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Busy Traveling Times of the Year

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Busy Traveling Times of the Year

Traveling by air can be a wonderful experience. However, if you travel frequently, you’ll often find yourself in some of the worst traffic and waiting lines for a long time. We can certainly avoid such frustrations if we only plan a little ahead and know what times of the year are busiest. Thus, you can avoid crowds and make it through security without a problem. This article will answer your question what is the busiest travel day of the year, so you can plan ahead. In addition, this article will tell you about some of the busiest days to fly.

Additionally, we’ll give some tips on how to avoid problems during such times. Keep reading to know more about it.

The Busiest Days to Travel Around

According to Eurocontrol, the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation, the busiest days for air travel in Europe are during the summer holiday period, especially in August. This is when many people take advantage of the school break and warmer weather to travel. The second-busiest period is during the Christmas holidays, followed by the Easter holidays.

During these periods, airports can be overcrowded, and parking can be challenging to find. It is advisable to book your parking ahead of the holidays with services such as Parkos.

How to choose less busy and cheaper days for traveling?

To avoid the crowds and potentially save money, it is best to travel during off-peak periods. Traveling mid-week or early in the morning can also help you avoid long lines and traffic. According to airline data from a travel search engine, travelers can save an average of 15% by leaving on the first half of the week. The average cost of a ticket is 15% less on Mondays before Christmas than on Wednesdays.

Additionally, you can consider joining programs such as TSA PreCheck or Global Entry to expedite the security screening process. These programs can be especially useful during holidays, when airports are busier than usual.


Knowing the busiest travel days in Europe can help you avoid frustration and long waiting lines. During peak periods, it is advisable to plan ahead, book your parking in advance, and arrive early at the airport. Traveling off-peak can also help you avoid crowds and save money. By following these tips, you can make your air travel experience a more enjoyable one.

You can book your parking in advance with on the busiest travel days. Parkos offers offsite shuttle parking, valet parking, and hotel parking services at the busiest airports in Europe, such as Düsseldorf Airport, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, and Milan Malpensa Airport. This way, you can secure your parking spot and avoid any last-minute hassle during the peak travel season.