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The top destinations for 2024

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The top destinations for 2024

Haven’t planned your big trip for 2024 yet? Here are our top picks for your next holiday.

In 2024, there are several top destinations for your next travel adventure. Perhaps you are looking at a European trip to Nice, Venice, or Vienna? Or maybe even further afield to Australia? What’s guaranteed is that the world is at your fingertips, so the limits as to where you go is solely up to you.

What has Europe got to offer travellers in 2024?

Europe is the most diverse continent you can possibly find. Road trips across Europe will produce an ever-changing set of views, cultures, languages, wine and beer, cuisine, and famous landmarks.

Paris has held a high position as a prominent destination for rather a long time. The list of places to visit includes the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, the Sacré-Coeur, the Louvre, Montmartre, Palace of Versailles, and Notre Dame to name but a few. If flying into Paris Beauvais airport, you can explore the rest of France cheaply too on the excellent train network or using internal flights.

Venice is another destination you simply must visit at some point with the convenient Venice Airport as an arrival point. While the summer crowds are notorious and the canals sometimes do have a bit of a strong smell to them, it’s a glorious city. It’s probably best to have a map of some sort, even if on your phone, as the streets make very little sense. However, they’re tiny, diverse, and each one seemingly ends in another bridge over the vast network of interlinked canals. The architecture is outstanding, the cuisine exquisite, and the Venetian glass is viewable everywhere. While the gondolas are expensive, it’s well worth paying the fee to have a tour around the city from the water. You’ll hopefully get a glimpse of the Bridge of Sighs too, and the Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Palace).

Finally, consider Salzburg as one of your 2024 locations to visit. It’s located a short distance from the Austrian Alps. It borders Germany too. The architecture is a mix between baroque and medieval, with a new city on one side of the river and an old city on the other. As the birthplace of Mozart, music is intertwined with the culture in this city. It’s also where the Sound of Music was filmed, since the von Trapp family home was located not far from the city in Aigen. So if you love music, Salzburg may just be where you should head.

The top destinations for 2024

Is Australia still a hotspot for travel?

Australia continues to be a top destination for travellers seeking sun, sand, sea, and adventure. The land ‘Down Under’ has it all on offer for those seeking thrills or relaxed holidays.

In Queensland, you can dive the Great Barrier Reef, visit Fraser Island (famous for its dingo population), or explore the Whitsundays on a boat for days at a time. Or if that’s not for you, take a look at Brisbane or Cairns for a city destination. You can explore coffee shops and the cityscape to your heart’s content. And, if you decide you want to hop on a plane and head elsewhere in the vast country, both Cairns and Brisbane have major airports.

While the summer months are hot, and we mean hot, it’s also possible to head away from the tropical climate of Queensland to spots further down the coast. Sydney continues to offer a bustling cosmopolitan vibe, mixed with stunning beaches like Bondi, Coogee and Manly. Plus, there’s a delightful walk between Coogee and Bondi that takes in some incredible bays and views from the cliffside path. And, whichever way you go, there are fish and chips to reward your walking prowess, plus a huge choice of bars if you fancy a tipple. If you like the ocean, you can attempt surfing or kayaking at many locations in Sydney too. As if these options won’t keep you busy, no visit is complete without climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, or enjoying a tour of the Sydney Opera House at Circular Quay. Plenty to keep you occupied.

For a European feel, Melbourne is undoubtedly the Australian city for you. Sport is a huge part of Australian life, and Melbourne represents one of the primary sporting destinations in the world. Bringing you the best of tennis Australian Open, the Australian Grand Prix, cricket from the MCG, and multiple rugby clubs to boot, you’ll find something to attend while you visit. There’s also a thriving restaurant scene, excellent shopping, the set of Neighbours, and even an old gaol that really is a fun experience for all. If you rent a car, you can also head out down the Great Ocean Road to Adelaide, or visit Phillip Island to see the penguins. Yes, Australia can not only offer you penguins, it also has some ski fields.