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Parking at Geneva Airport During the Summer Vacations

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Parking at Geneva Airport During the Summer Vacations

Geneva Airport is very unusual because it sits between two countries. The northern boundary of the airport runs along the Swiss-French border. Therefore, the airport has both Swiss and French sides. On one side there is the Swiss town of Grand-Saconnex and on the other is the French town of Meyrin. Both countries can access the airport.

During the summer months of July and August, more than three million people pass through Geneva Airport. So, demand is high for parking. The airport has over 5,000 parking spaces and passengers have a vast choice of parking options.

Parkos has a full range of parking options at Geneva Airport for you to choose from. We work with both airport and private parking providers to give you the best range of options at the best prices. Our site has long-stay, short-stay, mid-stay, valet parking, shuttle parking and hotel parking. At Parkos, we also have parking at many airports worldwide. For example, we have a range of parking at Basel and Turin Airport

Types of parking at Geneva Airport

Parking at Geneva Airport During the Summer Vacations

There are six official parking sites at the airport, P1, P26, P51, P20, P2, P1-MV. The long-stay car parks are P1, P26 and P51. Instead, P20 is in the French sector and therefore only accessible from France. While P2 is the short-stay car park, P1-MV is dedicated to two-wheeler vehicles.

Parkos not only gives you access to these car parks, but we also have a vast selection of private car park providers. Although several providers offer parking lots away from the airport site, shuttles are provided to get to and from the airport.

Things to consider when booking parking

When you’re going on a long-awaited summer vacation, you need to plan some details carefully. One of those details is how to get to the airport. Travelling to the airport can be costly and time-consuming. So many people decide to take their car. Let’s take a look at the key factors to consider if you’re leaving your car at the airport.

Different parking options

Parkos offers cost-effective parking for both long and short stays. The P1, P26 and P51 car parks at Geneva Airport are long-stay car parks. They offer covered parking and are good options if you plan to leave your vehicle for more than 24 hours. There are also private parking providers who have long-stay spaces. These providers can be cheaper than airport parking, but they are further away from the airport.

If you intend to leave your car for a few hours, the P2 car park is the right choice. If you need a short-stay space with a private provider, search our website to find the right one.

Distance from airport

It’s important to choose a car park that’s the right distance from the airport for you. If you don’t have much time, choose a parking lot that is closer to the airport terminal. However, if you have more time, then you can choose a car park that’s further away with a shuttle service.

Safety and security

If you’re leaving your car for a period of time, you really need to know that it’s in a safe place. At Parkos, we vet all of our car parks to make sure that they are well maintained, have CCTV, are fenced off, are well-lit and have security staff. That way you can feel confident that your car will be safe and secure at a Parkos car park.

Valet parking

This can be a great option if you want the convenience of dropping your car at the airport terminal. Parkos can arrange for a valet driver to meet you at a designated point at the airport. The trusted driver will then take your car and park it for you. Upon your return, the driver will hand your car over, and you can continue your journey.

Hotel parking

If you have an early flight, you could consider hotel parking. This allows you to park your car in the hotel car park and leave it there for the duration of your trip. While shuttle buses run frequently, the hotel will ensure you arrive at the terminal on time if there is no shuttle.

Why book in advance?

Booking your parking in advance with Parkos has many advantages. For starters, it can be a lot cheaper to book in advance. Another advantage is that you can plan your journey ahead of time and use a route planner to avoid road delays or other inconveniences. This will also help you find where the car park is. So the next time you’re planning your summer vacation, go to our site and see if Parkos can find the best parking solution for you.