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Jeffrey Thursday 29 October 2020

Were received well and quickly taken to the airport. Nice that the staff parked our car for us.

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Straightforward website, booking was quick and easy!

Parking at Airport Berlin-Schönefeld

Parking Airport Berlin Schönefeld? You will comfortably drive to the Berlin Schönefeld airport, when you are driving to the airport yourself. To find an affordable and secure parking lot at the Berlin Schönefeld airport can be difficult. Therefore, Parkos aims to make it easier for you to find the ideal parking spot. All of the parking providers listed on our website meet our strict security standards. Under the newest customer reviews that you can find on our website, you will often read keywords such as "excellent service, friendly and helpful employees, smooth process, as well as a fast process.", which can help you with booking a parking provider online, and to start your holiday with a good feeling. You can compare several different parking providers on our comparison website, to make the best choice.

Passengers Airport Schönefeld

Year Number
2012 7.090.000
2013 6.700.000
2014 7.200.000
2015 8.500.000
2016 11.600.000
2017 12.800.000

The airport Berlin Schönefeld and airport Berlin Tegel together belong to the two international airports of the enormous Berlin and are located approximately 22 kilometers from the inner city of Berlin. More than 12 million passengers departed from the Schönefeld airport in 2017. That is why the Schönefeld airport is ranked seventh when comparing the German airports based on the number of passengers. Currently the new Berlin Brandenburg is being build right next to the Schönefeld airport, of which is still unknown when it will be opened. The opening is officially planned for 2021.

Parking at Airport Berlin-Schönefeld is with Parkos from
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Parking lot reservation - Current information for the airport Berlin Schönefeld

Number of parking lots: 1 Parking lots
Best rated: Parkterminal A13
The cheapest: Parkterminal A13
Closest to the airport: Parkterminal A13

Cheap parking Airport

You have planned a holiday and need an affordable parking space at the airport. You will most likely drive to the Schönefeld airport with your own car, so you are not dependent on public transport that are not always reliable and depend on third parties. In that case, it is important to know where you can find a cheap parking space, that is secure, so you do not need to worry about your vehicle during your holidays. The Berlin Schönefeld airport is unfortunately not only expensive. but also easily fully booked in the summer season. This has led to alternative parking providers, that offer their services to help passengers that have not found a parking space yet. With Parkos you can compare these alternative parking providers, and choose which one suits your needs best to start your holiday without worrying.

Comparing with Parkos is always beneficial for you! Thanks to the alternative parking providers, whom you can find on our platform, you always have the chance to find a cheap parking lot at the Berlin Schönefeld airport. Even though these parking providers are cheaper, that does not mean that there quality or service has to suffer. Due to the competition, it is extremely important to have an excellent service.

The security standards for alternative parking providers are very high and the parking lots are under surveillance all the time. Many of these providers have employees at the spot 24/7, to make sure that your car is safely parked. The parking lots are often a bit further from the airport, which allows them to be cheaper. The price always includes the shuttle ride, free of charge. When you decide to choose for valet parking, the driver is also always included in the price. Save yourself some time from the difficult search for a parking lot that is close to the airport and the ATMs or employees. The parking space that you have booked with Parkos, is definitely available. Everything is easy and simply, so you can start and end your holiday relaxed.

To get a better impression of our parking providers, we would suggest to read the reviews of our customers. Only customers that have previously booked with Parkos, have the chance to leave a review. Therefore, we can guarantee the independence and honesty of these reviews. Parkos' customers rate the service of our parking providers with a 4.58 of 5 points, they are convinced that everything worked great, and that they would definitely book with Parkos again in the future.

Shuttle- and Valet- parking at Airport Berlin-Schönefeld

The transfer from the parking lot to the airport is often necessary, because the parking of the alternative provider is on average a few kilometers from the terminal. This transfer is offered by almost all providers, and their friendly employees are at your disposal. On our website at the heading "More information", you can see which additional services the parking provider offers, such as a car wash. When you book via Parkos and you would like to book a cheap parking spot, you can choose between Valet and Shuttle parking, which is always included in the price. The price that you see when making a reservation, is the price that you will actually have to pay, nothing more. In the next few paragraphs we would like to explain the meaning of Valet and Shuttle, so you can learn about the differences between the two.

Shuttle-Parking at Airport Schönefeld

Kies uw manier van parkeren

Should you choose to fly from Shuttle-Service the airport Berlin Schönefeld, please drive to the parking lot that you reserved at the day of your departure. This allows you to avoid the crowded and busy roads to the airport Schönefeld. From the parking lot of your parking provider, you will be safely driven to the terminal of the airport Schönefeld with a shuttle bus, so you can start your holiday comfortably. Thanks to the reservation that you made in advance, the parking provider is informed and will plan the shuttle transfer to the airport for you, so you will not lose any time. Of course, the price for the shuttle is already include in your reservation. This means that the price you see on our website, is also the price that you will actually have to pay, nothing more. Upon your return you will be picked up again, and brought back to your car. All of this is easy, stress-free and problem-free. Additionally, you can choose whether you would like to book a covered parking lot or an uncovered parking lot.

Valet-Parking at Airport Schönefeld

valet parkeren

The Valet service is the most comfortable service that our parking provider have to offer. You will drive to the airport Schönefeld on the day of your departure directly. At the agreed meeting point, close to your terminal, there will be an employee of the parking provider waiting for you. After a short inspection of your vehicle, he will safely drive your car to the secured parking lot. Whilst he is driving your car to the parking lot, you can already proceed to your check-in counter without having to worry about looking for a parking spot. All the information you need, like the address, the phone number, the clothes so you can recognize the driver, are described in the reservation confirmation, that you will receive per e-mail after you have successfully booked online. Upon your arrival, your car will be waiting at the agreed meeting point. As soon as you have claimed your luggage, you can directly walk to your car in front of the terminal, and comfortably start your drive back home. The valet service of our parking providers is not only very convenient, it also ensures a comfortable way to start your holiday, without the loss of time when searching for a parking lot or using the shuttle service.

Long-term parking at Airport Berlin Schönefeld

Parkos offers the possibility to safely park your car for a longer period of time at the airport Schönefeld. Whether you will be traveling for a day or for a month, your car will always be in the best hands with our parking providers, because all of our providers are regularly and personally checked by one of us. This will not only give you the cheapest price, but also the safest option of parking your car.

Here a couple of tips will follow when parking your car at Airport Schönefeld:

Vergelijk tussen verschillende aanbieders

Compare:On our website you have the possibility to compare all of our parking providers on the best price. Usually, a lower price is associated with lower quality service. This is not the case with our providers, because our providers can offer lower prices since the parking lots are a bit further away from the airport and the rent simply cheaper is there. Parkos offers both Shuttle and Valet parking, and we offer you a good overview of the most important factors. This allows you to directly book a parking spot online of the parking provider that speaks to your needs most. A few examples of factors are the security of a parking lot, the distance to the airport or whether you can take your key on your holiday or not.

Kies uw manier van parkeren

Choose your parking option: Most of our parking providers offer two different ways of parking, shuttle-and valet parking. With the shuttle service you will be driven to the airport Schönefeld with a shuttle bus from the parking lot. With the valet service, you will drive to the terminal of the airport, where one of the employees will safely drive your car to the parking lot. Airportparking Berlin is so easy, you can choose yourself and park your own car and be driven to the airport with a shuttle bus, or drive directly to the airport yourself.


Safety: All of our parking providers have to meet strict safety requirements, before they will be listed on our website. Therefore, we can offer you an excellent service, a secured parking lot that is close to the Schönefeld airport. When you reserve a parking lot in advance, you do not need to rush and unnecessarily look for a parking space at the day of your departure. With Parkos you can compare all of our providers without having to rush, and you are sure that you have a parking spot.

Plan uw reis

Plan your trip: For a smooth drive to the parking lot, we would recommend you to use our Reise gut planen. Even when you know how to avoid the traffic of the inner city, you can always get stuck in traffic or get troubled with a diversion. Please keep in mind the current situation of the roads, and make yourself a list of direction with our Routenplaner. Parking Airport Schönefeld is easy with Parkos.

Parking providers at Berlin Schönefeld Airport

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