P5 Airport Parking Amsterdam

Parking at P5 Airport Parking Amsterdam. They are one of the largest parking providers around Schiphol. You can use their valet or shuttle service. The parking is open day and night and is only 4 minutes from Schiphol.



Veenderveld 10, 2371 TV, Roelofarendsveen
Parking at Schiphol

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About P5 Airport Parking Amsterdam

P5 Airport Parking Amsterdam is part of the Parking Group Holland and has been a major parking provider near Schiphol for many years. They offer parking spaces for up to 600 cars. All cars can be parked at them. Campers, minivans and vans can also be parked at an extra charge of 15 Euro (payable locally). Please note the maximum height of 3.60 meters. You can opt for Valet parking or use the shuttle service. If you park valet you have the choice to park your car outside or covered. You can use P5 Airport Parking Amsterdam day and night.

If you use the shuttle service, you drive to the main location. After the car is parked, a shuttle bus will take you to Schiphol in about 4 minutes. At the end of your flight you will be taken back to the parking lot.

Service de valet
You drive with valet parking to Schiphol, where your car will be picked up by an employee of P5 airport Parking Amsterdam. While you are already checking in, the employee will take your car to the parking lot. You have the choice of having your car parked under cover. The covered parking garage is 6 km from the main location. On your return journey your car will be brought back to Schiphol.

P5 Airport Parking Amsterdam has an uncovered parking lot. The outside area is fenced and illuminated. The parking garage is equipped with camera surveillance. Furthermore, there is always staff present on the site.

If you park valet, check your car with the driver during payment. Together you fill in a form, in which existing damages are noted. The parking provider is insured according to their general terms and conditions.

The outdoor area of P5 Airport Parking Amsterdam paved. The outside area has a toilet and waiting room where you can drink coffee or tea. The driver is always willing to load the luggage in the shuttle bus.

Your car will be brought to the parking lot when you park your car at valet. The driver will be happy to help you with your luggage.


Buiten parkeren
The open car park at P5 Airport Parking Amsterdam is located at Veenderveld 10 in Roelofarendsveen. routeplanner helps you plan your route. The car park is 10 kilometres from Schiphol.

At the entrance of the site is a sign of P5 Airport Parking Amsterdam. Drive into the grounds and continue straight on until you reach the reception desk. After your car has been parked, you will be taken to the airport free of charge by shuttle.

P5 Airport Parking Amsterdam uses two shuttles that bring you to and from the airport. The shuttle takes you directly to the departure hall.

On your return journey you will be picked up by the shuttle bus. When you return to Schiphol Airport, you will be picked up at the arrival hall. The free shuttle runs 24 hours a day. Call approx. 30 minutes before arrival with the shuttle bus.

If it happens that you fly back a day later or earlier, you can report this by telephone. A longer parking stay may incur additional costs. You can pay the additional costs on the spot with cash.

Parking valet

On the day of departure, you will drive your own car to Schiphol Airport. Call P5 Airport Parking Amsterdam 30 minutes before arrival at the airport. Your car will be accepted by the driver of P5 airport Parking Amsterdam for the corner between departure hall 2 and 3.

The driver will recognize your car by its license plate and model and will walk towards you. After the inspection of your car, the driver drives your car to the guarded parking lot. Here is staff 24/7 present and your car is safely parked. The payment of your car takes 15-20 minutes.

When you have arrived at the baggage claim belt, call the parking provider again. Only hand baggage? Then call as soon as you have left the aircraft. You will find your car in the corner between departure hall 2 and 3. While you are walking to the departure hall, the driver will take your car to the pickup location.

In the event that you fly back one or more days later than planned, it is possible that additional parking costs may arise. You can inform the parking provider of this during the trip and pay a cash supplement at the end of your trip.


Veenderveld 10, 2371 TV, Roelofarendsveen