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Directions to the Schiphol Airport

On this page you can plan your trip to the Schiphol Airport. Here you will also find useful tips for travelling by car through The Netherlands.

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Schiphol Airport
Vertrekpassage The Netherlands
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  • Traffic information


    Traffic Information:

    Schiphol Airport is rather accessible through public transportation, including train, bus and taxi. However, driving to the airport by car is usually a more convenient option which allows you to work around any potential hindrances which might occur while commuting through public transportation. Be sure to book Schiphol Airport Parking via Parkos to view the lowest prices.

    Curious what your parking options are? You can compare different providers on our website and choose the parking area that best suits your needs. All parking providers near Schiphol Airport are located close to the airport, and some offer a Valet Service so that you may deliver your car to the employees of the parking lot near the airport itself. Shuttle transfers are available for those who prefer to self-park their car.

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    Under normal weather and traffic conditions, you can expect the following travel times:

    Groningen -> Schiphol Airport (AMS) 194 kilometers / 1:58 hours
    Leeuwarden -> Schiphol Airport (AMS) 149 kilometers / 1:36 hours
    Maastricht -> Schiphol Airport (AMS) 218 kilometers / 2:18 hours
    Utrecht -> Schiphol Airport (AMS) 50 kilometers / 0:48 hours

    On the road information:

    Be sure to check your car’s tire pressure, oir level, coolant and vehicle lights prior to leaving for the airport to avert any problems along the way. It is also advisable to check the tire pressure of your spare tire in case you plan to bring one along.

    Being well prepared and ensuring that you’ve checked your vehicle will see to it that you are able to arrive on time without running into any issues during your travels. Be sure to check the travel conditions and construction updates, to get an idea of how much time you’ll require.

    Maximum Speed

    Please be advised that speed limits may change depending on which areas you’re traveling through. As such, we recommend that you read the most common speed limits below:

    • Highway: 100 to 130 kph
    • Provincial Roads: 80 kph
    • City Limits: 30 to 50 kph
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