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Kiss and Ride Dusseldorf Airport

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Kiss and Ride Dusseldorf Airport

With a huge number of passengers passing through Dusseldorf Airport every year, trying to find a parking space can be a daunting and expensive experience. Düsseldorf Airport is one of the busiest airports in Germany, and the high number of travellers translates to a higher demand for parking spaces, especially during peak travel times.

The availability of parking spaces at airports is often limited by the physical space available. While airports usually provide various parking options, including short-term and long-term parking, the number of spaces may not be sufficient to accommodate all the vehicles. In addition to parking, the availability of drop-off and pick-up zones near the terminal can also be limited. This can lead to congestion as vehicles queue up to drop off or pick up passengers, further complicating the parking situation.

How does it work?

While many travellers prefer to find parking on a first-come, first-served basis rather than book in advance, this can leave late arrivals struggling to find somewhere to park. That is why many people are turning to Kiss and Ride solutions at Dusseldorf Airport. Let’s have a look at how it works.

Düsseldorf Airport provides specific drop-off and pick-up zones near the terminals. These zones are designed for immediate loading or unloading of passengers and their luggage. That means that drivers typically have time restrictions to prevent vehicles from parking or waiting for extended periods. In fact, drivers have two minutes to pass through the arrival area.

Pick-up service

Each terminal at Düsseldorf Airport has dedicated drop-off zones located close to the entrance. Here is a convenient map of the airport and its services. These zones are marked with signs or road markings indicating their purpose. Drivers can pull up to these zones and allow passengers to exit directly at the arrivals terminal entrance. The maximum time for passing through this area is two minutes. When entering this area, your car number plate is registered. If you do not exceed the maximum time, the barriers will automatically open. However, if you go over this time frame, you will be charged €5.00.

Departure drop-off service

Similarly, there are pick-up zones near the terminals where drivers can drop off passengers. These areas are close to the terminal exits, allowing for convenient passenger drop-offs. Waiting times are limited in these zones to maintain a smooth flow of traffic. However, you can stay for up to seven minutes free of charge with a maximum stopping time of 30 minutes.

Easy access to the terminal

Düsseldorf Airport provides well-marked pathways or pavements connecting the drop-off/pick-up zones to the terminal entrances. These pathways include ramps or elevators for passengers with reduced mobility or those with luggage. Additionally, amenities like luggage carts or trolleys are available for passenger convenience.

Alternative parking solutions

Drivers can also use the short-term parking lots P11 and P12. These parking areas are behind the drive-through area of the departure level. Alternatively, you can use car parks P1, P2, and P3. These are affordable options for short stays. For example, P3 offers a 90-minute stay for €5.00.

However, if you need to park for a longer period, that’s where Parkos comes in. Parkos is a multi-country airport parking comparison platform where you can compare and book airport parking from both independent and airport-owned parking spaces. While some people may opt for pick-up or drop-off services, you may prefer to take your car to the airport.

Parkos offers you an array of parking services to suit your needs and budget. When you log onto the website, you can choose from three types of parking solutions — shuttle, valet and hotel parking.

An array of affordable options

Shuttle parking is the most affordable solution. Just log onto the Parkos website, select your dates and times and choose from our vast selection of parking providers. It couldn’t be easier. Once you arrive at the airport parking lot, drive to your designated parking space. You can then use the free shuttle service to take you to the airport terminal.

For a more exclusive service, opt for our valet parking services. Simply arrive at the airport terminal where a trusted driver will take your car and park it for you. When you return from your trip, the driver will meet you and hand you back your car. Although this solution is slightly more expensive, it allows you to save time by eliminating the need to search for a parking spot.

An early morning start

Another parking option is hotel parking. This solution allows you to stay overnight in one of our hotel/parking providers. This allows you to rest before an early morning start while knowing that your car is parked on the hotel premises. You can then take the shuttle to the airport terminal. With so many affordable options available at Dusseldorf Airport, the choice is yours. Consult the Parkos website and see which options are available.