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Cheapest Parking at Munich Airport

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Cheapest Parking at Munich Airport

With approximately 3 million tourists flocking to Munich in 2021, it remains one of Germany’s most popular tourist destinations. When it comes to airports like Munich Airport, travelers can take advantage of the services provided by Parkos. This reputable company specializes in offering comparisons between different car parks at various European airports, including Munich. To help you find the most affordable parking spaces in Munich, keep reading!

Shuttle and Valet Parking

Shuttle parking involves driving your car to the designated parking lot, from where a shuttle service transports you to the terminal free of charge. Upon your return, a shuttle will pick you up and take you back to your vehicle.

For those who prioritize convenience, valet parking is an excellent choice. With this service, you simply drive your car to the terminal, and a valet will park it for you. When you return, the valet will bring your car directly to you. It couldn’t be easier!

Here are some car parks in Munich that offer shuttle and valet parking:

  1. ParkService Hay
  2. 0049 — Richtig Parken
  3. Park Drive Fly
  4. Parkservice APM
  5. Parkservice-Unertl
  6. CVK 55 Parkservice
  7. ParkAdler

Rates for shuttle and valet parking start at €30 and can go up to €60 per day. It’s recommended to pre-book your parking spot online for added convenience during your travels.

Hotel Parking

Similar to shuttle parking, hotel parking allows you to park your car directly at the hotel’s designated parking area. The hotel provides a shuttle service that transports you to and from the terminal.

Park & Ride

Park and Ride facilities, also known as P+R, offer an economical solution for travelers, as they tend to be cheaper than other parking options.

At Munich Airport, two designated P+R car parks, namely P6 and P8, are located near the terminal. Rates start at €10, and there are both short-term and long-term options available, depending on the duration of your itinerary.

Additionally, there are other P+R locations in the city, situated near public transportation. This allows you to park your car and conveniently reach your destination by train or bus. Rates at these locations usually range from €1 to €1.50 per day, but most P+R facilities have a maximum stay limit of 24 hours.

If you require parking for longer than 24 hours, consider the P+R facilities in Fröttmaning, Daglfing, Grafing Bahnhof, and Messestadt-Ost.

Flughafen München

Tips for Finding Cheap Parking in Munich

Planning ahead is a great way to secure cheaper parking spaces. Take advantage of pre-booking services available to you, as this allows you to reserve your spot in advance. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also experience less hassle during your trip.

Booking parking for longer periods generally offers more cost savings compared to daily or short-term options. Be sure to check regularly for special promotions and offers, especially during specific times of the year. There are websites dedicated to helping travelers find affordable parking spaces, so it’s worth exploring those resources.

In conclusion, conducting thorough research before booking the right parking space for your needs is essential.

For more information about parking options available at Munich Airport, please visit the following website: