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At My Travelcarpark you can have your car parked easily and safely. You can drive your car directly to the airport, where a driver will be waiting for you. You can park your car every day both inside and outside.



Niederdonkerstraße. 53, 40667, Meerbusch
Düsseldorf Airport Parking

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About My Travelcarpark

My Travelcarpark has 50 parking spaces. The maximum entry height is 2.50m. The parking area is open for you around the clock.

With valet parking, you do not drive to the parking area itself, but directly to the airport. A My Travelcarpark employee will be waiting for you at the departure hall. After a brief check of your car for any existing damage, you can already check in for your flight while the driver parks your car at the parking area. On your return journey, your car will be brought back to the airport..

The outside area of My Travelcarpark is fenced and asphalted. The parking garage is monitored with cameras and secured with barriers. Your car keys are kept safely in a safe.

During the handover, your car will be checked for any existing damage. Photos are taken and the mileage is noted. You fill out the form together with the driver so that misunderstandings are avoided. Your car is insured in accordance with the parking provider's general terms and conditions.

My Travelcarpark offers empty battery assistance for your car. The driver is happy to help you unload the car with your luggage.

On the day of your journey, you will drive to Düsseldorf Airport. Call My Travelcarpark 30 minutes before your arrival at the airport to confirm your arrival time. The telephone number is +49(0)178 2835 863 and is located at Niederdonkerstraße 53, 40667 Meerbusch.

The handover of your car will take place at departure hall B-C door number 10. A member of staff will be waiting for you there. The staff member will recognise your car by the number plate and car model you provided when making your reservation. The driver will check with you IYour reservation confirmation and your car for any damage. Then you can check in for your flight.

When you return and land at the airport, call My Travelcarpark immediately after collecting your luggage. If your flight is delayed, please also inform them by telephone. The driver will bring your car back to departure hall B-C, from where you can continue your journey..


Niederdonkerstraße. 53, 40667, Meerbusch