity.

Overall convenience

If you hadn’t previously considered using a park, sleep and fly package, next time you have a trip planned, give it a go. Many people often swear by the convenience of this package and that it provides a positive start to a trip. After all, no one wants to be completely worn out just by the trip to the airport!