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Customers who have booked a parking space through us, rate these with an average of 8.6/10 based on 355 reviews.

Jeffrey Monday 22 July 2019

Were received well and quickly taken to the airport. Nice that the staff parked our car for us.

Anonymous Monday 22 July 2019

Straightforward website, booking was quick and easy!

Park at Luxembourg airport

Getting to the airport by car is an option that is increasingly being chosen by travellers in Luxembourg. Indeed, no need to wait for the bus or train, no need to rely on public transport schedules, it's a real freedom! However, you have to choose your parking space carefully and it is known to be expensive, especially if you go away for several days or even a week! We created Parkos precisely because we knew how stressful it can be to find a cheap parking space. With Parkos, forget the stress and compare the prices of the car parks we work with. We only choose the best parking space providers to guarantee you the best possible services. Depending on the car parks, you may find additional options such as car wash or valet service. However, the shuttle service to get you from the car park to the airport is free of charge.

Passengers Luxembourg

Year Quantity
2012 2 144 503
2013 2 216 828
2014 3 140 981
2015 3 150 000
2016 3 201 548
2017 3 654 896

Luxembourg Airport is only 6.8 kilometres from the capital. From Luxembourg it is possible to travel by direct flight to Marrakech, Porto, Amsterdam and many others. Luxembourg attracts more and more tourists every year. Tourists who come to seek a quiet holiday in the heart of the Luxembourg countryside, historic villages and a rich cuisine influenced by its neighbours France, Belgium and Germany. Luxembourg is one of the smallest in Europe and the world but it is full of little treasures to discover during your holidays or weekends, if you have the chance to live there!

The country has only one main airport. We would like to help you choose the best price for parking so that you can leave with peace of mind. You will probably have a choice between indoor or outdoor parking. Also, you will have to choose between a valet and shuttle service. Our online comparator is easy to use and allows you to make your reservation in less than 2 minutes.

Address and information Airport Luxembourg

Airport Address Rue de Trèves, 2632 Findel, Luxembourg
Type airport Public
Passengers 3 654 896

Parking Airport in Luxembourg at the best price

As when you book your holiday, we advise you to book your parking space as soon as possible, this allows you to get a better price. The earlier you book, the more attractive the prices will be, but also the car parks will have more availability.

We only choose car parks close to the airport so that you do not waste time on the shuttles.

Do not combine low cost and low end anymore. We do our best to offer you the best prices, but we only choose the best services and partners. Trust Parkos and book now at the lowest price! To ensure the best possible service, we want to inspect all the car parks we work with.

If you would like to know what our users think, you can consult their opinions on our partners' presentation page. This may help you make a decision before booking. Our partners are always well rated and we want to ensure that they provide the service we sell. Your opinion is important to us.

How does the airport parking in Luxembourg work?

Parking at Luxembourg airport at low cost can be a real headache. It is well known that parking near an airport is expensive and the options are fewer. That's why we offer you the best services, we want you to leave in peace. When you book, you will have to choose between several services and options. To make your reservation as quickly as possible without making any mistakes, simply filter the options and choose only those that interest you.

Shuttle Parking service

Shuttle Parking Luxembourg airport

The shuttle is the option most chosen by our customers. This service is included in the price of your reservation. You won't have anything to add. In general, the shuttle operates from 4am to midnight and makes rounds with an interval of maximum 20min. Once you have your car parked, you can use the shuttle bus to the airport in less than 10 minutes. On the way back, call the shuttle before you pick up your luggage, it then waits for you at the agreed meeting point to take you back to the car park.

Valet parking service

Valet parking Luxembourg airport

You can opt for the service of a valet if the car park offers it. This is a more expensive service, but it allows you to go directly to the airport without having to go through the car park. Indeed, a valet is waiting for you at the airport to take your car back to your parking space. This is a considerable time saving.

Long-term parking in Luxembourg

Long-term reservations are welcome. Depending on your travel dates, you can choose a more or less long parking time. We recommend that you book your place as soon as possible in order to obtain the best prices and the most availability. With Parkos, you can go on a trip leaving your car in the hands of professionals. In order to help you make the most of your stay, we are sending you these tips:


Compare: Do not book the first car park you see on the site. Compare to make sure you find the option that suits you best.


Choose the parking and services that suit you: By comparing you can choose the car park that suits your needs: opening hours, services, free options... Everything can be different.

If you opt for the valet service, you opt for the most comfortable service because it allows you to go directly to the Luxembourg terminal saving time. As mentioned above, the valet is waiting for you at the airport so you don't need to make a detour to the car park. This gives you time in front of you and saves you from leaving home even earlier.

The shuttle service is directly included in the price of your reservation. You don't have to pay anything extra, which is cheaper for you. However, unlike valet service, you must allow at least 1 hour more time in front of you, in order to have time to park your car, check the condition of the car and take the shuttle. The journey takes less than 10 minutes.


Safety: We take the safety of your car very seriously. That's why we take the time to check that the car park has surveillance cameras, so that you can go on holiday in complete peace of mind.

Calculate your itinerary

Calculate your itinerary: Before leaving for Luxembourg airport parking, we advise you to monitor traffic, works and accidents (via radio or other means of information). It is important to calculate your itinerary carefully so as not to be late.

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