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Easy and Affordable Parking Options at Düsseldorf Airport

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Easy and Affordable Parking Options at Düsseldorf Airport

The next vacation is approaching, and if you plan to travel, you’ll likely be flying. Just getting to the airport can be stressful, especially if you’re traveling from a distance, particularly during busy periods. Not only do you need to consider potential traffic jams, but using public transportation to get to the airport can often be problematic. Driving to the airport in your own car is the most comfortable option, but it also requires planning to find and reserve a parking space at the airport. To avoid arriving hours before your departure, it’s best to reserve the cheapest short-term or long-term parking at Düsseldorf Airport in advance. And you can easily and quickly make such a reservation through Parkos.

To make a reservation, you only need to enter your travel details on our website and choose one of our partners with a parking lot for secure parking at Düsseldorf Airport. You can then compare the parking facilities offered by the providers based on parking rates and good reviews. In this blog, we present our top 5 cheapest parking providers, based on data from the first week of August.

Top 5 Cheapest Düsseldorf Airport Parking Providers

At Düsseldorf Airport, we collaborate with more than 30 partners who provide you with the best service and secure parking. Choose between shuttle service or convenient valet parking and start your vacation relaxed.

  1. ParkAirport

Our partner, ParkAirport, is located just 10 minutes from Düsseldorf Airport’s departure hall and is easily accessible via the A52. ParkAirport offers both shuttle transfers and valet parking. Your car is always parked in a well-secured and video-monitored area. The outdoor area and covered parking are monitored 24 hours a day by parking staff. Shuttle buses run every 10 minutes from 4:00 AM to 1:00 AM. If you’re traveling with your family, you can request child seats in the shuttle bus. This highly-rated provider offers a week of Düsseldorf Airport parking with a shuttle bus in the summer for €77.

  1. IPS Parken

IPS Parken is an experienced parking provider that offers both shuttle service and valet parking. Just 8 km from Düsseldorf Airport, the shuttle bus takes you to the airport terminal in 11 minutes. With our route planner, you can easily reach the facility, which is shared with various providers. The area is not only fenced and video-monitored but also secured with a barrier. You can use the laundry service 24 hours a day. Shuttle parking in the outdoor area costs €77 per week in the summer.

  1. ParkAirport Express

Just 1 minute away from Düsseldorf Airport, you can park your car in the parking garage or on the secure outdoor area of ParkAirport Express. Both the airport and the parking provider are in an environmental zone, so an environmental sticker is necessary. The well-lit parking garage is monitored 24 hours a day by staff. The excellent rating is proof of quality and service; the provider even offers free drinks upon arrival. If needed, free child seats are available in the shuttle bus, and there are no extra charges for additional luggage. A week of parking with the shuttle bus included costs €83 in the summer.

  1. Relaxpark

The reception point of Relaxpark is just 2 minutes away from the airport, from where your car will be driven to the reserved parking space. You have access to two secure parking garages and one video-monitored parking garage, each located 12 or 24 km from the reception location. Even if you reserve shuttle parking, you can still take advantage of Relaxpark’s convenient services. In addition, drinks are available, and child seats can be requested on-site free of charge. Our customers rate this provider above average with 9.7/10 points. One week of parking costs €85/week.

  1. Best-Park

Best-Park is located in the immediate vicinity of Düsseldorf Airport. Just 2 minutes from the terminal, you can drop off your car here via shuttle parking or valet service and hand over the car keys. Your car will then be parked by one of the staff members in the secure outdoor area or in a covered parking space. In addition to free child seats for the shuttle bus, there is also Wi-Fi and restroom facilities. The shuttle bus accommodates a maximum of 8 people, which is exceptional. The above-average customer rating of 9.7/10 proves the excellent service of our partner. You can use the parking facility with shuttle service in the summer for €90/week.

Düsseldorf Airport

It’s that easy: affordable parking at Düsseldorf Airport

We regularly check the safety and quality of the services provided by all our partners on our website. If you require additional services, such as car washing or refueling, please contact the selected parking company before making a reservation and parking. Some additional services, such as extra luggage or larger vehicles, may require an extra fee. It’s best to check the detailed information from our partners before making a reservation. Of course, all our partners have the necessary insurance.

And to truly relax on your vacation, you should plan enough time for your journey. Traffic jams, crowded highways at the start of the vacation, or even the weather can affect your travel time. Therefore, search for a parking space with ease and reserve in advance with Parkos. This way, you can enjoy your vacation with peace of mind while saving money at the same time.