24/7 Parkeren Service Schiphol (sleutels meenemen)

Good parking at Schiphol Airport? That's possible with 24/7 Parking Service Schiphol. They are one of the largest licensed parking providers around Schiphol. You can park both inside and outside and make use of their shuttle service. The car park is open day and night and is located approximately 12 minutes from Schiphol Airport. Details


Middenweg 6, 1432 DE, Aalsmeer
Parking at Schiphol

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Availability 24/7 Parkeren Service Schiphol (sleutels meenemen)

About 24/7 Parkeren Service Schiphol (sleutels meenemen)

24/7 Parking Service Schiphol has been one of the largest parking providers in the vicinity of Schiphol for many years. They offer parking spaces for up to 1000 cars. All passenger cars can be parked at their premises. You can park both inside and outside if you choose the shuttle service.

Shuttle parking
If you use the shuttle service, you drive to the main location on Middenweg. You park your car at the reception desk where you will be instructed to park your car. After the car has been parked, a shuttle bus will take you to Schiphol Airport in 10 minutes. Because you park your car yourself, you can take your keys with you on your journey.At the end of your flight, you will be brought back to the parking lot.

The outside area is fenced and illuminated. The parking lot is equipped with camera surveillance. Furthermore, there is always staff present on the grounds.

The outdoor area of 24/7 Parking Service Schiphol is paved. On the outside area there is a waiting room where you can drink coffee or tea. If you are traveling with children, you can request child seats for the transfer. The driver is always willing to help you load the luggage into the shuttle bus.

Shuttle parking

Outside parking
The car park of 24/7 Parking Service Schiphol is located in Aalsmeer at Middenweg 6. This means you don't have to go on the busy ring road of Amsterdam. Our routeplanner will help you plan your route. The car park is 10 kilometres from Schiphol Airport.

At the entrance of the site there is a sign of 24/7 Parking Service Schiphol. You drive onto the terrain and continue straight ahead until you reach the reception desk. When the gate is closed, you can call an employee via the intercom. Once you have parked your car, you will be taken to the airport free of charge by shuttle. You park your car yourself, so you can take your car keys with you when you travel.

24/7 Parking Service Schiphol uses a shuttle that takes you to and from the airport. The shuttle bus is at the reception desk. The free shuttle service runs to Schiphol Airport approximately every 20 minutes.

On the return journey you will be picked up again by the shuttle bus. You will be picked up at bus stop C-13. The free shuttle bus runs 24 hours a day to and from Schiphol Airport and arrives at the bus stop approximately every 20 minutes. The bus stop is located directly outside Arrivals Hall 4, the rear lane (2x crossing).

Should it happen that you fly back a day later or earlier, you can report this by telephone. In case of a longer parking stay, there may be additional costs. You can pay these in cash on the spot.


Middenweg 6, 1432 DE, Aalsmeer