Spotpark offers you both covered and uncovered parking spaces where you can park your car safely. Thus, you can start your vacation carefree. The friendly and helpful staff is at your disposal for shuttle service day and night. The acceptance point for the cars is only 2 minutes away from Düsseldorf airport.



Sandstraße 51, 40878, Ratingen
Düsseldorf Airport Parking

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24/7 presence
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Vehicle inspection


Car cleaning
Waiting room
Luggage assistance
× Electrical car charging point


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× No maximum height


5m from the terminal
24/7 transfer
<5min from motorway
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Valet service

About Spotpark

Spotpark has 500 parking spaces in two parking garages and one open area. The max. entry height for the parking garage is 2.20 m. Your car will be driven from the main location to one of the external parking areas. For this purpose, your car will be driven max. 24 km in the high season (max. 12 km in the low season). Vehicles that do not exceed the width of 2.20 meters and length of 5.25 meters can be parked at Spotpark. If this size is exceeded, the provider asks for this a surcharge which can be paid on site in cash to the park provider.


Shuttle service
. If you have decided to use the shuttle service of Spotpark, you will drive to the main location of the parking provider. After a small inspection, during which the condition of your car is determined and noted, you hand over the car to a Spotpark employee, who parks your car in the parking area you booked. After that, a shuttle bus will take you to the airport within 2 minutes. Spotpark staff is always available to help you with your luggage.


Please note that this parking lot and airport are located in an environmental zone and that an environmental badge is required.

The outdoor area is paved and fenced. Both the outdoor area and the parking garage are video monitored. Your car keys will be kept safe for you in a safe during your trip.


Before your car is parked, there will be a brief inspection where your car will be photographed and the mileage noted. During the parking period, a record is kept of exactly which employee drove your car to which parking space. Spotpark drivers are insured while driving your car in accordance with Spotpark's terms and conditions.

Spotpark lives up to its name, because you can start your vacation quickly and relaxed thanks to the good service. The staff will help you load and unload your luggage into the shuttle bus. If you are traveling with children, you can ask for child seats before leaving on the shuttle bus. A small waiting area with coffee and other beverages is available at the registration desk.

How does shuttle parking work?

. With shuttle parking, you drive your car to Spotpark's main location, at Kiesheckerweg 128b, which is just 600 meters from Düsseldorf Airport and very easy to reach from the highway. A Spotpark employee, who can be recognized by a red vest, will be waiting for you at the acceptance point. After your car has been checked for any pre-existing damage and the mileage has been noted, a shuttle bus will take you to Düsseldorf Airport within 2 minutes. Your car will be taken by a Spotpark employee to one of its secured parking areas.


The shuttle buses are either silver or red and can be recognized by the Spotpark/Relaxpark logo. It is driven individually for each customer. Allow approximately 20 minutes for shuttle parking.


. Once you have picked up your bags from the baggage carousel, call Spotpark. A driver will then pick you up at Düsseldorf airport at departure hall B-C. This is the same location as the outbound trip.

It may happen that you travel back a few days earlier or later than planned. Please communicate this directly to Spotpark. For a longer parking period, any additional costs can be paid in cash directly on site.

How does valet parking work?


On the day of your trip, drive to Düsseldorf Airport. Call Spotpark 15 minutes before your arrival at the airport to confirm your arrival time. The phone number is up here.

The handover of your car takes place at departure hall B-C. An employee of Spotpark wearing a red vest with the logo on it will wait for you here and welcome you. The driver will check with you your reservation confirmation and your car for any existing damage. You can then check in for your flight while the driver parks your car on the Spotpark site.


On your return journey, call Spotpark immediately after you have picked up your luggage from the luggage belt. If your flight is delayed, please notify Spotpark by phone. The driver will then bring your car back to departure hall B-C, from where you can continue your journey.

In case you may come back a few days earlier or later than planned, please inform Spotpark directly of this matter. For a longer parking period, any additional costs can be paid directly on site in cash.


Sandstraße 51, 40878, Ratingen